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Chapter #0007
Alpha Phi Omega
University of the Philippines
E Virata Hall, E Jacinto Street
Diliman, Quezon City, Philippines‎ - 02 928 7078‎

APO Fraternity Recognition date: 10-Feb-53, APO Sorority Recognition date:

History of Eta

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Activities of Eta

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Current (2009) Officers of Eta Chapter

List the names of the currently elected officers. Grand Chancellor - Fritz Sapon
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Chairman on Campus Activities _ ?

APO Eta members

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ID NumberFirstName LastNameCommentBatch Yr
# numberMagleo V. AdrianoNational President DY 2007-200111969
# numberJejomar "Jojo" Cabauatan BinayVice President of the Philippines 2010-20161960
# numberRobert 'Bob' CastroComment1969
# numberSari Raissa Dalena-SicatFilm Director, Awardee 20001990
# numberRonald H. Exmundo1979
# numberLuis Claudio GarciaComment1976
# numberJohn Philip J. LesacaFamous Violinist, Awardee 1991, 1996, 2000 1972
# numberFelix Marinas1973
# numberJuan Pablo A. Paredes1973
# numberLuis A. Paredes1975
40353Fritz SaponCommentYEAR
# numberNestor O. VinluanPainter, Awardee 19741968
# numberEdwin C. WilwaycoPainter, Awardee 1994 1969

APO Eta Random comments

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Picture album of Eta

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270 Ermin Garcia, Brgy Silangan, Cubao, QC
Tel.# 011-63-2-439-7603