Farm property for sale in pamucutan zamboanga city philippines

The city is near its completion of the cross-over road from (Between Culianan and Cabaluay) to San Ramon (Talisayan). This road will cut to about 500 meters south of this property. A great potential for any development. 134 meters Cemented Road Frontage. The newly built cross-over hwy (east to west) passes the property at a […]

Biomass energy: charcoal, methane, and electricity from solar energy (sunshine)

Biomass is a renewable source of energy.  Biomass can be converted into bio-fuel. Bio-fuels to operate machinery, electric generators, transports, and other pertinent equipment. Bio-fuel: Combustible fuels generated from contemporary biological process that convert biomass into fuels that are in solid, liquid or gas forms. So much biomass around the world is wasted. There are […]


Many children in metropolis or urban areas grow up thinking that produce and meat are miraculously available at supermarkets or grocery stores. They must be taught that these commodities are transported from farms in rural areas. Teach them that without farmers, the people of the world will starve. Many governments ignore the needs of farmers. […]