The salmon who swam downstream

by: Paul E. Hughes December 15, 2004 There once was a salmon named Jim. He and his constant companion since childhood, a female salmon named Little Shrimp, were contrarians. In some fish cultures, the name “Little Shrimp” would be redundant. While instinct drove all the other salmon upstream to spawn, Jim and Little Shrimp would swim […]


Terminating the healthy life of those who have not actually deprived the life of others is wrong. If you only perceive that you will be deprived by letting a healthy life live, then negatively act upon it, you are a slave to your vanity and greed. You are selfish. You do not think of the […]

Anti-dynasty philippines

President Rodrigo Roa Duterte promotes dynasties. We all know that the Philippine constitution needs reform. But that is not the #1 problem of the Philippines. We need reforms, but who are these people in government that will be pushing for these reforms? Most of them are the corrupt politicians associated with the oligarchs and fixed […]

“Black lives matter” is about prejudice, bias, racism and separatism.

Knowingly or unknowingly, if you push or support “black lives matter”, you are biased, prejudiced and racial. No ifs ands or buts about it. The people supporting “black lives matter” also push the idea of “African-American” classification. A form of racial segregation. An american (USA) family who teaches their children that they are African-Americans first […]

Suspend public officials

The president of the Philippines does not have the power to suspend or suggest the suspension of any publicly elected officials.  Republic Act No. 7160, otherwise known as the Local Government Code of 1991 specifically states: CHAPTER 4. – DISCIPLINARY ACTIONS SECTION 60. Grounds for Disciplinary Actions. – An elective local official may be disciplined, […]

Steve Bullock: embraces sharia law (foreign law)

Gov. Steve Bullock of Montana wants to run for president in the 2020 USA presidential election. Of course he has to first win the democratic vote and be their chosen one. Will he be good for the democrats? Yes! Will Steve Bullock be good for the country? No! If the democrats win, the new administration […]

plastics and pollution

Plastic is not the culprit in the pollution of mother earth. Humans are. Plastic is a fantastic material. Plastic is one of the greatest inventions in human history.  Plastics made the life of humans more comfortable. The stupidity and lack of discipline of humans are the causes of this plastic pollution problem. These undisciplined and […]

SK officials heading for the same old bad habits?

The Sangguniang Kabataan officials have been criticized before for lack of performance, for simply milking the system for a free college education and the perks of a barangay official. The SK system was a great program to train young people in the field of political leadership. But it’s discontinuance was discussed due to the fact […]

Respect – Give it, do not expect it.

Did preaching about love, kindness and the fear of God ever attain “Peace of Earth and Goodwill to men”? Did praying for peace and harmony ever achieve peace? Big NO to both questions. Love is indeed the ultimate miracle word. It is the “cure-all”. This leads to inner peace and enlightenment. But this is a very […]