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National Officers of Alpha Phi Omega Philippines

National President - Magleo V. Adriano (Eta ’69)
National Executive Vice President - Amelito Cruz (Gamma Epsilon ’83)
National Executive Director - Luis Claudio Garcia (Eta ’76)
Vice President for Alumni Affairs - Porfirio Elmer Reyes (Gamma Epsilon ’88)
Vice President for Fraternity Affairs - Ismael Pelayo (Alpha Eta ’03)
Vice President for Sorority Affairs - Alma Sheilla Liquigan (Omicron ’01)


National Capital Administrative Region (NCAR) - Wenefredo Abordo (Alpha Nu ’81)
Northern Luzon Administrative Region (NLAR) - Cueto, Rizaldy (Epsilon Chi ’97)
Southern Luzon Administrative Region (SLAR) - Somera, Ricardo Israel (Lambda ’81)
Northwestern Visayas Administrative Region (NWVAR) - Patino, Jimmy (Epsilon Delta ’78)
Southeastern Visayas Administrative Region (SEVAR) - San Luis, Richard Edmel (Iota Sigma ’89)
Northwestern Mindanao Administrative Region (NWMAR) - Verduguez, James P. (Epsilon Upsilon ’91)
Southeastern Mindanao Administrative Region (SEMAR) - Villafuerte, Renato (Eta Kappa ’75)
Administrative Region North America (ARNA) - Arevalo, Lester (Eta ’72)
Admnistrative Region of Asia and the Pacific (ARAP) - Gacho, Yolanda (Beta ’69)
Administrative Region of Middle East (ARME) - Yap, Rodolfo (Beta Upsilon ’75)
Administrative Region of Europe (ARE) - Collick, Melanie (Phi ’72)


Chairman - Llarena, Edgar (Eta Theta ’84)
Vice Chairman - Traya Jr., Octavio J. (Alpha Omicron ’69)
National President - Magleo V. Adriano (Eta ’69)
Immediate Past President - De Castro, Jimmy U. (Beta ’74)
National Executive Director - Luis Claudio Garcia (Eta ’76)
Director for Alumni Affairs - Pagaduan, Bartolome T. (Alpha_tau ’73)
Director for Fraternity Affairs - Lopez Jr., Oscar M. (Pi ’05)
Director for Sorority Affairs - Uriarte, Rheachar (Zeta Omega ’02)
Regional Representative (NCAR) - Curato, Ricky Domini (Alpha ’94)
Regional Representative (NLAR) - Fernandez, Roel (Alpha Gamma ’03)
Regional Representative (SLAR) - Sayago, Felix (Eta Theta ’89)
Regional Representative (NWVAR) - Edjan, Ike (Gamma ’80)
Regional Representative (SEVAR) - Morales, Tiburcio (Xi ’89)
Regional Representative (SEMAR) - Manaopanao, Romeo (Beta Phi ’77)
Regional Representative (ARNA) - Libot, Arturo (Delta ’69)
Regional Representative (ARE) - Juanitez, Albina (Beta ’74)
Regional Representative (ARAP) - Inductivo, Lina (Epsilon ’70)


Adjudicator-General - Luis A. Paredes (Eta ’75)
Associate Adjudicator-General (NLAR) - Bueno Jr., Jesus B. (Gamma Psi ’75)
Associate Adjudicator-General (SLAR) - Exconde, Alvin M. (Pi ’76)
Associate Adjudicator-General (NCAR) - Zarate, Jeffrey John L. (Gamma Kappa ’85)
Associate Adjudicator-General (SEVAR) - Evangelio, Albert Claude L. (Gamma ’64)
Associate Adjudicator-General (NWVAR) - Exmundo, Ronald H. (Eta ’79)
Associate Adjudicator-General (SEMAR) - Tan, Jose Mannuel P. (Gamma ’68)
Associate Adjudicator-General (NWMAR) - Macaraya Jr., Tocod B. (Beta Upsilon ’73)
Associate Adjudicator-General (ARNA) - Paredes, Juan Pablo A. (Eta ’73)


Chairman, Commission on Election - Bautista Jr., Jose L. (Alpha Delta ’75)
Chairman, Commission on Scouting - Tamani, Rodolfo (Alpha Eta ’67)
Chairman, Commission on Membership - Lopez Jr., Constantino T. (Beta Chi ’73)
Chairman, Commission on Audit - Maniquez, Salvador (Alpha Eta ’66)
Chairman, Commission on Ways and Means - Arce Jr., Jose T. (Gamma Epsilon ’73)
Chairman, Commission on Internal Relations - Felix Marinas (Eta ’73)
Chairman, Council of Elders - Maquiso, Melchizedek Y. Ph. D. (Gamma ’62)


Presidential Assistant for Legal Affairs Caliwara, Carlos Mayorico (Alpha ’76)

Constitutional Commissions memebers of 2011

    1. Edgar Llarena - Eta Theta
    2. Crisanta S. Palon - Iota Alpha
    3. Orlando Reyes - Delta Alpha
    4. Diane Reyes - Eta
    5. Jose Illenberger - Eta
    6. Luzviminda Lumang - Theta
    7. James Makasiar - Beta Nu
    1. Jose L. Bautista, Jr. - Alpha Delta
    2. Eddie Z. Foo - Gamma Epsilon
    3. Juanito V. Ravanzo, Jr. - Mu
    4. Thomas John T. Que, Jr. - Beta Sigma
    5. Vernard V. Quijano - Gamma Epsilon
    6. Jose Armand C. Arevalo - Eta
    7. Joselito J. Vibandor - Beta Sigma
    1. J. Ricardo L. Bautista - Gamma Kappa
    2. Richard F. Agbayani - Gamma Kappa
    3. Emmanuel V. Cendana - Gamma Kappa
    4. Alfredo M. Del Rosario, Jr. - Gamma Kappa
    5. Genevieve DLC Gandia - Theta
    1. Salvador S. Maniquiz - Alpha Eta
    2. Dino B. Camba - Alpha Nu
    3. Virgilio S. Yorobe - Alpha Nu
    4. Rhoneil A. Reyes - Beta Sigma
    1. Jose Antonio L. Dimaano - Pi
    2. Alice Castaneda Gutierrez - Alpha Eta
    3. Lina Ingusan-Inductivo - Gamma Sigma
    4. Celia Galzote-Valdez - Gamma Pi
    5. Jorge C. Reyes - Zeta Nu
    6. Eduardo A. Saria - Alpha Epsilon
    7. Jose Edgar Banzuela - Gamma Xi
    1. Lester T. Arevalo - Eta
    1. Melchizidek Y. Maquiso - Gamma
    2. Francisco P. Brosas - Alpha Omicron
    3. Mama S. Lalanto, Al Haj - Alpha Iota
    4. Geofrey A. Pungutan, Al Haj - Beta Tau
    5. Oscar V. Lazo, Jr. - Alpha Delta
    6. Carlos Mayorico E. Caliwara - Alpha
    7. Jose Antonio L. Dimaano - Pi
    8. Felix J. Marinas - Eta
    9. Jojo C. Labrador - Nu
    10. Mariano R. Alquiza - Alpha Xi
    11. Teddie Elson E. Rivera - Alpha Rho
    12. Blo Umpar Adiong, Al Haj - Tau
    13. Rodrigo V. Mapoy - Beta Pi
    14. Jimmy U. De Castro - Beta
    15. Magleo V. Adriano - Eta


    • Section 1. Creation. – There shall be created the Commissions on Membership, Elections, Ways and Means, Audit, Scouting, International Relations and the Council of Elders.
    • Section 2. Autonomy. – All Commissions shall enjoy fiscal autonomy and their approved biennial appropriations shall be automatically and regularly released. All Commissions shall have the authority to promulgate their own rules of procedure as they may deem appropriate in the performance of their mandate.
    • Section 3. General Composition and Terms of Office.
      • Each Commission shall be composed of one (1) Chair and six (6) members, all of whom must be members in good standing, appointed by the President, and confirmed by the Board of Directors, to serve for a term of seven (7) years unless otherwise resigned, removed from office or incapacitated.
      • Of those first appointed, the Chair and two (2) Commissioners shall hold office for seven (7) years, two (2) Commissioners for five (5) years and the remaining Commissioners for three years.
      • Appointment to any vacancy shall be only for the unexpired portion of the term of the predecessor.
    • Section 4. Rule-Making Authority.
      • Each Commission shall have the exclusive power and authority to promulgate such rules and regulations as it may deem fit and appropriate to properly discharge its duties and functions. Upon formulation of the general rules of procedure of each Commission, the same shall be submitted to the Board of Directors for approval, which shall cause the same to be published in at least three (3) issues of any publication of general circulation, the electronic mail and the website. The approved Rules of Procedure shall be valid and binding within a period of fifteen (15) days from the date of its last publication in the newsletter of general circulation.
    • Section 5. Incidental Powers. – All commissions shall have such incidental, residual and inherent power and authority to do and perform such other duties and functions as may be necessary and proper to fulfill their mandates.


Section 6. Nature. – The Commission on Membership shall be responsible for the formulation and implementation of all programs and policies pertaining to the general membership and the expansion thereof.

Section 7. Duties and Functions. – The Commission on Membership shall perform the following duties and functions:

(a) To promote and encourage programs and activities that serves and supports the Chapters and Associations;

(b) To promote and encourage programs and activities for the enhancement of membership recruitment, retention and reporting;

(c) To promote and encourage the reactivation of inactive chapters and associations and/or the formation of new collegiate chapters and alumni associations;

(d) To act as the custodian of the directory of all members and protector of the confidential data contained therein, and, for this purpose, to formulate and devise ways and means to insure adequate and current reporting thereon;

(e) To conduct the preliminary investigation of all complaints relating to the suspension and/or revocation of membership, and, for such purpose, to formulate, institute, public and establish a Code of Conduct, effective upon approval by the Board of Directors, which shall be compulsory on all members and, thereafter, to conduct the periodic review thereof to insure its continued pertinency; and,

(f) To conduct a census every six (6) years on the demographics of the membership and distribution of chapters and associations for the purpose of realignment and reassignment of chapters and associations in administrative regions or sections.


Section 8. Additional Qualifications of Members. – The Chair should be a member of the Philippine Bar and no member shall be eligible to run for any elective office for at least one (1) year prior to his resignation or completion of the term of office.

Section 9. Powers and Duties. – The Commission on Elections shall have the following powers and duties:

(a) To exercise general supervision and control over all elections and/or electoral exercises conducted by the Electoral College and the Administrative Regions;

(b) To pass upon the qualifications of candidates and members of the Electoral College or of the Administrative Region, the official listing of which shall be announced and published before the election;

(c) To decide, after due notice and hearing conducted on the basis of written protest, any complaint to disqualify any candidate or voter who violates the rules and regulations of the Commission. The decision in such cases shall be promulgated within seventy-two (72) hours from the termination of the hearing period; and,

(d) To promulgate rules and regulations to govern the conduct of the elections or any other electoral exercise.

Section 10. Decision. – The decision of a majority of all the members of the Commission on all electoral matters may be brought for review to the Supreme Adjudicatory Council. However, an appeal to the Supreme Adjudicatory Council shall not prevent the decision of the Commission from becoming immediately executory.

Section 11. Report. – The Commission shall submit to the Board of Directors at the latter’s regular meeting immediately following any electoral exercise a report on the manner by which such election was conducted, as well as the results thereof.

Section 12. Regional Commission on Elections. – There shall be created a Regional Commission on Elections in each of the Administrative Regions, consisting of three (3) members appointed by the Chair of the Commission, which shall have the delegated authority to perform the functions of the Commission in the Administrative Region to which it has been assigned: Provided, however, that the decisions of the Regional Commissions in any electoral case may be appealed to the Commission for appropriate disposition in accordance with its rules of procedure.


Section 13. Nature. – There shall be created a Commission on Ways and Means charged with the duty of recommending measures to the Board of Directors for adequately financing the organization, its programs and policies.

Section 14. Powers and duties. – The Commission on Ways and Means shall do and perform the following specific duties and powers:

(a) To devise ways and means to develop sources of funds needed for the programs and projects of the organization, and to oversee and coordinate fund-raising programs and activities; and,

(b) To prepare, propose and submit to the President, after consultations with the other officers and constitutional bodies and commissions, the budget of the organization for the next two (2) years.


Section 15. Additional Qualification of Members. – The Chair and a majority of the members must be certified public accountants.

Section 16. Powers and duties. – The Commission on Audit shall perform the following duties and functions, and exercise the following powers and authority:

(a) To examine, audit, and settle all accounts pertaining to the revenue and receipts of, and the expenditures or uses of funds and property, owned or held in trust by, or pertaining to, the organization, or any of its subdivisions, agencies and instrumentalities, and on a post audit basis, the agencies and commissions created under the Code of By-Laws;

(b) To be the custodian of the general accounts of the organization and preserve the vouchers and other supporting papers pertaining thereto for such periods as may be provided by the General Assembly;

(c) To define the scope of its audit and examination, establish the techniques and methods required therefor, and promulgate accounting and auditing rules and regulations, including those for the prevention and disallowance of irregular, unnecessary, excessive, extravagant, or unconscionable expenditures, or uses of the organization’s funds and properties; and,

(d) To submit to the President and Chair of the Board of Directors an annual report, the second at least thirty (30) days before the convening of the General Assembly, covering the financial condition and operations of the organization, its subdivisions, instrumentalities and agencies subject to its audit, and recommend measures necessary to improve its effectiveness and efficiency. These reports shall be made available for examination and photocopying by any member in the National Office during working hours and duly posted in the official website of the organization.


Section 17. Policy. – The Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines), Inc. maintains its commitment to the principles of the Scouting Movement as the source of its ideals and principles.

Section 18. Functions. – The chief and primary function of the Commission shall be to act as the liaison office of the organization with the Scouting Movement, and towards this end, shall do and perform the following duties and functions:

(a) To formulate, institute and implement a continuing program for the purpose of establishing close coordination with and participation in the activities and programs of the Scouting Movement;

(b) To monitor, supervise and coordinate the activities of the Administrative Regions for the purpose of insuring that all service programs and policies of the General Assembly and the Board of Directors, insofar as these pertain to the activities and programs of the Scouting Movement, are fully and efficiently implemented; and,

(c) To coordinate youth-oriented service activities and, for that purpose, to act as the liaison with other organizations having similar objectives and principles, especially those organizations involved in the Scouting Movement.


Section 19. Policy. – The Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines), Inc. recognizes the significance of promoting the principles, ideals and purposes of Alpha Phi Omega throughout the world. It therefore adopts as part of the Code of By-Laws, not contrary to existing laws of the Philippines, any agreement or undertaking that may be entered into by the President and the Commission on International Relations with any national organization of Alpha Phi Omega based from without the Philippines.

  • Section 20. Purpose. – The Commission shall strengthen the existing relationships with other Alpha Phi

Omega national organizations and promote the establishment of Alpha Phi Omega on a worldwide scale.

  • Section 21. Charter. – The Board of Directors shall promulgate a charter for the Commission for its governance

and administration.


  • Section 22. Composition. – There shall be created a Council of Elders composed of the **President :Emeritus and the Immediate Past President, who shall automatically serve as Chair and

Vice-Chair, respectively, and the other past Presidents and one appointee each of the Regional Directors of known probity and integrity, who shall act as members thereof.

  • Section 23. Duties and Functions.
    • The Council of Elders shall be charged with the function of providing the

necessary advice and opinions, when specifically so requested by the Board of Directors, on ways and means to fully assist the members thereof in the performance of their duties and functions.

This web site is intended for public viewing and is provided solely for personal reference. It should not be considered an authoritative source nor an official publication of Alpha Phi Omega. Inquiries regarding Alpha Phi Omega and its official publications should be directed to:

Alpha Phi Omega International (Philippines), Inc.
301-A Two Seventy Midtower Condominium
270 Ermin Garcia, Brgy Silangan, Cubao, QC
Tel.# 011-63-2-439-7603