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Ramon Gaganting Cruz

Ramon Gaganting Cruz was born sometime in the late 1860's in Zamboanga City, Philippines. His mother was a native filipina woman and his father was a spaniard. Some members of the family claimed that his father was actually a spanish friar.

He died in the late 1960's. According to most folks, Ramon Gaganting Cruz lived to a ripe old age of 102.

He lived all over the Zamboanga Peninsula of the Philippines and even in the island of Basilan where he also had a family.

Ramon G. Cruz supposedly had 13 wives and about 33 children. Only 4 of his wives are recorded here. R.G. Cruz was never with two wives at the same time. He would live with one wife and children then later move on. This attitude of divorcing first and moving on created a peaceful relationship amongst the multitude of half-brothers/sisters. The families lived in peace and to this date, his descendants are still civil, amicable and friendly.

He had several children. From Several Wives. A few are named here.

  • He United with a Ms. Bayot of Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines and had one son.
    1. Dimas Bayot - click on the name to see the descendants of Dimas Bayot
  • He united with a Ms. Ana Juan of Tumaga Presa Mayor (later moved to Davao). He had 3 children.
    1. Martin Gaganting Cruz - He married a Ms. Ramona Juan Faustino and had ten children.
      1. Teresita Gaganting Cruz
      2. Rodolfo Gaganting Cruz
      3. Ramon Gaganting Cruz
      4. Carmelita Gaganting Cruz - Married Mariano Perez Cantil and had 3 children
      5. Ricardo Gaganting Cruz
      6. Julieta Gaganting Cruz
      7. Roberto Gaganting Cruz
      8. Romeo Gaganting Cruz
      9. Rolando Gaganting Cruz
      10. Martin Gaganting Cruz, Jr.
    2. Wenseslau Gaganting Cruz
    3. Telesforo Gaganting Cruz
  • He United with a Ms. Zapanta of Guiwan, Zamboanga City, Philippines and had 3 children
    1. Tekla Zapanta - Married a Mr. Falcatan
      • Tekla and Mr. Falcatan had 7 children:
        1. Lisa Falcatan
        2. Armando Falcatn
        3. Jesus Falcatan - Married a Ms. Eluteria Mapalo
          • Jesus and Eluteria had 3 children:
            1. Norma Falcatan - Married Mr. Onofre Quintanes
              • Norma nad Onofre had 7 children
                1. Felixberto Quintanes (deceased)
                2. Joel Santos Quintanes
                3. Maria Claire Quintanes
                4. Rommel Quintanes
                5. Boris Glenn Quintanes
                6. Candelaria Quintanes
                7. Kathy Quintanes
            2. Rolando Falcatan - Married a Ms. Corazon Perez (deceased)
              • Rolando and Corazon had 5 children
                1. Marlo Falcatan - Born: 1969
                2. Reynald Falcatan - Born: 1970
                3. Lyra Falcatan - Born: 1972
                4. Ian Falcatan - Born: 1974
                5. Christina Falcatan - Born: 1977
            3. Lucita Falcatan
        4. Lauriano Falcatan
        5. Reynaldo Falcatan
        6. Eduardao Falcatan
        7. Julia Falcatan
    2. Lolay Zapanta - Had no Children
    3. Segundino Zapanta - He married Candi Jalon of Sangali, Zamboanga City, Philipines.
      • Segundino and Candi had 7 children:
        1. Josefina Zapanta - born: "Year"
        2. Evangelina Zapanta - born: "Year"
        3. Lourdes Zapanta - born: "Year"
        4. Inocencia Zapanta - born: "Year"
        5. Corazon Zapanta - born: "Year"
        6. Laurentino Zapanta - born: 1935
        7. Ofelia Zapanta - born: "Year"
  • He United with Jacinta Ramillano of Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines and had 3 children.
    1. Lorenzo Ramillano - He married a Ms. Paula Manuel, the sister of Jerarda Manuel Bayot (the wife of Gregorio Bayot Sr.)
    2. Juliana Ramillano born in February 16, 1913. - She married an American by the name of Benjamin Otto Maletsky in 1931.
      • Juliana Ramillano and Mr. Benjamin Otto Maletsky had 11 children
        1. William Maletsky
        2. Helen Grace Maletsky - Married to Francis Lim then Eduardo Holmes
          • Helen Grace Maletsky and Francisco Lim had 5 Children:
            1. Francis Lim
            2. Norman John Lim
            3. Carol Grace Lim
            4. Gilbert Lim
            5. Abigail Lim
        3. Flora Joyce Maletsky
        4. James Benjamin Maletsky
        5. Rosalyn Dawn Maletsky - Married Adolfo Estrada
        6. Felice Bessie Maletsky - Married Franklin Navarez
        7. Irma Caroline Maletsky
        8. Edwin Sebastian Maletsky
        9. Alvin Norman Maletksy
        10. Franklin Harry Maletsky - Married Lorraine A. Simpson Born: 1958
          • Franklin H. Maletsky and Lorraine A. Simpson had 3 Children:
            1. Sean Franklin Maletsky - Born: 1976 married to Lisa Cavalin
              • Sean F. Maletsky and Lisa Cavalin have 2 children:
                1. Zoe Dawn Maletsky - Born: 2001
                2. Cayden Sean Maletsky - Born: 2007
            2. Paul Michael Maletsky - Born: 1978
              • Paul M. Maletsky and Christine Beavers has one child:
                1. Corrina Marie Maletsky - Born: 1999
            3. Ryan William Maletsky - Born: 1982
        11. Alexander Maletsky - married to Dinah Tomilloso and they have 2 children
          • Alexa Maletsky
          • Julian Maletsky
    3. Rosa Ramillano - Married a german by the name of Mr. Eager.
      • Rosa Ramillano and Mr. Eager had one son
        1. Henry Eager.

Some of the families that are his direct descendants are:

  1. The Bayot(s) of tumaga.
    1. The Fonollera(s) of Tumaga
  2. The Gaganting Cruz of Tumaga
    1. The Gaganting(s) of Tumaga
  3. The Ramillanos of Tumaga
    1. The Baños of Tumaga
    2. The Estrada(s) of San Roque
    3. The Maletsky of Tumaga
    4. The Rodriguez of Tetuan
  4. The Zapanta(s) of Guiwan
    1. The Falcatan(s) of Guiwan