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Rodofo Rudy Bayot.jpg

Rodolfo Rudy Bayot is 4th generation Ramon Gaganting Cruz family member.

Rodolfo Manuel "Rudy" Bayot

  • Father = Gregorio Goyo Bayot
  • Mother = Herarda Manuel
  • Born = May 29, 1943 -- Died: May 20, 2020 early morning.
  • Spouse = ??
  • Children:
    • 1. Douglas Bayot

About Rudy Bayot

Rodolfo Bayot became a school teacher and later a community leader and an elected official, Barangay Captain, of the barangay Tumaga in zamboanga city, philippines from 1998 to 2007.

Rodolfo Bayot was born in May 29, 1943. His father was Gregorio "Goyo" Bayot. He lived in Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines. He became a school teacher and later a community leader and an elected official, Barangay Captain, of the barangay Tumaga in zamboanga city, philippines from 1998 to 2007. In 2007 he ran for Vice-Mayor of the City of Zamboanga. He lost the election to Mr. Mannix Dalipe. Rudy Bayot did not give up on politics, so he decided to serve the public of Tumaga as Kagawad. Since he can't run for Barangay captain anymore, because he already served 3 terms, he instead ran for the Barangay Kagawad office. He won with the highest number of votes.

Not giving up in his ambition to be one of the city's political elected officers he ran for city council in 2010. This time he won. Rudy Bayot was elected as city councilor of Zamboanga City, Philippines for the term of 2010 - 2013. The first ever city councilor from Tumaga.

News Article about Rudy Bayot

One inspiring and delightful spectacle that grabs the commuters and pedestrians’ attention as they traverse either on foot, in public conveyances, or in their private vehicles, a sizable stretch of the Governor Camins Road in front of the Centro Pastoral Complex, is the floral attraction created by Hon. Council Rudy Bayot of District l, this City which could turn out again as the biggest talk of the town, crowd-drawer, and head turner since the “dead bodies dropping” shocker in front of City Hall many years ago virtually catapulting him to the shortlist of Newsmakers, a distinction that very few Filipinos have achieved. Others may call it pure political gimmickry, but this is irrefutably another spectacular achievement unprecedented and worthy of public admiration and commendation. The “folk hero” and popularly known as Tumaga’s

“Undertaker” did it again!

What makes this floral attraction highly remarkable is the fact that he accomplished it without substantial financial support sourced out of public funds. Perhaps the only expense incurred was for the gasoline used in hauling the seedlings or cuttings used in this floral project which should have been fully supported by the Local Government of this City as it provides the inhabitants a caressing feeling of delight, beauty, wonder, calmness, closeness, and harmony with nature. To me, this is really an outstanding achievement because it was done not during the prescribed 8-hour official time requirement for his monthly compensation and allowances, but before and after office hours, reportedly mostly before sunrise. This is clearly a concrete proof that a legislator can do many other things aside from crafting ordinances and resolutions if he has the initiative, resourcefulness, willingness, and genuine commitment to serve and sacrifice for the general welfare and progress of Zamboanga City without expecting additional psychological or material rewards.

The Honorable Councilor from Tumaga has also completely rendered null and void the argument that flowers do not grow very well in Zamboanga City. Such false argument was the primary justification why the Sangguniang Panlungsod unanimously passed Resolution No. 760 changing the legendary and historical moniker, “City of Flowers” to the grossly irrelevant and inappropriate “ Asia’s Latin City.” Moreover, he has demonstrated actually, that a short lane of flowers planted at no expense on the part of the taxpayers, can be a more lovely and relaxing stimulus to the eyes of the inhabitants than a very sophisticated dancing fountain costing millions and millions of public funds. It can even become a more unforgettable tourist attraction.

Do you think that with the magical green thumb of Councilor Rudy Bayot, Zamboanga City would regain its lost fame and glory as the undisputed original “City of Flowers” in the Philippines without necessarily importing exotic specimens from far away land?

This is definitely something worth anticipating! After all the entire undertaking will not cost anything to the taxpayers for it will be done pro bono by our modern-day

“Folk Hero”.

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