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OBL La Casa Subdivision

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OBL La Casa Facebook Page

OBL La Casa-Subdivision

OBL LA Casa-Subdivision Company Profile

    • Business Name
    • Owners & Proprietors  :
    • President & Manager  : Mrs. Lilibeth G. Lim
    • Chief Operations Officer: Mr. Oliver J. Lim
    • Nature of Business


OBL is a construction outfit conceived in 2009 by couple Oliver J. Lim and Lillibeth G. Lim both engaged in various family and corporate business. Oliver Lim is a licensed architect and Lillibeth G. Lim an enterprising business partner. The couple’s business ventures ranges from known food/caterings, pharmacy, hardware and internet education & Services.

Business flourish as OBL LA CASA-SUBDIVISION forged a working agreement with the noted Brent Hospital & Colleges, Inc. (BHCI) by providing the above-mentioned computer business venture and the million-worth infrastructure and building in the said institution.

OBL LA CASA-SUBDIVISION continuously providing the most needed housing and subdivision development to the low-cost and high-end sectors and maximizing her resources through networking with government, private and commercial banks and institutions in and out of the city. OBL is on the road to a more long-term program of development.

  1. VISION:
    • To respond to Zamboanga City’s and adjacent communities’ need of providing the urgent housing units and subdivision development through networking with government housing agencies, government and private banks, businessmen, land owners, and other business groups.
    • Full-scale development of subdivision and housing units in Zamboanga City and the adjacent communities.
    • Construct housing units from low-cost to high end consumers coursing through the government agency, the PAG-IBIG as provided by law.
    • Provide a programmed amortization payment to prospective customers and employers (i.e. institutions, agencies, corporations and others.)
    • At present more or less SIXTY FOUR (64) numbers of housing units in subdivisions are already developed and constructed in various places; and a hundred (100) more awaiting construction in identified strategic areas in Zamboanga City and peripheries.
    • Our long-term project development foresees a big percentage of accomplishment based on the pressing housing needs in Zamboanga City.
    • OBL LA CASA-SUBDIVISION as a single proprietorship basically eliminates the beaurucratic procedures as decisions rest on the two main owners and officers of the institution namely; the President and Chief Operating Officer. Their knowledge and skills complement each other for fast delivery of services of the housing units and its related components. This is evident on their family-managed businesses that continue to provide profits and revenues to augment their capital fund in a more expanded construction and development.
    • OJ HARDWARE as one amongst the family businesses has mustered service for the past many years and at present serving as the home base of all construction materials, basically wholesaling and retailing work. The bulk of responsibility rests in the field of construction and development of housing units. In this set-up a team of technical experts are pooled together to assure the

A-1 performance of construction to the finish.

To ensure fast delivery and construction the store serves as the hub in terms of customer services. In this manner, the delays in the construction are minimized, if not eliminated. This basic company operation leads to its sustainability in the past years up to now.

OBL La Casa Subdivision New Projects

  • Soon to open in 2014: OBL La Casa Subdivion is introducing the New Memorial Park

OBL La Casa Subdivision Picture Gallery

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