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2011-04-16 APO SOZA ALAS Meeting
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2013-03-14 Kapatagan Project B.O.,S.S. APOs with Dr. Jamaica Dimaporo

Alpha Phi Omega: Also known as APO, ΑΦΩ, A-Phi-O Alpha Phi Omega is an international service fraternity and sorority, composed of college students gathered together in an organization based on fraternalism and founded on the principles of Leadership, Friendship and Service. Its aim is to further the freedom that is our national, educational and intellectual heritage. For over fifty years, we have set the standard for college campus-based volunteerism in the Philippines. Alpha Phi Omega or APO Philippines strives to help each member develop leadership skills, secure lasting friendships and provide service to others.


In July 05, 2009 brod Gabriel A. T. Yenko fondly called Bel of Sigma chapter, batch ’64. After having been appointed as the Provincial Coordinator for Zamboanga del Sur of BRODSS, called for an assembly of willing brothers & sisters to support & campaign for the now brod VP JCB. It was also this date that brod Abdul Pharuk was seriously wounded by gunshots at his back.

Brod Bel with sis Babes Rota & some other brods went to the hospital where he was brought. The very pathetic state of brod Abdul moved brod Bel and he promised that he will be spearheading a fund raising to at least defray some of his medical expenses. So brod Bel spoke to the wife and asked for their bank account. It was at this instance that brod Bel felt that there was a lack of strong leadership & bonding among the APOs in this area for none lifted a finger to come to the succor of brod Abdul. Not even the letter that he drafted for the AA president to sign & be given to the governor & the congressman seeking some financial assistance was given. The said congressman at that time was even an honorary member.

The fund raising that brod Bel did was supported by APOs abroad and some local, but outside ZDS. During the various BRODSS meetings, brod Bel discovered that there were a lot of APOs in the area who were inactive & some doesn’t have an ID since they became an APO. Yet these brethren were high in spirits to support the cause of BRODSS. Prior to all these BRODSS activities brod Bel has made some communications with our brethren abroad for some Balikbayan Boxes donations to be distributed to the indigent when he was still plying Manila/Mindanao frequently. He decided to have those BBs be delivered here in Pagadian, so the AA here would have some projects. Some twist of fate or events has turned this benevolent undertaking into intrigues.

There were some more BBs from different parts of the world donated by different AAs arrived & the distribution timed during the barangay saturation drive for brod JCB’s candidacy. Thus more intrigues surfaced; there was even a move by an officer of the AA to undermine the efforts of brod Bel by emailing the brod who was sending the BBs, to have it sent to them instead. This series of events made some members of the BRODSS to ask Bel to run for the presidency of the AA. The then president, whose term was about to expire called for a meeting to have an election some of the officers also called for a meeting coinciding with the date & time of the president’s call for a meeting. The supposed pillar of the AA here was summoned from the other venue to shed light why they called for another meeting. It was then that this said pillar commented that brod Bel should first affiliate with the local collegiate chapter before he could seek an elective position. No election happened, there was clear division of the group.

The election was then supposed to be done during the Dec 16, 2009 celebration, but the said celebration turned sour even after the mediation of the congressman honorary member. Brod Bel & the president of the AA had a meeting and the president admitted that there was no more chance that the group would be united & be cohesive, and because brod Bel has a vision of a better organization responsive and active in the community the president advised him to just make another group with those who have worked for the BRODSS. The group continued with their community projects distributing the used clothing, shoes, toys etc. to the different barangays, even after brod JCB has assumed his post. They even had some feeding program.

Brod Bel has several APOs signed up for the association that he chose the name APO-SOZA-ALAS, The project TOTO VARONA WHO CARES, though single handedly done by brod Bel he graciously had it as a project of the association. In a chance meeting with brod Rewel Galo Sr. in the office of sis Babes Rota by brod Bel, an understanding was made that the then Salug Valley AA, which never got registered, be made as one with APO-SOZA-ALAS.

It was then the money generated mostly from APOs abroad for the said project was turned over to brod Rewel, who volunteered to manage the construction of the carenderia project. While the construction was going on, there were meetings & fellowship of the group, thus last Dec 16, 2010 the officers were elected and inducted having Brod Bel as the president & Brod Rewel as the executive vice president, with the following as the other officers. Brod Alberto H. Baul as Vice President for Fraternity Affairs, Sis FePdelina B. Orbeta as the VicePresident for Sorority Affairs, Sis Gaudiosa C. Rota as Secretary, Sis Earla C. Sy as the Treasurer, Brod CharitoAlbe as the Auditor, Brod Silverio M Mascual as the Public Information Officer, Brod Elpedro L. Gelsano as Sergeant at Arms, Brod Rewel P. Galo Jr. as the Project Manager and Brod Judge Jaime Caberte as our legal adviser.

The Operation Harelip was launched last Mar. 02, 2011. We are now in the process of locating the patients & making a database. Brod Bel was able to have the ASAP (Association of Surgeons & Anesthesiologist of Pagadian) the ZDSMS (Zamboanga del Sur Medical Society) be the partners for the said project, and it would be an ongoing one…………It's now called Project B.O.S.S.

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