Jejomar Erwin Binay, Jr.

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About Jejomar "Junjun" Erwin S. Binay, Jr.

Jejomar "Junjun" Binay, Jr. is a Filipino politician currently serving as the mayor of Makati City. He is also the only son of his predecessor and now Philippine Vice President Jejomar Binay.

Binay on July 12, 1977 as the third of the five children of Jejomar Binay and Elenita Sombillo. He is the younger brother of Abby Binay, a member of the Philippine House of Representatives from the 2nd district of Makati City.

He was married to Kennely Ann Lacia (1980-2009) from 2005 until her death on August 12, 2009 due to a difficult pregnancy to his fourth child who never lived. They have three children, namely: Jejomarie Alexi, Maria Isabel, and Jejomar III.

Personal details

Born: July 12, 1977
Place of Birth: Makati City, Philippines
Nationality: Filipino
Father: Jejomar C. Binay
Mother: Elenita S. Binay
Ma. Lourdes Nancy S. Binay
Mar-Len Abigail S. Binay
Marita Angeline S. Binay
Joanna Marie Blanca S. Binay
Kennely Ann Lacia (2005-2009, her death)
Jejomarie Alexi Binay
Maria Isabel Binay
Jejomar Binay III
Residence: Makati City
Religion:Roman Catholic
Political party: PDP-Laban

Political Life

  • Sangguniang Kabataan Chairman of Barangay San Antonio, Makati City
    • Term of office: June 30, 1992 to June 30, 2001
  • Member of the Makati City Council from the 1st district
    • Term of office: June 30, 2001 to June 30, 2010
  • Mayor of Makati City
    • Term of office: June 30, 2010 to 2013, 2013-2016
Preceded by Jejomar Binay, Sr.

Schools Jejomar Erwin Binay, Jr. attended

  • Elementary: ??
  • High School: ??
  • College:
    • University of the Philippines
Bachelor of Arts in Philippines Studies (1996 - 2001)
Major in Creative Writing and Public Administration
Honors/Awards Received: Cum Laude
  • Graduate Studies:
    • University of the Philippines
Master in Public Administration (2002 - Present)

Organizations or Companies Jejomar Erwin Binay, Jr. Affiliated with

  • Philippine Canine Search and Rescue Association Inc. - President
  • Makati Rescue - Chairman
  • Makati Local Council for the Protection of Children - Vice-Chairman
  • People's Law Enforcement Board (PLEB) - Member
  • Kasanib Foundation, INC. - Board of Directors
  • Makati Parking Authority (MAPA) - Board of Trustees
  • Makati Fire Safety Foundation, INC. (MAFSAFI) - Board of Trustees
  • Youth and Development Department - Officer in Charge
  • Rotary Club of Makati - Poblacion - Charter President

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