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FHM Garden Facebook Page

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Crispy Boneless Lechon
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Hot plate of Sisig
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Pork on Skewers Ready for the BBQ Grill
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Yummy Fried chicken

FHM Garden

Located: 792 Tumaga Por Centro, Tumaga, Zamboanga City, Philippines. Located within a 5,000 square meter (1/2 hectare) enclosure of 8 feet tall cement walls.

  • Phone Numbers:
    • Cellphone: 011-63-916-389-0296 or 915-158-4743
    • Land line: 062-993 5446

Hours: gates open 10am and closes at 12am(midnight) but you can stay till 2am to finish your drinks and food.

Within the great FHM Garden Restaurant you can find the following amenities:

  • 10 Kiosks that can accommodate 15 people comfortably. Use of these Kiosks is FREE.
  • 4 covered areas that can accommodate 40 people comfortably. No cover charge.
  • 1 covered area that can accommodate 200 people comfortably. Great for Reunions. No venue charge.
  • The entire garden can be reserved for you if that is what you desire.
  • There are several fruit trees, several exotic plants and flowers. A true garden.

The restaurant has the following services:

  1. Catering
  2. Seafood section and BBQ
  3. Boneless lechon and Kambingan
  4. Coffee house and Ice Cream section
  5. Buffet (all you can eat), every Friday and Saturday.
  • FHM Garden has 2,000 square foot videoke house. Four VIP rooms with one common area. All with air/condition.
  • FHM Garden has another common Videoke room 28'x32'. You can reserve this for any occasions. The place is free to use. You only pay for your drinks and the food that you buy from within.

You can even reserve the 22x70 or 22x30 halls for free. Use for any occasion.

Catering or Main Gathering area

This area can be reserved for reunions

This area can be reserved by simply calling jerwin's Phone# 0-917-650-0078. 200 people can be accommodated comfortably.

Videoke rooms

Videoke rooms can be reserved.

There are 4 VIP rooms (private rooms) for a small group of people. There are 2 Common VIP areas. Each can accommodate 30 people.

Private Kiosks or Payaks

Payaks or Kiosks for small parties.

A small group can use this area. Privacy for your group.

There are 6 private "payaks" or kiosks. There is no cover charge to use these payaks. Parties of 15 to 30 can be accommodated in these small fresh buildings. Surrounded by flowers, plants and trees.

You have the privacy. No other customers close by to bother you or eavesdrop on your conversations.

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