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Misamis Oriental Province, Philippines

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List of Municipalities in the Misamis Oriental Province within Region X in the Republic of The Philippines
Cities in the Province of Misamis Oriental: Cagayan de Oro CityEl Salvador CityGingoog City

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Philippines, is the only country in the world which is 85% Catholic that created FIVE(5) national laws "favoring", "respecting" and "financing" the religion of ISLAM.
Then made it unlawful to finance all other religions.
The only country in the world that has a government commission that caters to Muslims only, for the hajj, for madrasas, and the spread of Islam at government's expense PAID by the taxes of Non-Muslims.

Religion is always good for the people but it should never be embraced or financed by government. Tax exemption is not tantamount to financing. Every non-profit organization is tax-exempt.

Misamis Oriental Photo Gallery
Misamis Oriental Philippines Realty
Philippine News Headlines

Guaranteed one senator to represent Region 10 Northern Mindanao and its provinces, cities/municipalities and barangays.
Senators by region.png
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Ph seal misamis oriental.png
Seal of Misamis Oriental
Interactive Google Satellite Map of Misamis Oriental Province
Misamis oriental philippines map locator.png
Location of Misamis Oriental within The Philippines
Misamis oriental municipalities and cities.png
The municipalities and cities within the province of Misamis oriental
Misamis Oriental Provincial Capitol.jpg
Provincial Capitol of Misamis Oriental
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Province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Geography of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

The province has an irregular coastline indented by two-bays - Macajalar and Gingoog. The eastern part consists of angular hills cut by streams in deep gorges. The central part is characterized by sloping lowlands and river valleys. The western part has rough hills rising abruptly from the sea. The coastal lowlands are narrow. Cagayan de Oro is on the east bank of the Cagayan River which flows from the rugged interior mountains. Originally called Cagayan de Misamis, its name was changed to the present one after the Spaniards discovered gold in the river. The eastern part of the province has pronounced rainfall from November to January. The central and western parts are relatively dry from November to April and wet the rest of the year.

Location of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

  • 8.7500° N, 125.0000° E - Misamis Oriental, Coordinates

Misamis Oriental is in northern Mindanao. It is bounded on the north by Macajalar Bay and the Bohol Sea, on the east by Agusan del Norte, on the west by Iligan Bay, and on the south by Bukidnon and Lanao del Norte. Cagayan de Oro is a highly urbanized city.

History of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

The name "Misamis" comes from the word "kuyamis," a local variety of sweet coconut. The province's original inhabitants were the Bukidnons and the Manobos but they were driven into the interior when Visayas settlers arrives. Misamis used to be a part of the diocese of Cebu. In 1818, it became a corregimento comprised of four divisions: Misamis, including Iligan, Dapitan, Cagayan, and Catarman, on the island of Camiguin. In 1850, it included Bukidnon and the northern part of Cotabato.

At the close of the Spanish era, Misamis constituted one of the seven districts of Mindanao. On November 2, 1929, Legislative Act No. 3537 divided Misamis into two provinces. However, it was not until November 28, 1939 that the division was formally implemented under Act No. 3777.

People of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

  • Population of Misamis Oriental excluding Cagayan de Oro City (as of 2015 census) = 888,509 (excluding CITY OF CAGAYAN DE ORO @ 675,950)
    • 43.2% of the population of Misamis Oriental is clustered inside the city of Cagayan de Oro.

The majority of the population in the coastal lowlands are of Visayan descent. The main dialect is Cebuano. In the hills may be found the Bukidnon tribe between Lugait and Balingasay towns in the province's western part, and the Higaonon and Manobo in Gingoog City and Magsaysay municipality in the eastern part. Other dialects spoken in the province are Hiligaynon, Waray, and Maranao.

Elected Government Officials of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Elected officials of Misamis Oriental for the term of 2016-2019
  • Provincial Governor of Misamis Oriental: Yevgeny "Bambi" Vincente Beja Emano
  • Provincial Vice-Governor of Misamis Oriental: Jose Mari "Joey" Go Pelaez
  • House Representatives of Misamis Oriental:
    • 1st District: Peter Unabia
    • 2nd District: Juliette Uy
  • First District Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board Members):
  1. Jeremy Jonahmar Pelaez
  2. Wayne Militante
  3. Virgelia Dumadag
  4. Fredrick Khu
  5. Vincent Pelaez
  • Second District Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board Members):
  1. Mercy Grace Acain
  2. Mario Emano
  3. Nancy Madjos
  4. Gerardo Sabal
  5. Boris Olivier Actub

Elected officials of Misamis Oriental for the term of 2013-2016
  1. Lagbas, Benedict Penalosa
  2. Pelaez, Vincent Khu
  3. Dumadag, Virgelia Faelnar
  4. Bernaldez, Jabi Abing Ibao
  5. Lagbas, Roldan Artadi
  • Second District Sangguniang Panlalawigan (Provincial Board Members):
  1. Emano, Heckert Hernando Jude Vega
  2. Acain, Mercy Grace Jajalla
  3. Madjos, Nancy Sumili
  4. Mugot, Emmanuel Saplot
  5. Actub, Boris Olivier Halibas

Elected officials of Misamis Oriental for the term of 2010-2013

Elected officials of Misamis Oriental for the term of 2007-2010

Barangays Elected Officials of Misamis Oriental for the term of 2010 - 2013

Businesses in Misamis Oriental, Philippines

How to Improve Your Business and Livelihood

The Philippine Livelihood Program: The Philippine government provides several programs to enhance the livelihood of the Filipino people. The department of Science and Technology through its Technology Research Center (TRC) regurlarly conducts various types of hands-on and personalized training programs.

  • DOST - Website
  • UPLiFT stands for Urban Program for Livelihood Finance and Training. - Website
  • DSWD Pro-poor and Livelihood Programs - Website

Take a picture of your Business (from a Sari-Sari Store to a Mega Mall). Upload that picture here in and that picture can immediately be your business webpage. It is that easy. Here are two examples of how a picture becomes the webpage of the business: FHM Garden Grill and Catering and ABC Shopping Center

  • Give your business a good description. Add your address and contact number if available.
Possible Businesses
  • Auto, Trucks, Motorcycle and Bicycle dealers
  • Banks, Lending Firms, Pawnshops, and Financial Institutions
  • Clinics, Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals
  • Pharmacies, Drug Stores, Agri-Vets
  • Convenient Stores, Hardware and Supplies, General Stores, Sari-Sari Stores, Internet-Cafes
  • Department Stores and Appliance Stores
  • Supermarket, wet market, Fish Markets
  • Hotels, Motels, Pension Houses, Boarding houses and Resorts
  • Repair Shops: Shoe repair, Cellphone, Bikes (bicycles), motorcycles etc...
  • Restaurants, Carenderias, Coffee Shops, and Bakeries (Bakeshops)
  • Salons, Spas, Beauty Shops and Barber Shops
  • Gas Stations, Water Stations, Propane Stations

DEL MONTE PINEAPPLE CANNERY. Production area in Bugo, Cagayan de Oro City; processes juices and cocktails, among others.

MINDANAO PRODUCT SHOWROOM. Display area of all handicrafts in Region 10; managed by the Department of Trade and Industry in cooperation with the Cagayan Oro Chamber of Commerce.

OSTRICH AND CROCODILE FARM (Opol, Misamis Oriental). Owned by local Filipino-Chinese entrepreneurs and supplying the local markets and Manila.

MINDANAO SILK MULBERRY FARM (Claveria, Misamis Oriental). Houses the Philippine Textile Research Institute Mindanao Office.

PHIVIDEC INDUSTRIAL ESTATE (Tagoloan, Misamis Oriental). Home to several multinational corporations and big industries.

CERAMIC MAKING (Bulua, Cagayan de Oro). Items include jars, plates, and ornamental/gift items, among others.

APTPCO (Gingoog City). Produces plywood.

INDO PHIL. OIL MILL (Medina, Misamis Oriental). Produces coconut oil.

Real Estate or Properties for Sale or lease in Misamis Oriental, Philippines

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Churches, Mosques, or Places of Worship in Misamis Oriental, Philippines

The name of your church, mosque, or place of worship can be listed in this community page. Take a picture of the facade of your church or place of worship and it can be posted here. We can even provide you with a free webpage. You can enter the data (story about your place of worship) here yourself, email the information or pictures to ( or via Facebook.

    Freedom of religion, yes. Equality, yes. But no favoritism.

  • List the Mosques or Masjid in Misamis Oriental here.
  • List the Catholic churches and chapels in Misamis Oriental here.
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Schools in Misamis Oriental, Philippines

  • Take a picture of your school building(s) and send your pictures via email to ( or message me via Facebook. I will then post the pictures in this page.

School year 2018-2019 starts Monday, Monday, June 4, 2018 and ends on Friday, April 5, 2019, for public elementary and secondary schools. The School Year shall consist of 208 school days inclusive of the five-day In-Service Training and the three days for the Parent-Teacher Conferences (PTC) conducted within the school year. However, learners are expected to be in school for a total of 200 class days.

  • List of schools: >>> click

PUBLIC NOTICE: Why pretend that the National language of the Philippines is Tagalog? It should be English. To be a Teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, nurse, computer technician; what books do you learn from? English books of course. All your tests are in English. The constitution of the Philippines is written in English. All the laws and new laws introduced by congress are in English. For that matter, you can't be a teacher in a school system unless you know English. The "Licensure Exam for Teachers" is in ENGLISH! Who are these people forcing Tagalog down our throats? Tagalog is simply one of the many dialects of the Philippines. Keep your dialects but learn and be proficient in ENGLISH.

The name of your school in Misamis Oriental can be listed here. You can list it like this:

  • Name of School. Private or Public. It can be an elementary school, high school, college.
    • Address of your school
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Economy of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

  • If you have an article that talks about the improvement of the economy of Misamis Oriental you can post that article here. If you come across any news item that talks about the economy of Misamis Oriental, you may post it here. Of course you have to reference the writer of the article. Any improvement to transportation, power and service usually improves the economy of the community, so go ahead and report that too.

Jobs in Misamis Oriental Philippines

If you have a job available and that job is within the Province of Misamis Oriental, Philippines, you may post it here.
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Natural Resources of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Protect the environment

It is sad but true that as of the year 2012 the rivers of the Philippines continue to be the #1 Sewer Systems of the Philippines.

Protect & Save the Rivers. Do not let your sewer drain into the river. Your community can be the first to initiate this project.
Build your riverbank protection with a built-in gutter system. Reforest within Ten Years - Guaranteed!

Let us plant more trees in every barangay in the entire Philippines. It does not make any difference if the barangay is urban, partially urban or rural; we need more trees. Trees will prevent erosion, provide oxygen, prevent green house effect, and even a place of business for the shade tree mechanic.

The Philippines is a tropical country and practically anything will grow. The DENR has the planting trees project that goes on every year. Lots of picture taking for the media. Planting trees one by one is the "human" way of doing it. This individual planting of trees is good if done to "line" the roads and highways with trees or along fences or property divisions, or if you have a plantation.

To reforest the nation of the Philippines we have to plant trees the "mother nature" way. Sow the seeds during the rainy season. Go deep into "bald" forests and plant trees by sowing seeds. If there's not enough volunteers to do this, use the military helicopters to fly over the designated areas and sow the seeds.

Guaranteed within a few years, The Philippines will be lush again. >>Read More

We are using our rivers as our sewer system. If you ask a Filipino, "Are the Filipinos a clean people?" The answer is an automatic, "Yes!". However, the Filipinos are suffering from the same disease or attitude as most people do, and that is the "NIMBY" disease or "NIMBY" attitude. (NIMBY) Not In My Back Yard. So it is OK to dump my garbage and sewer there. Not mine! Someone else will take care of it.

This attitude is killing our rivers. Your great-grandparents, grandparents or parents were once proud to tell the stories of how they enjoyed swimming in the river behind your house or nearby. However, you can't say the same or tell the same stories to your kids or grand kids. Why? Because your generation is killing the river.


  • Secretary Roy Cimatu - since May 8, 2017
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Visayas Avenue, Diliman, 1100 Quezon City, Philippines
  • +63-2-929-6626

We have so much water in the Philippines and yet very little to drink.

Instead of relying too much on Diesel fuel and Coal to generate the majority of Philippine's Electrical energy Supply, we can concentrate more on renewable and sustainable source of energy such as: Hydro Power, Solar Power, and Wind Power and thermal energy conversion. We have too many black outs.

Tourists Attractions of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

  • Help us post some interesting pictures. This will help boost the local economy of the community. Anything that is unique or anything that stands out in your community may be a tourist attraction.
  • Landmarks are usually photographed a lot by visitors. Send your pictures via email to ( or via Facebook.

Festivals, Fiestas and Traditions of Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Every city or municipality has some sort of a festival or tradition that is celebrated every year. In the Philippines almost all barangays that are predominantly populated by Christians celebrate fiesta. Tell us about the festivals, fiestas and traditions of Misamis Oriental.

Philippine News

  • 6% growth target stays
  • Monday, Septembe 16, 2019
The Department of Finance (DOF) said the government is maintaining its growth target of six percent or higher this year, even as the economy settled at only 5.5 percent growth in the first semester given the delay in the enactment of the 2019 General Appropriations Act (GAA).
Carlos Dominguez, finance secretary, also said to avoid a repeat of the 2019 budget delay, leaders of both the Senate and the House of Representatives are meeting every month to monitor the progress on the budget and the 25 priority bills enumerated in the 4th State-of-the-Nation Address ........... Full Story»

  • Stocks up, peso stronger
  • Thursday, August 15, 2019
Share prices ended higher yesterday as investors tracked overseas leads to trade the market.
The Philippine Stock Exchange index (PSEi) was up 70.20 points to 7,858.65, a 0.9 percent hike ........... Full Story»

  • Inaugural triathlon at New Clark City set
  • Monday, August 16, 2019 12:00 am
MANILA, Philippines — All is set for the New Clark City Triathlon which is the first triathlon event to be held at the New Clark City Sports Complex in Capas, Tarlac on Oct. 19-20.
GoClark Sports and Events has partnered with presenting sponsor Robinsons Land Corp. in this triathlon featuring the swim event at the Aquatics Center, the 20km bike in the newly built New Clark City-SCTex connecting road and the run course in the sports complex, including the warm-up athletic track, the river park and a finish lap around the 20,000-seater Athletics Stadium ............................... Full Story»

Misamis Oriental Zip Codes

Source: Philippine Postal Corporation
  • This table is Sortable by City/Municipality or by ZipCode
Click on Icon to Sort
Click on Icon to Sort
9000 Cagayan de Oro City Misamis Oriental
9001 Tagoloan Misamis Oriental
9002 Villanueva Misamis Oriental
9003 Jasaan Misamis Oriental
9004 Claveria Misamis Oriental
9005 Balingasag Misamis Oriental
9006 Lagonglong Misamis Oriental
9007 Salay Misamis Oriental
9008 Binuangan Misamis Oriental
9009 Subongcogon Misamis Oriental
9010 Kinogitan Misamis Oriental
9011 Balinguan Misamis Oriental
9012 Talisayan Misamis Oriental
9013 Medina Misamis Oriental
9014 Gingoog City Misamis Oriental
9015 Magsaysay Misamis Oriental
9016 Opol Misamis Oriental
9017 El Salvador Misamis Oriental
9018 Alubijid Misamis Oriental
9019 Laguidingan Misamis Oriental
9020 Gitagum Misamis Oriental
9021 Libertad Misamis Oriental
9022 Initao Misamis Oriental
9023 Naawan Misamis Oriental
9024 Manticao Misamis Oriental
9025 Lugait Misamis Oriental

Misamis Oriental News

Mining firms with permits from DENR threaten Misor


MISAMIS Oriental's Provincial Peace and Order Council (PPOC) has sounded alarm bells over reports that at least seven large-scale mining firms were allowed to operate in the province by the environment department. Already, the mining firms are posing a threat to the water source of Alubijid, according to a town official. Vice Gov. Norris Babiera, vice chairperson of the PPOC, said he was surprised to find out that the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) approved the exploration permits of the mining firms. The permits, he said, would allow the firms to operate in the western par ts of the province.

The PPOC is in the forefront of a campaign against destructive mining operations in the province. Together with of ficials in Opol town, authorities have raided mining sites along the Iponan River. Jose Camenci, Alubijid's municipal planning and development coordinator, reported to the PPOC that several mining firms were already operating in the hinterLand villages of the town without consultating the town government. "These mining firms are operating within the declared Alubijid watershed areas. If this will not be stopped, then our source of water would be affected," he said. Officials identified the mining firms: Cessmag Development Inc. (5,582 hectares), Mindanao Astoria Mining Corp. (6,638.581 hectares), Pilipinas Mining Resources Inc. (468.22 hectares), Sunrise Pacific Rim Minerals Resources Inc. (2,106 hectares), Bountiful Geomines, Inc. (1,945.7379 hectares), APC Mining Corp. (2,367.6275 hectares) and Linktone Peak Resources Inc. (13,954.37 hectares).

"I was shocked when the report reached the council," Babiera told The Gold Star Daily. He said local officials were asked to coordinate with various people's organizations, and church and non-government organizations to mobilize and show their opposition to mining operations in the province. Babiera said the PPOC was trying to find out who exactly approved the exploration permits.

Misamis Oriental, Philippines supports Philippine Cycling

Philippine Cycling is about cycling in the Philippnes. Philippine Cycling helps promote bike races, cycling clubs, bicycle tours, and the development of bicycle trails. Activities are coordinated with bike shops and cycling clubs throughout the Philippines to promote the fun of riding bikes. Philippine Cycling will be coordinating events with tour of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Road biking and mountain bikings will be promoted by Philippine Cycling.
Cycling Activity to Participate In

Your cycling activity can be posted here and it will be shown in all the Provincial, City, Municipal and Barangay pages. Your 2015 Cycling Race or Activity can be Posted here.

  • ILOILO CITY, April 27-May 2, 2015 (PNA) – Some 5,000 bikers are expected to join the second Iloilo Bike Festival slated April 27-May 2, 2015 as the city continues to aspire to become a bike-able walkable metropolis. The activity that supported by the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU) and Megaworld Iloilo aims to promote Iloilo as a safe and bike friendly city, promote the share-a-road movement encourage Ilonggos to commute via biking and raise Ilonggos awareness on the benefits of biking on health, safety and environment concerns. Read More....
  • CYCLING Le Tour de Filipinas 2015 set as country celebrates 60 years of top-caliber cycling Feb 1 to Feb 4 2015 - View the result of the race: A four stage race. Stage 1 starts in Balanga and back to Balanga for a 126K race Feb 1, 2015 (Sunday); stage 2 starts in Balanga, Bataan to Iba, Zambales for a 154.7 K race Feb 2, 2015 (Monday); stage 3 starts in Iba, Zambales to Lingayen, Pangasinan for a 150.1K race Feb 3, 2015 (Tuesday); stage 4 starts in Lingayen, Pangasinan to Baguio City, Benguet for a 101.7K race Feb 4, 2015 (Wednesday). For a total distance of 532.5 Kms. Read More >>>
  • Ronda Pilipinas: Feb 8 - 27 2015:>> Discovering young riders for the national team will be the main objective of the LBC Ronda Pilipinas 2015 when the country’s premiere cycling race hits the road on Feb. 8 in Butuan City. Ronda Pilipinas executive project director Moe Chulani said the international multistage bikathon, which ends on Feb. 27, will have two qualifying legs of four stages each in Mindanao and the Visayas where the top riders will advance to face a tough foreign challenge in the six-stage Luzon finale. Read More>>>

The oldest living man or woman in Misamis Oriental, Philippines

Do you know who the oldest living man or woman is in Misamis Oriental? is starting this inquiry in order to honor the older generation of the Philippines. Please provide the full name and date of birth of the elder living in Misamis Oriental. We will then post your entry in the Oldest Living Man or Woman in the Philippines page.

Misamis Oriental, Philippines Photo Gallery

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