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Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines

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Churches, Mosques, or Places of Worship in Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines
[[Category:Barangays of the Philippines]]
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<table width{| class=650 align"wikitable" style=center>"margin: 1em auto 1em auto; border: 0px;"<tr>|-<td align|style=left>"border: 0px solid blue;"|<table {| border=7><tr>|-<td align|style=center>"border: 1px solid red;"|[[:category:Angeles City, Philippines Photo Gallery|<font size="3">'''''Angeles City Photo Gallery'''''</font>]]</td></tr>|}</table>|style="border: 0px solid blue;"|</td><td align center><table {| border=7><tr>|-<td align|style=center>"border: 1px solid red;"|[[:Category:Angeles City Realty|<font size="3" color=green>'''''Angeles City Realty'''''</font>]]</td></tr>|}</table></td><td align|style=right>"border: 0px solid blue;"|<table {| border=7><tr>|-<td align|style=center>"border: 1px solid red;"|[[Philippines NewsMain_Page#News_Around_the_Philippines|'''''<font size="3" color= orangepurple>Philippine NewsHeadlines '''''</font>]]</td></tr>|}</table></td></tr></table>|}
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<table {| width=300|-| align="center" |{{zad01}}|-| align="300center">|{{iframe01}}|-<tr><td | align="center">|[[file:nophoto.gif|150px|link=]]<br>Barangay Seal</td></tr><tr><td |-| align="center" style="BACKGROUND: #E5E5E5; ">|[[File:Angeles City Mapcity map locator.png|300px|<font size=3 colorlink=green>Interactive Google Satellite Map of Angeles City, Pampanga</font>Map]]</td></trbr>Angeles City Map Locator|-<tr><td | align="center">|[[ImageFile:Angeles city Pampanga philippines map locator.png|300px|link=Angeles City Pampanga Philippines Map]]<br>Angeles City Map Locator</td></tr>Pampanga Province within the Philippines|-<tr><td | align="center">|[[file:nophoto.gif|175px150px|link=]]<br>Barangay Hall</td></tr><tr><td |-| align="center">|{{zad02}}</td></tr><tr><td align="center">{{iframe01|}}</td></tr><tr><td align="center"></td></tr></table></div> 
<font size=5>Pulungbulo,<br>[[Angeles_City%2C_Philippines|Angeles City]], [[Philippines|<font color=orange>'''Philippines'''</font>]]</font><br>
==Elected Government Officials of Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines==
<table width="500" border="0" align="default">:'''Elected Officials for the term of 2013 - 2016'''*Election Result for this barangay from the COMELEC is not available as of 28 October 2014.You may email to inquire.----<caption>:'''Elected officials of Pulungbulo Officers for the term of 2007 2010- 2010</caption><tr><td valign=top align=left>2013'''* Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Barangay Chairman (captain): ?, [[Bernardo D Santos]]*Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad:1, [[Lorna N Zabala]]*# ?Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad 2, [[Arturo D Tanhueco]]*# ?Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad 3, [[Ernesto S Bansil]]*# ?</td><td valign=top align=left>Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad 4, [[Euardo Q Torres]]*SK Chairman: ?Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad 5, [[Rolando R Nuqui]]*SK Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad:6, [[Alexander G Cacap]]*#?Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, Kagawad 7, [[Aurora D Romeo]]*#?*#?</td></tr>Pampanga, Angeles City, Pulungbulu, SK Chairman, [[Kamille D Bansil]]</table>
==Businesses in Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines==
*We invite you to list your business located in Pulungbulo, Angeles City.*Give your business a good description. Add your address and contact number if available.**Resorts, restaurants, pension houses, or hotels are welcome to be listed here.**Bakery, Mechanical Shop, Bicycle Shop, Tailor shops can be listed here.**If you have a pharmacy or gas station, it can be listed here too.**Hardware stores, Agrivets, salon, spas, etc. are welcome to be listed.*We do not allow external links except for our sponsor and If you have an external site for your business you may not link to it in Z-Wiki but you can point to it. e.g. list it like this: - this tells the people of your website but it does not link to it.*Businesses in Pulungbulo*#The name of your business, address, phone number{{BUSINESS brgy}}
==Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines supports [[Philippine Cycling]]==
[[{{zadbike}} {{Philippine Cycling]] is about cycling in the Philippnes. Philippine Cycling helps promote bike races, bicycle tours, and the development of bicycle trails. Activities are coordinated with bike shops throughout the Philippines to promote the fun of riding bikes.}}
==Real Estate for Sale in Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines==
==Churches, Mosques, or Places of Worship in Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines ==
The name of your {{church, mosque, or place of worship can be listed here.}}We can even provide you with a free webpage. We can help you.
==Schools in Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Philippines==
The schools in Pulungbulo
Z-Wiki is starting this inquiry in order to honor the older generation of the Philippines.
Please provide the full name and date of birth of the elder living in Pulungbulo.
==[[:Category:Pulungbulo, Angeles City Photo Gallery|Pulungbulo, Angeles City Photo Gallery]]==
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File:Caltex Gas Station Brgy. Pulungbulu, Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|Caltex Gas Station Brgy. Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Pampanga
File:DEPED Region III Brgy. Pulungbulu, Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|DEPED Region III Brgy. Pulungbulo, Angeles City, Pampanga
File:Pulungbulu Elementary School, Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|Pulungbulo Elementary School, Angeles City, Pampanga
File:Super8 Grocery Warehouse Brgy. Pulungbulu ,Angeles City, Pampanga.jpg|Super8 Grocery Warehouse Brgy. Pulungbulo ,Angeles City, Pampanga

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