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"When I hear people say that money seldom brings happiness, they forget to add the word "obsession" before "money." Heck, nobody can survive in this modern world without money, let alone be happy." ― Franklin H. Maletsky

Juliana Ramillano vda. de Maletsky

Juliana ramillllano and benjamin o maletsky wedding picture.jpg
Juliana Ramillano and Benjamin O. Maletsky
Resting place of Benjamin, Juliana, and William Maletsky.jpg
Final resting place at Forest Lake Memorial

Juliana Ramillano was born February 16, 1913. Her Father was Ramon Gaganting Cruz of Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines and her mother was Jacinta Ramillano of Sangali, Zamboanga City, Philippines. She married an American by the name of Benjamin Otto Maletsky in 1931. Juliana had 11 children. They were:

  1. William Maletsky
  2. Helen Grace Maletsky - Married Eduardo Holmes
  3. Flora Joyce Maletsky
  4. James Benjamin Maletsky
  5. Rosalyn Dawn Maletsky - Married Adolfo Estrada
  6. Felice Bessie Maletsky - Married Franklin Navarez
  7. Irma Caroline Maletsky
  8. Edwin Sebastian Maletsky
  9. Alvin Norman Maletsky
  10. Franklin Harry Maletsky
  11. Alexander Maletsky

Juliana died in September 8, 1988 in her son's, Franklin H. Maletsky, home in Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines. She died from complications of pneumonia. She was burried in the Tetuan Catholic Cemetery. Then in 2006, her son, James B. Maletsky with the agreement of the rest of the living members of the family exhumed her body and had it transferred to Forrest Lake Memorial Park in Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines. In the process, the bodies of her son William and her husband Benjamin who were burried near her, were also exhumed and transferred to Forrest lake. Now all 3 of them are resting in peace together.