12 Surrender in Dinas for Violation of Forestry Law

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By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata, (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Jessica DT Sarsalejo (RPIO9)

Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur - Elements of Dinas MPS, together with local officials of Dinas Municipality, conducted a manhunt operation in Barangay Pisaan at about 6:00 PM on November 5, 2015.

The operation resulted in the voluntary surrender of twelve persons by virtue of warrants of arrest for violation of PD 1559 issued by Judge Maria Teresa R Pangilinan of 6th MCTC docketed under Criminal Case Nos. 1695-D,1707-D, 1684-D, 1701-D, 1698-D, 1708-D, 1704-D, 1702-D and 1696-D. The arrested persons were identified as Marian Lao, Marodinas, Asdin, Nora-in Billy, Aisa Dayondon, Randi Pascual, Naima Billy, Sitti Lawan, Jokarno Mayo, Rubin Sullayman, Olay Sullayman, Zamin Sullayman and Hadjir Lao, all of legal age, and residents of said place. Arrested persons are temporarily detained in Dinas MPS for proper disposition.

Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte - Elements of Dapitan CPS conducted a manhunt operation in Barangay Sta Cruz at about 9:45 AM of November 5, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Edzel Macias Caylaluad, a resident of said place. The subject was apprehended by virtue of warrant of arrest for Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Homicide docketed under Criminal Case No. 17832 issued by Judge Analiza Hassiman of MTCC, 9th Judicial Region, Dapitan City. Arrested person is temporarily detained at Dapitan CPS for proper disposition.