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Josefina "Nena" Fabian Iglesias is a residence of Baliwasan, Zamboanga City. In the year 60's they have changed residence here in Tumaga,and they bought the House of the late Mauro and Paquita Gagaracruz,. +Josefina "Nena" Tan Fabian married to +Jose Iglesias who is from Pangasinan,and they are blessed with ^ children: Luisita (TITA), RUDY, CORAZON (CORA), JOSE JR. (JUN), ERNESTO (ERNIE) and TERESITA (TESSIE). Luisita Iglesias is a nun with the order of the Oblates of Notre Dame, Rudy who married to Angie and blessed with 4 children: Russel, Rizza, Redlyn and Ruby,. Corazon mrried to Steinar of Norway and blessed with 1 child: Steven,. JOse married to Pidelaida from Cabaluay and blessed with 3 children: Jay, Paolo and Patrick,. Ernesto married to Luvizminda from Baliwasan and blessed with 3 children: Mervin(Vin), Claire(Wella) and Emie(Em) and Teresita who is single... The sisters working Abroad while the 3 brothers are businessmen here in Zamboanga.., Rudy has a sotre at Tetuan known as LUCKY 7.,and Jun and Ernie are dealing with rice business.. We are so blessed that we have a good family bonding and are family are religious... +Jose SR is the 1st former president of the Pangasinan Association of Zamboanga,.and they are the once who brought the image of OUR LADY OF THE ROSARY OF MANAOAG to Zamboanga.... That's all we can say about our family,. IGLESIAS FAMILY...