Why invest in Zamboanga City?

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Why invest in Zamboanga City, Philippines?

Opening up a business in Zamboanga City makes sense.

  • Zamboanga is a university city. There are 3 universities (soon to be 4 universities) and 6 colleges. There are 98 barangays in Zamboanga City with a population of over one million people and they all shop downtown for their needs.
  • Zamboanga City is one of the top 10 taxpayer to almighty Malacañang. Zamboanga City is a revenue generator. One of the fastest growing cities with the #1 GDP growth area in the country - an unbelievable 7.2% in 2005! Wow!
  • Zamboanga City is the biggest fresh fish producer and of canned sardines - it is the Sardines Capital of The Philippines! One of the largest coconut oil producer in the Philippines is located here in the city. Zamboanga City has an international airport and one of the biggest sea ports in the Philippines. We have a Free Port Economic Zone.
  • If you are debating about starting or moving your business to Zamboanga City and your are concerned about security; Zamboanga City is one of the most secured cities in the Philippines. Zamboanga City has the Air Force, Army, Marines, the Southern Command of the Philippines or South-Com, and the Police.

Banks in Zamboanga City

  • Most of these Banks have branch offices within the city.

1st Valley BankAllied BankAsia United Bank • Bank China Bank • Banco Filipino • Bank of Commerce • Bank of the Philippine Island • DBP • May Bank • Metro Bank • BDO (Banco de Oro) • Islamic Bank • Philippine National BankSecurity BankPS Bank • RCBC • UCPB • ZC Rural Bank

Zamboanga City Hotels

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