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Filipinos growing up brainwashed

The school system of the Philippines as mandated by the Philippine government has successfully brainwashed the Filipinos.

Every year these lies are pounded into the brains of the Filipinos:

  1. The independence day is June 12, 1898. This is a LIE.
      • The independence day is July 4, 1946. That’s when the Philippines became a sovereign independent nation for the first time.
      • In 1898 Aguinaldo and his group got together and made a declaration. Much like a group of guys who are in “jail” getting together and planned their escape. The escape never happened. Independence was never achieved until July 4, 1946 when the U.S.A. gave the Philippines to the Filipinos.  Aguinaldo wanted glory so he connived with Pres. Macapagal and they managed to bamboozle the people in 1962 into changing the independence day from the 4th of July to the 12th of June . It is time that the Filipinos must learn the meaning of GRATITUDE.
  2. Moros are the original people of Sulu, Mindanao and Palawan. This is a LIE.
    • The Muslims or Moros only showed up in 1380. The indigenous peoples of the Philippines didn’t even know what a Muslim or Moro was until they showed up and began the conversion of the indigenous peoples into the religion of Islam.
  3. Moros are indigenous people, a race and an ethnicity. This is a LIE.
    • Moros are Muslims and are the followers of the religion of Islam. The followers of Islam are doing their best to making us all believe that “Muslim” is a race or an ethnicity, that they even coined the name “half-muslim“.
  4. The Philippines only had two colonizers and they were the Spaniards and the Americans. This is a LIE.
    • The Muslims were the first colonizers of the Philippines. They came in 1380 to colonize. First to convert the natives into the religion of Islam. Seventy years later (1450) the Sultanate was established which is a form of government. Slowly but surely, Islam crept northwards to exploit and plunder the villages of the native indigenous people. Islam established their governance. This continued till 1521 when they met their first competition, the Spaniards.
    • Then the Spaniards became the second colonizer. The Spaniards with their religion of Catholicism did what the Muslims did. They exploited.
    • Later in 1898 the 3rd colonizer came. The Americans. They also exploited the Philippines. But they did what the other two did not. They established infrastructures and a system of education, still being used into the 21st century. They also gave the Philippines its independence. America made the Philippines an independent sovereign nation on July 4, 1946.

These lies are now written in history books to propagate the new generation of Filipinos believing in lies. More and more Filipinos grow up not knowing the facts of history, thereby growing up as ignorant people and ungrateful for the generosity of other nations. Many of these political/community leaders and teachers learned to be bitter from the history instead of learning to be better human beings.

Last Updated on July 2, 2019

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