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Sept. 13, 2014 - Marilou, once your USER ID is approved, this page will change with your name at the top Editing User talk: xxx User ID (section). Just click on... (edit) February 5, 2015 - CONGRATULATIONS TO THE BARANGAY CHAIRMAN OF BAGUINGIN-LANOT IN ALIMODIAN, ILOILO. I plan to visit your barangay so we can document events to be updated in this webpage and to serve as a model for all other barangays to do the same - to provide the missing information about their barangays. Indeed, you have bridged the missing link and I commend you for updating the information in your webpage. Let me know when possible we can meet. Good luck always and more power! Elsa Bayani Mobile: 0918-321-5508.

"WEED LAW" for Barangays

From the internet - EXAMPLE OF AN ORDINANCE FOR CITIES AND MUNICIPALITIES TO LEGISLATE AND ENFORCE - purpose to protect the environment such as proliferation of diseases (dengue fever, etc), allergies, worm or insect infestations of humans, animals, agricultural palnts and trees, generate jobs for enforcers, and generate income for the city or municipality. Here is a sample ORDINANCE: AN ORDINANCE REQUIRING PREMISES TO BE KEPT FREE FROM WEEDS, RANK GRASS, GARABAGE, RUBBISH AND OTHER UNSIGHTLY AND UNSANITARY ARTICLES; REQUIRING PROPERTY OWNERS TO ELIMINATE, FILL UP OR REMOVE STAGNANT POOLS OF WATER OR ANY OTHER UNSANITARY THING, PLACE OR CONDITION WHICH MIGHT BECOME A BREEDING PLACE FOR MOSQUITOES, FLIES AND GERMS HARMFUL TO THE HEALTH OF THE COMMUNITY; PRESCRIBING A PROCEDURE TO BE FOLLOWED IN SUCH CASES. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY (OR TOWN) COUNCIL OF THE CITY (OR TOWN) OF ___________________, ARKANSAS: SECTION 1. All property owners within the City (or town) of ______________, Arkansas, are hereby required to cut weeds, grass, remove garbage, rubbish and other unsanitary and unsightly articles and things from their property, and to eliminate, fill up or remove stagnant pools of water or any other unsanitary things, place or condition which might become a breeding place for mosquitoes, flies and germs harmful to the health of the community. Weeds or grass allowed to grow over __________ inches high shall be deemed a violation of this section. SECTION 2. If the owner or owners of any lot or other real property within the City (or town) of ______________________________, after the giving of seven (7) days’ notice in writing by (official authorized to do so), shall refuse or neglect to perform the duties in connection with his or their property as specified in section 1 hereof, the (City Marshal or Chief of Police) is hereby authorized to enter upon the property and have said weeds, rank grass or other vegetation cut and removed, or eliminate any unsanitary and unsightly condition, and the cost thereof shall be charged against said premises and shall constitute a lien thereon. SECTION 3. In case the owner of any lot or other real property is unknown or his whereabouts is not known or is a non- resident of this State, then a copy of the written notice hereinabove referred to shall be posted upon the premises and before any action to enforce such lien shall be had, the (City Clerk or Recorder) shall make an affidavit setting out the facts as to unknown address or whereabouts of non-residents, and thereupon service of publication as now provided for by law against non-resident defendants may be had and an attorney ad litem shall be appointed to notify the defendant by registered letter addressed to his last known place of residence if same can be found. SECTION 4. Enforcement of this ordinance shall be as provided in Ark. Code Ann. §§ 14-54-903 and 14-54-904. SECTION 5. All ordinances or parts of ordinances in conflict herewith are hereby repealed. ....................... end of sample ordinance ................................... NOTE; DELETE WORDS THAT DO NOT APPLY. The ordinance can even be passed by the BARANGAY COUNCILS BECAUSE THE LAW ON BARANGAYS in the Philippines allow the council to pass to protect the residents, environment and the community in general. The fees for penalty collected will go to the barangay unit. Feel free to research on this law. It can be initiated BARANGAY BY BARANGAY as the first level of legislative power. Remember the Barangay LGU is the most powerful having the Barangay Captain imbued with EXECUTIVE. LEGISLATIVE AND JUDICIAL POWER!!! This is why I am for the activation of Barangay webpages para maintindihan ng citizens ang POWER OF BARANGAYS where they live and understand their responsibilities as citizens - mas powerful pa ang barangay citizens kung alam lang nila!!!


Start Date - September 9, 2014

Thank you Frank H. Maletsky, the webpage guru for The Portal to the Philippines for the article on the main page, "HOW TO PUBLISH A BOOK"! I have started writing my autobiography years ago, piece by piece, event by event, regardless of the years not yet in chronological order, but they will soon be put together in place. I am requesting you to allow me pages and pages in the main page of The Portal to the Philippines where I will blog the pieces of my life in words. The title of my autobio shall be, unless otherwise I decide to change it, POWERING MY DREAMS! At the outset, the book will bring to life all my dreams and how I powered to achieve them - in short, I'd say in a few words - DREAMS FLY, THEY COME AND GO, BIG AND SMALL, DIED AND LIVED AS THE POWER CONTINUES! Many people will be in it - my family and friends, places and events, emotions, adversities, tragedies, victories and triumphs, and most of all the powers and the energies that sustained my dreams! This article starts today at this link: Portal to the Philippines.