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Santiago Ramillano is a 3rd generation Ramillano, (Tumaga) family member.

Santiago Ramillano

Santiago Ramillano was born sometime in the 1870's in Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines. His father was Florencio. He married Maria Bello and they had 12 children:

  1. Francisca Ramillano
  2. Alejandra "Anday" Ramillano
  3. Hilaria Ramillano
  4. Hilario Ramillano
  5. Juana Ramillano
  6. Costancia Ramillano
  7. Jose Ramillano
  8. Arnulfo Ramillano
  9. Georgina "Ninang" Ramillano
  10. Vicente Ramillano
  11. Pilar Ramillano - Married Moye Jalon
  12. Felipe Ramillano

Santiago Ramillano died sometime in the late 1960's in his house in Tumaga, Zamboanga City. He died of cancer.

Below is the beginning of the Ramillano family in Tumaga.

The RAMILLANO family established the beginning of Tumagaporcentro. This is where the Ramillano family in Tumaga started back in the 1800's

There were 3 brothers that we know of and the other brothers and sisters we do not know about. But these 3 brothers settled in the Tumaga Por Centro area.

  1. Bonifacio Ramillano
  2. Florencio Ramillano
  3. Lorenzo Ramillano
  • Bonifacio Ramillano had several children but we have record of only one Pantaleon Ramillano. Pantaleon settled in Putik pantano area.
He had rice fields in the pantano and coconut groves. He also raised horses and cows.
  • Florencio Ramillano also had several children but we have a record of only one Santiago Ramillano. Santiago Ramillano settled in tumaga por centro.
He had coconut groves and lots of mango trees. He raised carabaos.
  • Lorenzo Ramillano also had many children but our record is only that of his daughter Jacinta Ramillano. Jacinta lived with a man from Sangali, the Jalon family, she had children with him but the marriage did not last. So she returned to Tumaga and later met Ramon Gaganting-Cruz and they had 3 children.
He also had land and animals but not as much as his two brothers.

These 3 Ramillano brothers were not small people, they were not the average height and physique of the Filipinos of that time. They stood over 5'7" tall. Even their grand children (men and women) are now much taller and with strong physical attributes.

If you would follow the links, the story of these 3 Ramillano brothers will unfold.

All of Tumaga por centro and Putik (pantano) were owned by the Ramillano brothers back in the 1800's.

Currently there are 3 roads in tumaga por centro named after the 3 founding Ramillanos of Tumaga porcentro. Santiago Ramillano Rd.(across from the warehouses), Juliana Ramillano Maletsky Rd. (daughter of Jacinta) by Aurora Village, and Ramillano Rd. (after Pantaleon's son) by Cecile's pension house..