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List of the 17 Regions in the Philippines
National - Capital Region I - Ilocos II - Cagayan III - C. Luzon IV-A - Calabarzon IV-B - Mimaropa V - Bicol VI - W. Visayas VII - C. Visayas VIII - E. Visayas IX - Zamboanga X - N. Mindanao XI - Davao XII - Soccsksargen XIII - Caraga XIV - CAR XV - BARMM

Within these 17 regions in the Philippines, there are 42,027 barangays, 1486 municipalities, 148 cities, 82 provinces. It has a democratic form of government and the freedom of speech is upheld by law. English is the "lingua franca" and is the mode of instruction in all high schools, colleges and universities. Laws and contracts are written in English.

Barangays (80) of Cebu City, in the province of Cebu, within Region 7 in the Republic of The Philippines
Adlawon | Agsungot || Apas || Babag || Bacayan || Banawa || Banilad || Basak Pardo || Basak San Nicolas || Binaliw || Bonbon || Budla-an || Bulacao Pardo || Buhisan || Buot-Taup || Busay || Calamba || Cambinocot || Camputhaw (Pob.) || Capitol Site (Pob.) || Carreta || Central (Port Center) || Cogon Ramos || Cogon Pardo || Day-as || Duljo || Ermita || Guadalupe || Guba || Hipodromo || Inayawan || Kalubihan || Kalunasan || Kamagayan || Kamputhaw (Camputhaw) || Kasambagan || Kinasang-an || Labangon || Lahug || Lorega San Miguel || Lusaran || Luz || Mabini || Mabolo Proper || Malubog || Mambaling || Oprra || Pahina San Nicolas || Pahina Central || Pamutan || Pardo Proper || Parian || Paril || Pasil || Pit-os || Pulangbato || Pung-ol Sibugay || Punta Princesa || Quiot Pardo || Sambag I || Sambag II || San Antonio || San Jose || San Nicolas Proper || San Roque || Santa Cruz || Santo Niño || Sapangdako || Sawang Calero || Sinsin || Sirao || Suba || Sudlon I || Sudlon II || T. Padilla || Tabunan || Tagba-O || Talamban || Taptap || Tejero || Tinago || Tisa || Toong || Zapatera

The Philippines has been a "decentralized" form of government since 1991, contrary to what most Filipinos think. Ever since the creation of Republic Act 7160, each LGU is responsible for its own domain. Even the smallest LGU the barangay creates its own Budget. It is not dependent on handouts from the city, municipality or province. "IMPERIAL MANILA IS A MYTH!", it does not exist anymore. The Philippine budget formulation system is not centralized. "Budgetary planning has been DECENTRALIZED since 1991". It is the responsibility of each LGU to submit their budgetary needs for review. Failure to submit is the problem.

  • Cebu City is the capital city of the Cebu province in the Philippines and is part of Region VII

List of Municipalities (44) in the Cebu Province within Region VII in the Republic of The Philippines
Alcantara Alcoy Alegria Aloguinsan Argao Asturias Badian Balamban Bantayan Barili Boljoon Borbon Carmen Catmon Compostela Consolacion Cordova Daanbantayan Dalaguete Dumanjug Ginatilan Liloan Madridejos Malabuyoc Medellin Minglanilla Moalboal Oslob Pilar Pinamungahan Poro Ronda Samboan San Fernando San Francisco San Remigio Santa Fe Santander Sibonga Sogod Tabogon Tabuelan Tuburan Tudela
*Cities (9) in the Province of Cebu: Bogo City Carcar City Cebu City Danao City Lapu-Lapu City Mandaue City Naga City Talisay City Toledo City

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Cebu City Official Seal Logo.gif
Cebu City Official Seal

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Cebu city map locator.png
Cebu City Map Locator
Cebu ph map.pngLocation of The Province of Cebu in The Philippines
Cebu City001.jpg
View of Cebu City from the bay
Cebucity-aerial view.jpg
Aerial View of Cebu City
Cebu metro.jpg
Aerial View of Metro Cebu

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We are one with Flora. Throughout time humans and the animal kingdom have relied on the healing power of herbs. We used them in several ways: we have ingested them, rubbed them on our bodies, bathed in them, even used them in our cooking to flavor our foods.

Cebu City Cathedral
Cebu city Magellan cross02.jpg
Magellan's Cross in Cebu City

Wars of ancient history were about possessions, territory, power, control, family, betrayal, lover's quarrel, politics and sometimes religion.

But we are in the Modern era and supposedly more educated and enlightened .

Think about this. Don't just brush off these questions.

  • Why is RELIGION still involved in WARS? Isn't religion supposed to be about PEACE?
  • Ask yourself; What religion always campaign to have its religious laws be accepted as government laws, always involved in wars and consistently causing WARS, yet insists that it's a religion of peace?


There are only two kinds of people who teach tolerance:
  1. The Bullies. They want you to tolerate them so they can continue to maliciously deprive you. Do not believe these bullies teaching tolerance, saying that it’s the path to prevent hatred and prejudice.
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Cebu city Magellan cross03.jpg
Mormon temple cebu city 1.jpg
Mormon Temple Lahug cebu city philippines

Cebu City,
Cebu, Philippines

  • Cebu City is the oldest city in the Philippines. Discovered as a Trading port by the Spaniards who later formed a settlement there named Villa del Santisimo Nombre de Jesus in 1575 which later became a municipality in 1901 and grow into a chartered city on February 24, 1937.
  • Cebu City is the capital city of the Cebu province in the Philippines and is part of Region VII. Cebu City is classified as a "highly urbanized" city.
  • Section 25 of RA3857 Provides that "The qualified voters of the City of Cebu shall be entitled to vote in the election of the provincial governor, the provincial vice-governor and the members of the Provincial Board of Cebu, and, for this purpose, the city shall continue to form part of the province."
  • Section 103 of RA3857 Provides that "Until otherwise provided by law, the City of Cebu, shall continue as part of the second congressional district, and as the capital of the province".
  • With the enactment of Bilang 51 on December 22, 1979, the city of Cebu now belonged to the newly-introduced "highly urbanized city" distinction and therfore lost its eligibility to participate in provincial elections regardless of what its charter indicated.
  • Cebu City has a total of 80 barangays.

History of Cebu City, Province of Cebu, Philippines

The city of Cebu became a chartered City throgh the enactment of REPUBLIC ACT No. 3857 June 10, 1964

General Information Often called the “ Queen City of the South” and the Seat of Christianity in the Philippines , Cebu is the country's oldest city. Exploring Cebu City , one encounters a rich historic past. Cebuanos are extremely proud of their cultural and historical heritage, a legacy which has endured through the centuries from the time the great explorer Ferdinand Magellan first planted the cross on Cebu 's shore. Time has been kind to Cebu . From Zubu, the busy trading port in 1521, it has evolved into a highly urbanized metropolitan center which now serves as focal point of growth and development in Southern Philippines .

With its 6 cities; Cebu , Danao, Lapu-Lapu, Mandaue, Toledo and Talisay; and its 47 smaller towns, Cebu has more than kept pace with the nation's progress. Today the island province leads in traditional and non-traditional exports and has the highest economic growth rate anywhere in the country. Likewise, recent indications pointed out that Cebu has become the country's favorite tourist destination. In contrast to the bustling metropolis, the rest of Cebu 's 167 islets and islands are lined with idyllic white sandy beaches and pristine clear waters. Cebu has gained wide popularity for fantastic diving grounds evidenced by the proliferation of resorts which offer luxurious accommodations, excellent dive facilities and the services of competent dive masters and dive guides. Cebu 's strategic location makes it ideal for those who wish to travel to the other islands and provinces by plan, boat or bus. No place could be too far from Cebu. ** from: cebu city tourism commission **

  • Below is a historical article from:

Zubu, was its original name and as far as 800 AD - was already an important trading port for Chinese, Siam, Islamic & Malayan goods.

Cebu is the first and oldest city in the Philippines. It is older than even Maynilad by at least seven years. In it, is the oldest school and oldest street in the country. It boasts of being the birthplace of Christianity in the Far East.

In many ways, Cebu has always been the Pioneer City. It is the land of many "historic firsts" & continues to pave the way for the rest of the country.

April 17, 1521 - the Portugese explorer Ferdinand Magellan, leading a Spanish expidition landed on Mactan Island. Soon afterwards, Rajah Humabon - the ruler of Zubu and a group of 400 Zubuanos were baptized as Catholics. Along with their baptism came the subjugation of the Philippines to Spanish sovereignity.

Spanish reign in Zubu was short-lived. Ferdinand Magellan himself died in the Battle of Mactan - in the hands of a great warrior chieftain - Lapu lapu. The definite cause of the dispute is still a point of arguement among historians. But it is likely to be the world's first violent encounter between Europeans and Filipinos.

From the martial arts point of view, it has been suggested that Lapu lapu used Arnis (ancient Filipino martial art) against Magellan's fencing skills. All Portugese & Spanish officers were required to take fencing, Magellan being no exception. Arnis proved superior.

Although Magellan is credited with the first circumnavigation of the World, he died in & was buried in Mactan.

From 1521 to 1570, Cebu was the effective Capital of the Philippines, which in turn was a province of Mexico. The Spaniards left Cebu in 1570, after repeated attacks from Portugese pirates. Governor-General Miguel Lopez de Legazpi had heard of the existence of a thriving city with a massive bay far north, which was said to be easier to defend - Maynilad.

Modern Cebu is a wonder to behold. It is easily the most progressive city in the Philippines. In southern Cebu, one can find the wondrous "Seven Steps Waterfalls".

Historical Sites of Cebu City

Cebu city Magellan cross.jpg
  • Magellan's Cross
    • The most famous of all historical landmarks in Cebu City. This cross was planted in Cebu shores by Ferdinand Magellan in April 14, 1521, marking the spot where the first Catholic Christians- Rajah Humabon, Queen Juana and about 400 followers were baptized by Fr. Pedro de Valderama. Encased in hollow tindalo wood, it is now for centuries housed in a kiosk made of adobe wood and red-brick tiles. Devout Cebuano's and visitors never fail to pause and pray, drop coins and light votive candles before the Magellan's Cross. It has been venerated by people from all walks of life in the past four centuries.
Cebu city FortSanPedro.jpg
  • Fort San Pedro
    • The smallest and oldest tri-bastion fort in the country. Built in 1738 this served as the nucleus of the first Spanish settlement in the Philippines. It's three bastions La Conception, San Ignacio de Loyola and San Miguel till today still stand on their corners. It has a total area of 2,025 sq. meters; the walls are 20 ft. high, 8 ft. thick and each of the towers stands 30 ft. from the ground.
Cebu city TaoistTemple.jpg
  • Taoist Temple
    • Located at Beverly Hills, Cebu City. This temple preserves the teachings of Lao-tse the 600 B.C. Chinese Philosopher. Everyday people climb its 99 steps to light joss sticks and have their fortunes read.
Cebu city plazaIndependencia.jpg
  • Plaza Indepedencia
    • Cebu’s Plaza Independencia was formerly called "Plaza Libertad". Strategically located between Fort San Pedro and the building that used to house the old Gobierno Provincial, it now becomes the most favored spot for picnics and trysts. Dominated by the obelisk of Legaspi, Plaza Independencia is Cebu's most historically significant plaza.
Cebu city basilica.jpg
  • Basilica Minore del Sto. Niño
    • The BASILICA MINORE DEL SANTO NIÑO, the only basilica in the Far East, is yet another historic landmark that will never cease to amaze its visitors. It in itself is a museum, a repository of beautiful religious images, and oil paintings of Augustinian saints, martyrs, and bishops that hang in the corridors of the convent. This Basilica was the former SAN AUGUSTIN CHURCH, built upon the order of by Don Legaspi and Fray Pedro de Urdaneta. The Basilica houses the country's oldest religious image-the Miraculous Image of the Holy Child Jesus more popularly known as "SENOR SANTO NIÑO".
*article from the government of Cebu City*

People of Cebu City, Province of CEBU, Philippines

  • Population of CITY OF CEBU (CAPITAL), as of 2020 census: 964,169
  • Population of Cebu City : (as of 2015 census) = 922,611
  • Population of Cebu City : (as of 2010) census: 866,171
  • Population of Cebu City : (as of Aug 1, 2007) census: 798,809

  • Registered Voters (2010): 516,232
  • Registered Voters (2009): 486,711

Cebu Province has a total population of more than 3 million. Cebuano is the native tongue. While Filipino is commonly understood and spoken, the English language is widely used in business transactions and education.

Elected Government Officials of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

The Sangguniang Panlungsod is composed of the City (Municipality) Vice-Mayor as Presiding Officer, regular Sanggunian members (Councilors), the President of the Association of Barangay Captains and the President of the Sangguniang Kabataan.

They shall exercise and perform the legislative powers and duties as provided for under Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991. Shall consider and conduct thorough study all matters brought to their attention and consequently pass resolutions, enact ordinances and to introduce recommendations.

Budget of Municipalities and Cities: The Philippine budget formulation system is not centralized. It has been decentralized since 1991. It is the responsibility of each LGU to submit their budgetary needs for review. Failure to submit is the problem. "IMPERIAL MANILA IS A MYTH!".

  • Absolutely NO need for FEDERALISM. It is a ploy to give the Bangsamoro an Islamic State and finance the religion of Islam. It violates the constitution's "separation of church and state". We need a representation of a MINIMUM of one SENATOR per REGION..
  • Contrary to Pres. Duterte's ranting (July 2019): Elected public officials can't be suspended by the DILG or the office of the president unless an official complaint has been filed. Republic Act 7160 chapter 4.
  • Cebu City is an independent city and is highly urbanized. It is within the province of Cebu but it has its own separate election. The registered voters of Cebu City can't run for office or vote for anyone outside of Cebu City. They are not eligible to participate in provincial elections.

Elected Officers of Cebu City for the term of 2019-2022
  • Mayor of Cebu City: Edgardo Colina Labella
  • Vice-Mayor of Cebu City: Michael Lopez Rama
  • House Representative:
    • 1st District: Lord Allan Velasco
    • 2nd District: Rodrigo Abellanosa
Cebu City Council Members
  • 1st District
  1. Nestor Archival
  2. Niña Mabatid
  3. Joy Augustus Young
  4. Lea Ouano-Japson
  5. Alvin Dizon
  6. Raymond Alvin Garcia
  7. Jerry Guardo
  8. Joel Garganera
  • 2nd District
  1. Dondon Hontiveros
  2. David Tumulak
  3. Eduardo Rama
  4. Eugenio Gabuya
  5. Renato Osmeña Jr.
  6. Raul Alcoseba
  7. Phillip Zafra
  8. James Anthony Cuenco

Elected Officers of Cebu City for the term of 2016 - 2019
Cebu City Council Members
  • 1st District
  1. Alvin Arcilla
  2. Mary Ann De Los Santos
  3. Bebs Andales
  4. Joy Young
  5. Jerry Guardo
  6. Raymond Alvin Garcia
  7. Jun Alcover
  8. Joel Garganera
  • 2nd District
  1. Dave Tumulak
  2. Margot Osmeña
  3. Edu Rama
  4. Joey Daluz
  5. Hanz-aha Abella
  6. Jun Gabuya
  7. James Cuenco
  8. Joy Pesquera

Elected Officers of Cebu City for the term of 2013 - 2016
  • Mayor of Cebu City: Michael Lopez Rama - UNITED NATIONALIST ALLIANCE
  • Vice-Mayor of Cebu City:Edgardo C. Labella - UNITED NATIONALIST ALLIANCE
  • Councilors of Cebu City:
    • Councilors of the 1st District of Cebu City:
    3. ARCILLA, ALVIN (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 95901 7.54%
    4. ANDALES, BEBS (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 93733 7.37%
    5. JAPSON, LEA (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 90353 7.11%
    6. DIZON, ALVIN (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 85011 6.69%
    7. CABRERA, NIDA (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 83110 6.54%
    • Councilors of the 2nd District of Cebu City:
    1. OSMEÑA, MARGOT (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 123107 7.79%
    2. CARILLO, GERRY (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 116530 7.37%
    3. GABUYA, JUN (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 113901 7.20%
    8. OSMEÑA, RICHIE (LP) LIBERAL PARTY 97916 6.19%
  • House of Representatives of Cebu City:
    • Congressman for the 1st District: DEL MAR, RAUL - LIBERAL PARTY
    • Congressman for the 2nd District: ABELLANOSA, BEBOT - LIBERAL PARTY

Elected Officers of Cebu City for the term of 2010 - 2013

House of Representatives:

ABC President:

SK Chairman:

Elected Officers of Cebu City for the term of 2007 - 2010

House of Representatives:

ABC President:

SK Chairman:

Barangay's power and authority: A must read for all barangay officials


This is the "Barangay Code of the Philippines".

Barangay anim 4500.gif
A Barangay Clearance is NEEDED in order to get a Business License.
So why is the barangay name not in most business addresses?
Ask your Barangay Captain/Chairman to create a Resolution to make it mandatory to put the barangay name in all Business addresses.
Every Government Unit in the Philippines is within a Barangay. The municipal hall, city hall, the provincial capitol building, and even the Malacañang Palace where the president resides is within a Barangay.

The barangay has power and authority over its domain. The improvement of the barangay rests on the barangay officials. The barangay chairman, the barangay council and the local businessmen forge the prosperity of the barangay. Not the president of the Philippines, senate, nor congress. Not the governor of the province, not the mayor nor council of the municipality or city. Poor barangays stay poor because of weak and/or ignorant(uninformed) barangay leaders.

When roads or any infrastructure need to be built, improved or repaired, all the barangay officials have to do is make a resolution and present it to the city or municipality council. The resolution will force the city/municipal council or responsible government office to hear the legitimate demands. "The squeaky wheel gets the grease."

Each city or municipality is represented by the "barangay association or federation". The elected president of the Association of Barangay Council and the President of Kabataan (SK) association each have a seat in the City/Municipality council. Their powers are the same and equal to the elected city/municipality councilors. They are there to help lobby the demands of the barangays. They are not there just to collect a big salary and rub elbows with the regular elected city/municipality council, but to also represent the needs of the barangays.
The duties of the barangay officials are specifically written in Chapter III(Punong Barangay) and Chapter IV (The Sangguniang Barangay). Read it..

Practically anything that has to do with the barangay, the barangay officials have a say on it and most likely the authority over it. The majority of the barangay officials are not aware of their duties and power. They depend on the city council or mayor. The elected barangay officials are afraid of the mayor and city/municipality's "Sangguniang Panlungsod". They are in fear of being ousted or removed from office. The truth is, the "Sangguniang Panlungsod" does not have the power to remove or suspend any elected barangay officials from office. Only the COURT OF LAW can do this (judicial branch of the government). Elected public officials can't be suspended by the DILG or the office of the president unless an official complaint has been filed, there must be proof and there must be due process. Republic Act 7160 chapter 4, Section 60. Information is power. Be informed. Do not be intimidated by the president, senator, congressman, governor, mayor, vice-mayor, or councilors. Do your job.

The control of traffic is not up to the city council or chief of police. It is controlled by the barangay. If the barangay needs traffic enforcers, the barangay can make a resolution to demand it from the city or municipality council. When the electric coop or the water district do not maintain their lines, the barangay can directly demand for the maintenance from the utility companies. No need to wait for city council.

The citizens also has the power to make demands to the barangay officials. In case the officials get blinded. Simply file an official complaint with the barangay secretary naming the Punong barangay as the respondent representing the barangay.

If the power lines are sagging, don't go to the power company, go to the barangay office. Ask the barangay for a DEMAND resolution against the power company.
If the water lines are busted, don't wait for the water company, go to the barangay office. Ask the barangay for a DEMAND resolution against the water company.
If the potholes in the road are not fixed, don't wait for the The Department of Public Works and Highways (DPWH), go to the barangay office. Ask the barangay for a DEMAND resolution against the DPWH.
Are you beginning to get the point?

Cleaning the shorelines, drainage systems, streets, rivers, and parks within your barangay is YOUR responsibility. You are accountable for this. It is not the responsibility of the City/Municipality officials. The citizens and officials of the barangay are responsible. Stop blaming others.

  • BUDGET: As far as the preparation for the budget expenditures, it starts at the barangay level, then moves on to cities, municipalities, provinces and regions. The barangays need to exercise their authority. They need to put their yearly budget together for their administration and future projects. The majority of the barangays leave this job to the municipality and city. This is so wrong. Then when the budget doesn't come or is lacking, they complain.
  • The budget for the barangays does go to the City or Municipality, but simply for holding and later distribution. The city or municipality DOES NOT approve the budget. It was already approved by congress. The city or municipality simply "distributes" the approved budget.
  • The bureau of internal revenue is in cahoots to subdue the barangays, municipalities and provinces. They call the rightful shares to the taxes collected as "Internal Revenue Allotment Dependency". It is not a dependency. It is the lawful and rightful share of the LGU as specified in "TITLE III, SHARES OF LOCAL GOVERNMENT UNITS IN THE PROCEEDS OF NATIONAL TAXES, CHAPTER I, Allotment of Internal Revenue Taxes, Section 284."
  • "IMPERIAL MANILA IS A MYTH!", it does not exist anymore. The Philippine budget formulation system is not centralized. "Budgetary planning has been DECENTRALIZED since 1991". It is the responsibility of each LGU to submit their budgetary needs for review. Failure to submit is the problem.
  • DURING ELECTIONS: Where do City and Municipality politicians go to campaign? They seek the support of the Barangay officials. They plead to the barangay folks for the votes. Even the candidate for president. But after the election they ignore you. Do not ever forget the power of the barangay.

Ignorance keeps the pinoys thinking that Manila rules. Be informed, be educated and make your barangay prosper.

  • Absolutely NO need for FEDERALISM. It is a ploy to give the Bangsamoro an Islamic State where the religion of Islam is financed by the Philippine government. Bangsamoro will be a HOMELAND not for all Filipinos but for only the Muslim Filipinos. It violates the constitution's "separation of church and state". Religion is always good for the people but it should never be embraced or financed by government. Tax exemption is not tantamount to financing. Every non-profit organization is tax-exempt.

Businesses in Cebu City, Province of Cebu, Philippines

Invest in Cebu: It is not just a promise or potential, Cebu demonstrated its capability with an excellent economic track record.

  • It is the second largest city and fastest growing economy in the Philippines.
  • Cebu's export growth rate for the past 5 year has averaged close to 20% considerably higher than that of the country and any other province in the Philippines.
  • It leads the country in export items such as furniture, fashion accessories, carrageenan and gifts, toys and housewares.
  • It is the most accessible place in the Philippines, with more domestic air and sea linkages than Manila.
  • Cebu is base to over 80% of inter-island shipping capacity in the Philippines.
  • Cebu is the Tourism Gateway for the Central and Southern Philippines.
  • It is not in an earthquake zone or typhoon belt, nor are there volcanoes in the island.
  • Cebu has one of the best records for peace and order in the country.
  • Its labor force is oriented towards non-agriculture lines and is one of the most productive in the country.

The development of its infrastructure is balanced; it has all the ingredients necessary to be competitive and sustain investments. It is a cosmopolitan area with all the support facilities and amenities needed for an ideal lifestyle.

How to Improve Your Business and Livelihood

The Philippine Livelihood Program: The Philippine government provides several programs to enhance the livelihood of the Filipino people. The department of Science and Technology through its Technology Research Center (TRC) regurlarly conducts various types of hands-on and personalized training programs.

  • DOST - Website
  • UPLiFT stands for Urban Program for Livelihood Finance and Training. - Website
  • DSWD Pro-poor and Livelihood Programs - Website

Take a picture of your Business (from a Sari-Sari Store to a Mega Mall). Upload that picture here in and that picture can immediately be your business webpage. It is that easy. Here are two examples of how a picture becomes the webpage of the business: FHM Garden Grill and Catering and ABC Shopping Center

  • Give your business a good description. Add your address and contact number if available.
Possible Businesses
  • Auto, Trucks, Motorcycle and Bicycle dealers
  • Banks, Lending Firms, Pawnshops, and Financial Institutions
  • Clinics, Veterinary Clinics and Hospitals
  • Pharmacies, Drug Stores, Agri-Vets
  • Convenient Stores, Hardware and Supplies, General Stores, Sari-Sari Stores, Internet-Cafes
  • Department Stores and Appliance Stores
  • Supermarket, wet market, Fish Markets
  • Hotels, Motels, Pension Houses, Boarding houses and Resorts
  • Repair Shops: Shoe repair, Cellphone, Bikes (bicycles), motorcycles etc...
  • Restaurants, Carenderias, Coffee Shops, and Bakeries (Bakeshops)
  • Salons, Spas, Beauty Shops and Barber Shops
  • Gas Stations, Water Stations, Propane Stations

Real Estate or Properties for Sale or lease in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

  • If you have real estate property for sale in Cebu City, you can list that property for FREE HERE.
  • You can list your House and lot or farm land for sale or lease for free here.
  • If you are a real estate developer, you can list your subdivision, condominiums, high rises, apartment complexes, shopping strips or malls, and open market developments for Free.

Health Supplements, Outdoor Activities, and Lifestyle related establishments in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Online / Ecommerce Market Place established in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Churches, Mosques, or Places of Worship in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

The name of your church, mosque, or place of worship can be listed in this community page. Take a picture of the facade of your church or place of worship and it can be posted here. We can even provide you with a free webpage. You can enter the data (story about your place of worship) here yourself, email the information or pictures to ( or via Facebook.

    Freedom of religion, yes. Equality, yes. But no favoritism.

Catholic Churches in Cebu City
Alliance Of Two Hearts Parish

Horseshoe Drive, Banawa

Archdiocesan Shrine Of Our Lady Of Guadalupe ( Guadalupe Church)


Archdiocesan Shrine Of Our Lady Of Lourdes

F. Llamas St., Punta Princesa

Ayala Center Cebu

Cebu Business Park

Basilica Minore Del Sto. Niño

Osmeña Blvd.

Blessed Sacrament Parish

Reclamation Area

Carmelite Monastery

Juan Luna Ave.

Cebu Metropolitan Cathedral

Mabini St.

Chapel Of Our Lady Of The Miraculous Medal

Gorordo Avenue, Lahug

Holy Cross Parish

Basak, Pardo

Our Lady Of Mt. Carmel Parish - Recoletos

Cor. Magallanes - Leon Kilat Sts.

Our Lady Of The Sacred Heart - Capitol Parish

N. Escario St., Camputhaw

Redemptorist Church

P. O. Box 280

Remedios Parish


Sacred Heart Parish

D. Jakosalem St.

San Isidro Labrador Parish


San Lorenzo Ruiz Parish


San Nicolas De Tolentino Parish

C. Padilla St.

San Vicente Ferrer Parish

Sambag 1 And 2

St. Joseph Patriarch Parish


St. Therese Of The Child Jesus Parish

Pasteur Cor. Edison Sts., Lahug

Sto. Rosario Parish

P. Del Rosario St.

Sto. Tomas De Villanueva Parish


Mary Help Of Christians


Mother Of Perpetual Help Parish

Elizabeth Pond

San Roque Parish


St. Arnold Jannsen Parish

Alumnos, Basak

St. Joseph The Worker (chaplaincy)

Alu, Port Area

Sto. Niño Parish


Sto. Niño Parish


Schools in Cebu City, Province of Cebu, Philippines

  • Take a picture of your school building(s) and send your pictures via email to ( or message me via Facebook. I will then post the pictures in this page.

Due to Covid19: Pursuant to the instructions of President Roa Duterte, and as recommended by the DepEd, classes for the year 2021-2022 will be opened but will be monitored.

  • List of schools: >>> click

PUBLIC NOTICE: Why pretend that the National language of the Philippines is Tagalog? It should be English. To be a Teacher, doctor, lawyer, engineer, architect, nurse, computer technician; what books do you learn from? English books of course. All your tests are in English. The constitution of the Philippines is written in English. All the laws and new laws introduced by congress are in English. For that matter, you can't be a teacher in a school system unless you know English. The "Licensure Exam for Teachers" is in ENGLISH! Who are these people forcing Tagalog down our throats? Tagalog is simply one of the many dialects of the Philippines. Keep your dialects but learn and be fluent and proficient in ENGLISH.

  • Abe International College Of Business And Accountancy - - +63 32 234 2421
  • Cambridge Child Development Centre - - +63 32 233 4690
  • Center For Industrial Technology & Enterprise - +63 32 346 1611
  • Fun And Learn Achievers Academy, Incorporated - +63 32 255 2726
  • Kids' World Child Development Center - +63 32 233 0937
  • Microbagz Computer Services - +63 32 253 8046
  • Plumbing Review - - +63 32 264 5098
  • Sacred Heart School - Jesuit - - +63 32 233 4911
  • University Of Cebu - - +63 32 412 3542
  • University Of San Carlos - - +63 32 253 1000
  • University of San Jose Recoletos
  • Velez College
    • Fraternities:

Economy of Cebu City, Province of Cebu, Philippines

Outside of Metro Manila, the City of Cebu is considered as one highly urbanized area and metropolitan center with the highest potential for further economic growth. The presence of other growth centers in the immediate vicinities and outlying areas has further strengthened Cebu City’s economic base despite the lack of proper economic plan and/or lack of proper coordination of economic activities within the Metro Cebu Area. This is precisely the rationale for the city’s involvement on the metropolitan planning concept as initiated by the Metro Cebu Development Projects and City Planners. This has been further strengthened by the development policies of the National Economic and Development Authority (NEDA) and the Regional Development Plan which include a Regional Investment Program. The City’s (Cebu) economic development, with the undertaking of its own investment program would therefore be merged with the regional level.

Nevertheless, Cebu City’s role as the urban core and the central business district for the metropolitan area, its sphere of influence throughout the Visayas and Mindanao as an institutional, cultural, commercial and transport center, the presence of a vigorous private enterprises and a strong middle class; and, a stable peace and order situation has catapulated Cebu City as Premier City of the South with a considerable economic potential.

**article from the city government of cebu city**

Jobs in Cebu City

If you have a job available and that job is within Cebu City, Philippines, you may post it here.
Remember to be as descriptive as possible and to post your Company name, Contact person, physical address, email address and Phone number.
Post expiration of Job Application. Go ahead and Click HERE to Insert your job offer in the "Jobs in Cebu City" page.

Natural Resources of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Protect the environment

It is sad but true that as of the year 2012 the rivers of the Philippines continue to be the #1 Sewer Systems of the Philippines.

Protect & Save the Rivers. Do not let your sewer drain into the river. Your community can be the first to initiate this project.
Build your riverbank protection with a built-in gutter system. Reforest within Ten Years - Guaranteed!

Let us plant more trees in every barangay in the entire Philippines. It does not make any difference if the barangay is urban, partially urban or rural; we need more trees. Trees will prevent erosion, provide oxygen, prevent green house effect, and even a place of business for the shade tree mechanic.

The Philippines is a tropical country and practically anything will grow. The DENR has the planting trees project that goes on every year. Lots of picture taking for the media. Planting trees one by one is the "human" way of doing it. This individual planting of trees is good if done to "line" the roads and highways with trees or along fences or property divisions, or if you have a plantation.

To reforest the nation of the Philippines we have to plant trees the "mother nature" way. Sow the seeds during the rainy season. Go deep into "bald" forests and plant trees by sowing seeds. If there's not enough volunteers to do this, use the military helicopters to fly over the designated areas and sow the seeds.

Guaranteed within a few years, The Philippines will be lush again. >>Read More

We are using our rivers as our sewer system. If you ask a Filipino, "Are the Filipinos a clean people?" The answer is an automatic, "Yes!". However, the Filipinos are suffering from the same disease or attitude as most people do, and that is the "NIMBY" disease or "NIMBY" attitude. (NIMBY) Not In My Back Yard. So it is OK to dump my garbage and sewer there. Not mine! Someone else will take care of it.

This attitude is killing our rivers. Your great-grandparents, grandparents or parents were once proud to tell the stories of how they enjoyed swimming in the river behind your house or nearby. However, you can't say the same or tell the same stories to your kids or grand kids. Why? Because your generation is killing the river.


  • Secretary Roy Cimatu - since May 8, 2017
  • Department of Environment and Natural Resources
  • Visayas Avenue, Diliman, 1100 Quezon City, Philippines
  • +63-2-929-6626

We have so much water in the Philippines and yet very little to drink.

Instead of relying too much on Diesel fuel and Coal to generate the majority of Philippine's Electrical energy Supply, we can concentrate more on renewable and sustainable source of energy such as: Hydro Power, Solar Power, and Wind Power and thermal energy conversion. We have too many black outs.

Tourists Attractions of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

  • Help us post some interesting pictures. This will help boost the local economy of the community. Anything that is unique or anything that stands out in your community may be a tourist attraction.
  • Landmarks are usually photographed a lot by visitors. Send your pictures via email to ( or via Facebook.
  • Post the Cebu City landmarks here.

Tourism commission lays out heritage walk package for city (Jun. 13, 2009)

THE Cebu City Tourism Commission (CCTC) intends to develop a walking tour of heritage sites in the city as a tourism product that can be offered to local and foreign visitors.

“We will give the heritage walk a brand,” said tourism commissioner Tetta Baad during the 888 News Forum yesterday at the Cebu City Waterfront Hotel and Casino. Read More

CEBU, Philippines — Cebu ranked no. 4 among Asian island destinations , according to Travel + Leisure magazine, which recently rleased the results of its World’s Best Awards 2009, a listing of the best hotels, airlines, cruises in islands and cities all over the world.

No other Philippine city, island, resort, hotel, or airline made it to the listing in other categories.

The awards are based on the American magazine’s 14th Readers’ Poll survey conducted from mid-January to the end of March this year.

“An unprecedented number of new names and places made their debuts on this year’s list, sometimes unseating longtime favorites,” says Travel + Leisure editor in chief Nancy Novogrod.

Cebu got a rating of 79.68 points.

It ranked behind Bali (87.41), Maldives (84.43), and Phuket (80.93).

Respondents were asked to rate the islands based on natural attractions, activities and sights, restaurant and food, people and value.

They had to rate a candidate on a scale of 1 to 5 where “1” means poor and “5” means excellent.

In the magazine survey, Cebu island was shut out, however, from the coveted list of Top Islands Overall.

Bali with a rating of 87.41 was still no. 1.

Phuket in Thailand ranked second last year but failed to land in this year’s top ten.

Top Islands Overall rankings include: Bali (87.41), Galapagos (86.80), Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia (86.09), Kauai (85.90), Mount Desert Island in Maine (85.87), Maui in Hawaii (85.48), Aeolian Islands in Italy (85.13), Maldives (84.43), Big Island (83.92), and Vancouver Island (83.74).

For the past three years, the announcement of the World’s Best Awards winners has been preceded by the release of findings from The Survey of Affluence and Wealth in America, created by Travel + Leisure’s parent company American Express Publishing and Harrison Group, a strategic-marketing research firm.

Novogrod says she was struck by the consistency of the insights of American consumers. “They have a high regard for value and service, brand loyalty and small rewards,” she said.

The Best Islands awards were divided into geographical categories: Continental US and Canada; Hawaii; the Caribbean, Bermuda, and the Bahamas; Mexico and Central and South America; Europe; Asia; and Australia, New Zealand and the South Pacific.

The questionnaires were developed by editors of the magazine in association with Harris Interactive, an independent research firm. They were posted in the magazine’s website.

Readers were invited to participate and a select group also received invitations by e-mail. Respondents were screened and responses from any identified travel-industry professionals were eliminated from the final tally.

In the Condé Nast Traveler annual Readers’ Choice Survey, Cebu has occupied the seventh spot in the best island destination in Asia/Indian Ocean three times: in 2008 at 70.9, which is two points short of 2007’s 72.3 points and 2004’s 72.8 points.

Twice, it has been ranked 8th best island destination: in 2006 with 71.0 points and in 2005 with 69.5 in the same magazine survey.

Both Travel + Leisure Magazine and Condé Nast Traveler are American publications based in New York.

Hotels, Motels, Pension Houses in Cebu City

  • Cebu City Marriott Hotel: +63 32 415 6100 - Cardinal Rosales Avenue, Cebu City, Central Visayas 6000, Philippines
  • Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino: +63 32 232 6888 - Lahug, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines‎
  • Cebu Parklane International Hotel: +63 32 411 7000 - N. Escario Street, Lahug, Cebu City, Central Visayas
  • Cebu Midtown Hotel: +63 32 253 9125 - Fuente Osmeña Circle, Santa Cruz, Cebu City, Central Visayas
  • Holiday Plaza Hotel: +63 32 254 98 80 - F. Ramos St., Cebu City, Cebu
  • Montebello Villa Hotel: +63 32 231 3681 - Banilad, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines
  • Marco Polo Plaza Hotel‎: +63 032 253 1111 - Lahug, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines‎
  • Golden Peak Hotel: +63 32 233 8111 - Mandaue, Central Visayas, Philippines‎
  • Diplomat Hotel: +63 032 253 0099 - F. Ramos Street, Santa Cruz, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines‎‎
  • Cebu Northwinds Hotel: +63 032 233 0311‎ - Salinas Drive, Lahug, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines‎
  • Ns Royal Pensionne‎: Juana Osmena Street Camputhaw , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 254 5358‎
  • Shamrock Pension House‎: Fuente Osmena Boulevard , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 255 2999‎
  • Ford's Inn‎: A.S.Fortuna St., Banilad, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines‎ - 032 344 7980‎
  • Golden Valley Pension Inn Inc‎: 155 A. Pelaez , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 253 8660‎
  • Jasmin Pension House‎: Gil Garcia Street Corner Maria Cristina Street , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 255 4559‎
  • Maanyag Pension House‎: 255-A Archbishop Reyes Avenue Lahug , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 232 8523‎
  • Villa Inez Pension House‎: A Abellana Guadalupe , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 255 4079‎
  • Verbena Pension House‎: 584-A Don Gil Garcia Capitol Site , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 253 0203‎
  • Cebu Regal Pension House‎: 9-A Junquera Extension , Cebu City, Philippines‎ - 032 255 6759‎
  • Cebuview Tourist Inn‎: Balintawak, Santo Niño, Cebu City, Central Visayas, Philippines‎ - 032 254 8333‎

Festivals, Fiestas and Traditions of Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

In the Philippines a fiesta is usually celebrated in barrios or barangays. It is the official holiday of the LGU, the barangay. Filipinos love fiestas. It is a time for joy and celebration. A fiesta is of Spanish origin and is usually commemorated in association with a christian patron saint. Most barangays whose population have been clustered by Muslims(Moros) and their population is more than that of the Christians, the celebration of the fiesta have been cancelled and replaced with the Hari Raya or Eid al-Fitr.

The cities or municipalities usually have yearly festivals where all the barangays participate. The cities or municipalities hold contests for the best floats in parades.

Your Story about Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

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You can talk about your personal experiences, your advocacies, the environmental conditions of your barangay, municipality, city or province.

The oldest man or woman in Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines

Do you know who the oldest man or woman is in your community of Cebu City? is starting this inquiry in order to honor the older generation of the Philippines. Please provide the full name and date of birth of the elder living in Cebu City. We will then post your entry in the Oldest Man or Woman in the Philippines page.

Featured News of The Philippines

Updated: June 4, 2023

Batangas guv: Crucial projects priority amid limited funds.
BATANGAS CITY – Projects that are in need of more funding must be included in the annual investment plan (AIP) or risk not getting their needed allocation, Batangas Governor Hermilando Mandanas warned provincial officials. In an interview with the Philippine News Agency on Sunday, Mandanas said he called for a council meeting on Friday to tackle comprehensively supplemental budget requests to ensure that limited funds get allocated for crucial projects. “The proposed projects must be included in the AIP. This is very important because once approved, it will be the basis of budget allocation,” he said.


Taal displays increased degassing activity, says Phivolcs
TALISAY, BATANGAS – The Philippine Institute of Volcanology and Seismology (Phivolcs) has monitored an increased degassing activity from Taal volcano since Saturday night in the form of visible upwelling of volcanic fluids. In an advisory on Sunday, Phivolcs said the “fluids in the main crater lake produced voluminous steam-rich plumes that rose to 3,000 meters above Taal Volcano Island (TVI).” As a result, volcanic smog or “vog” was visibly seen over the caldera of Taal, which was reported by the residents of the municipalities encircling the lake, including Balete, Laurel, and Agoncillo. Acid rain is also expected over areas where the plume disperses, which is also expected to damage crops and affect metal roofs of houses and buildings.


Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines supports Philippine Cycling

Philippine Cycling is about cycling in the Philippnes. Philippine Cycling helps promote bike races, cycling clubs, bicycle tours, and the development of bicycle trails. Activities are coordinated with bike shops and cycling clubs throughout the Philippines to promote the fun of riding bikes. Philippine Cycling will be coordinating events with tour of Luzon, Visayas and Mindanao. Road biking and mountain bikings will be promoted by Philippine Cycling.
Cycling Activity to Participate In

Your cycling activity can be posted here and it will be shown in all the Provincial, City, Municipal and Barangay pages. Your 2015 Cycling Race or Activity can be Posted here.

  • ILOILO CITY, April 27-May 2, 2015 (PNA) – Some 5,000 bikers are expected to join the second Iloilo Bike Festival slated April 27-May 2, 2015 as the city continues to aspire to become a bike-able walkable metropolis. The activity that supported by the John B. Lacson Foundation Maritime University (JBLFMU) and Megaworld Iloilo aims to promote Iloilo as a safe and bike friendly city, promote the share-a-road movement encourage Ilonggos to commute via biking and raise Ilonggos awareness on the benefits of biking on health, safety and environment concerns. Read More....
  • CYCLING Le Tour de Filipinas 2015 set as country celebrates 60 years of top-caliber cycling Feb 1 to Feb 4 2015 - View the result of the race: A four stage race. Stage 1 starts in Balanga and back to Balanga for a 126K race Feb 1, 2015 (Sunday); stage 2 starts in Balanga, Bataan to Iba, Zambales for a 154.7 K race Feb 2, 2015 (Monday); stage 3 starts in Iba, Zambales to Lingayen, Pangasinan for a 150.1K race Feb 3, 2015 (Tuesday); stage 4 starts in Lingayen, Pangasinan to Baguio City, Benguet for a 101.7K race Feb 4, 2015 (Wednesday). For a total distance of 532.5 Kms. Read More >>>
  • Ronda Pilipinas: Feb 8 - 27 2015:>> Discovering young riders for the national team will be the main objective of the LBC Ronda Pilipinas 2015 when the country’s premiere cycling race hits the road on Feb. 8 in Butuan City. Ronda Pilipinas executive project director Moe Chulani said the international multistage bikathon, which ends on Feb. 27, will have two qualifying legs of four stages each in Mindanao and the Visayas where the top riders will advance to face a tough foreign challenge in the six-stage Luzon finale. Read More>>>

Cebu City, Cebu, Philippines Photo Gallery

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