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Home of Zeta Omega
Alpha Phi Omega
University of the Philippines Cebu College
Cebu City, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognized in 1979

History of Zeta Omega

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The Alpha Phi Omega International Collegiate Service Fraternity and Sorority in the University of the Philippines Cebu College was established on August 12, 1979 by Brother Frederick Mercado, Regional Development Director (RDD) for Region VII from Alpha Mu Chapter, University of San Carlos, Cebu City. In organizing the APO-UPCC, he was aided by then residents of UPCC Brother Edgar Abao of Gamma Pi (U.P. Baguio) and Sister Elena Larrazabal of Alpha Chi chapter (University of the Visayas).

Brothers Paul Anacion of Alpha Delta chapter (San Sebastian College), Virgilio Gonzales and Antonio Basar, both from Alpha Mu, served as APO Alumni Advisers.

APO-UPCC’s pioneering batch, named “Simultaneous Contrast (Batch)”, was composed of:

For the Fraternity:

  1. Stanley Uriarte
  2. Jose Brillo Villaver
  3. Eleno Macabenta
  4. Andrew Laurel Ciriago

For the Sorority:

  1. Henrieta Patalinhug
  2. Ma. Obette Espigadera
  3. Flor Mercado
  4. Elva Albacite
  5. Arlene Villaver

After five years of being a petitioning chapter, the APO-UPCC was chartered as ZETA OMEGA CHAPTER and was included into the official roster of Alpha Phi Omega Philippine chapters on October 7, 1984. The charter members were:

  1. Stanley Uriarte
  2. Jose Brillo Villaver
  3. Eleno Macabenta
  4. Andrew Laurel Ciriago
  5. Avalemar Manansala
  6. Edmund Jamillaren
  7. Albert Magalang
  8. Michael Pagalangga
  9. Carlo F. Reyes
  10. Lindy N. Roa
  11. Ronald Jeffrey G. Manulid
  12. Edgar Garcia
  13. Fortunato O. Basio Jr.
  14. Ricardo Mondragon
  15. Todd Gonzales
  16. Othello Caday
  17. Carlos Viscarra

By this time, the Sorority grew healthily in membership, however the Zeta Omega Chapter Sorority was officially recognized by the National Office eighteen years later on September 21, 2002. The sisters who represented the sorority were:

  1. Checille Naig
  2. Kimberly Niere
  3. Benneth Bernardo
  4. Gisela Dacaynos
  5. Jhoanna Roslin

Data from: www.apozetaomega.org/about-zeta-omega

Activities of Zeta Omega

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APO Zeta Omega members in Alphabetical order

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ID NumberNameCommentBatch Yr
# numberAlbacite, Elva20xx
# numberBasio Jr., Fortunato O.20xx
# numberBernardo, Benneth20xx
# numberCaday, Othello20xx
# numberCiriago, Andrew Laurel20xx
# numberDacaynos, Gisela20xx
# numberEspigadera, Ma. Obette20xx
# numberGarcia, Edgar20xx
# numberGonzales, Todd20xx
# numberJamillaren, Edmund20xx
# numberMacabenta, Eleno20xx
# numberMagalang, Albert20xx
# numberManansala, Avalemar20xx
# numberManulid, Ronald Jeffrey G.19xx
# numberMercado, Flor20xx
# numberMondragon, Ricardo20xx
# numberNaig, Checille20xx
# numberNiere, Kimberly20xx
# numberPagalangga, Michael20xx
# numberPatalinhug, Henrieta20xx
# numberReyes, Carlo F.19xx
# numberRoa, Lindy N.20xx
# numberRoslin, Jhoanna20xx
# numberUriarte, Rheachar2002
# numberUriarte, Stanley20xx
# numberVillaver, Arlene20xx
# numberVillaver, Jose Brillo20xx
# numberViscarra, Carlos20xx

APO Zeta Omega Random comments

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