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Lambda Nu
Chapter #
Alpha Phi Omega
University of the Philippines - Mindanao
Bago Oshiro , Davao City, Philippines
APO Fraternity Recognition date: petitioning, APO Sorority Recognition date: 23-May-03

History of Lambda Nu APO Chapter

The Alpha Phi Omega International Service Fraternity and Sorority was established in the University of the Philippines, Mindanao on September 14, 1999 when a group of 17 young men and women attended the first Pledge Ritual Ceremony. These determined Iskolar ng Bayan made it to the Service stage on November 27, 1999 through the initiative and leadership of Karl Arthur Pioquinto of Beta Phi Chapter as Grand Chancellor, Severosa Cabatingan of Epsilon Upsilon Chapter as the Lady Prime Chancellor, Christopher Paran of Beta Phi Chapter as the Auxiliary Prime Chancellor, and Vivencio Rodriguez Jr. of Epsilon Upsilon Chapter. From the group of 17 survivors, 5 of them were ritualized on March 2, 2000. The second group was ritualized on September 24 of that same year. Since then, ΑΦΩ in the University of the Philippines in Mindanao has rapidly, healthily, and generously grown as an organization. It was recognized by the University on July 16, 2001 because of its unending support and numerous services to the student body and faculty, and to the University itself. On August 13, 2001, the organization was granted autonomy, conducting chapter-based training, by the Regional Training Committee of Region XI. May 23, 2003 was another landmark date for the growing organization when the ΑΦΩ Sorority of UP Mindanao was recognized and given the name Lambda Nu Chapter during the 22nd Biennial Convention held in Bacolod.

Current Officers of Lambda Nu APO Chapter

SY: 2012-2013

Grand Chancellor: Rodel Roño
Prime Chancellor: Frece Angelo Rosalia

Grand Lady Chancellor: Katia Charmaine Ponce
Prime Lady Chancellor: Gerlyn Therese Lizada
Auxiliary Prime Lady Chancellor: Kara Marcella Barro

Richmond Anthony Riain Alfonso

If you want to contact anybody from Lambda Nu Chapter or is interested in pledging for APO Lambda Nu, please contact the gatekeeper at