Chavacano Chabacano – Lenguaje de Zamboanga – The language of Zamboanga

Chavacano o Chabacano: The Language of Zamboanga City – Lenguaje del Ciudad de Zamboanga

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Below is a list of some English words with Chavacano translations with examples used in sentences. Most importantly, you can simply search for any English word in the search window. If there is a chavacano word for it, then it’s page will show or another page with that word being used will be pointed to.

This is an interactive site. If you feel like sharing a sentence targeting a specific CHAVACANO word, find the page for that word, and go to the comment section. Enter your comments there. Most importantly, if you know of a chavacano word that is not in this database, then by all means add it in the comment section of this home page. Registration is not needed.

This picture was taken in Zamboanga City
This picture of the was taken by my nephew, Harry Paul Estrada in Zamboanga City last December 19, 2009.

The carabao is pulling the pajagat or sleigh. The man manages the carabao with the pamitik that he is holding. The big basket on the pajagat is the Canastro. That’s where the cargo goes. The yoke on the back of the neck of the carabao is called the ayugo.

El hombre ta aguanta con el pamitik, conectao na naris del carabao. Dos pitik para manda bira na lao derecha con el carabao. Y un halada para manda por escerda. El carabao ta hala con el pajagat. El canastro ensima del pajagat. El dalaydayan del pajagat conectao na ayugo na tangkugu del carabao. El pandiit amo aquel na pescuezo del carabao. Aguantao quel na ayugo.

Many zamboangueños pronounce the letters “V” as “B” , the “F” as “P” and the “Z” as “S”. However they may say “chabacano” but they will write it as “chavacano”, they’d say “prio” but they will write it down as “frio” or say “crus” but correctly write it down as “cruz“.

  • This comes out of the mouth of a Chavacano person: “Yo si Rodolpo Palcatan Crus. De samboanga yo y chabacano mi lenguaje.”
  • If he writes it down, it will look like this: “Yo si Rodolfo Falcatan Cruz. De Zamboanga yo y chavacano mi lenguaje.”

The word CHAVACANO is only as old as the chavacano language itself. The word Chavacano is not a spanish word. The people of Zamboanga “coined” the word.

Man ayudahan kita para el lenguaje chavacano di aton ay hinde mori.

Chavacano History: Read about the history of the Chavacano Language: READ ON


Development in English is: Desarollo Note: English Sentence Chavacano Sentence You can help keep the chavacano language alive by simply commenting below. Make a sentence in chavacano using the Chavacano…

Cuento del dia

> > El logro tuyo ta depende na de tuyo gana.

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  1. socialize – socializa
    metaphor – metafora
    problematic – problematico
    calculator – calculador
    calculate – calcula
    adventure – aventura
    adventurer – aventurero
    dolphin – delfin
    chin – barbilla
    zone – zona
    eve – visperas
    mischievous – pillo, pilla
    emotional – emocional
    emotionally – emocionalmente
    completely – completamente
    complea – to comply
    normally – normalmente
    visibility – visibilidad
    difficulty – dificultad
    vulnerable – vulnerable
    vulnerably – vulnerablemente
    continually, continuously – continualmente
    convince – convinci
    convinced – convincido
    enemy, foe – contrallo
    to go, stand against – contratajan
    consisti – consist, to tolerate
    null – nulo
    another word for “Vacio” in english – void
    consider – considera
    creation – creacion
    let’s see – aver, ave
    verb – verbo
    conjunction – conjunccion
    preposition – preposicion
    specific – specifico
    psychopathic – psycopatico
    establishment – establecimiento
    to fail, breakdown – falla
    abnormal, failed – fallao
    eternity – enternidad, eterna
    uncountable – incontable
    fabulous – fabuloso
    infinty – infinito
    extravagante – extravagante
    to untie, unfasten, loose, detach unbind – desata
    criticism – criticismo
    criticize – critica
    spirituality- espiritualidad
    eternally – eternamente
    eternal – eternal
    evacuate – evacua
    evacuation – evacuacion
    finally – finalmente
    to notice, to mind, to pay attention, to see – fija
    fidelity – fidelidad
    loyal, faithful – fiel
    generally – generalmente
    genuine – genuino
    alike, equally, likewise, evenly – igualmente

  2. asumi – assume
    teoria – theory
    teoritica – theoretical
    teoritico – theoretic
    narcisista – narcissist
    narcisismo – narcissism
    narcisistico – narcissistic
    alegao, alegaomente – ive heard this words before but i dont know the meaning :/
    asquia – to disgust
    estereotipo – stereotype
    magnitud – magnitude
    longitud – longitude
    cinematografia – cinematography
    cinematografo – cinematograph
    fotografia – photography
    autobiografico – autobiographic
    autobiografica – autobiographical
    constelacion – constellation
    mysterious – misterioso
    misteriousamente – misteriously
    sarcastico – sarcastic
    sarcasmo – sarcasm

  3. in a sentence:

    Necesita gana con el respeto, SOLAMENTE si ele ya hace perde despues ya dale.

    Add solamente
    [adverb] only, solely.

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