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10% and 90% of Islam

First and foremost, Islam is a form of government disguised as a religion.

The expansion of Islam is through conversion and family expansion. Much like any other religion. As most religious groups do, they cluster in communities. For the Muslims (followers of Islam) it does not stop there. The intention is always to take over the community.

Religions have several types of followers but Islam only has two:
☪ The ACTIVE (10%) of Islam.
☪ The PASSIVE (90%) of Islam.
Be careful with those who belong to the “passive”(90%), they spread like wildfire and they can be active at anytime. This 90% quietly support the causes of the “political lobbyists”, they sign the petitions, they vote for their “muslim candidates”, they are the lifeline of the 10%. They preach “peace and love”. They recite the peaceful quotations from the Quran. They build mosques and madrasas. They cluster peacefully, almost unnoticed. They do not spread out. They cluster for community strength. They make it uncomfortable for outsiders (non-muslims) to visit their cluster.

Clustering is the foundation for assimilation. Within their cluster they strengthen the practice of sharia (Islamic law). They establish halal(frequently applied to permissible food and drinks) mini-groceries. It looks innocent enough but they also pressure out haram(forbidden) outlets. This is a gradual process.

Everybody needs food to survive. Making the food source of the community “halal” is the prime objective. The school systems will be lobbied to have halal food served in cafeterias. Business that sell “haram” (not halal) products are gradually harassed, and ultimately they move out, leaving only business for “halal” products.

Who are these 90% of Islam? They are your neighbors, you grow up with them, they are your relatives, friends, classmates, co-workers, and they are the “peaceful” Muslims. They may not follow 100% the sharia law but they support it. You see them peacefully walking down the streets. You may even hear some of these 90% contradict the activities of the “muslim terrorists”. They will even say vehemently that terrorism is against their religion. They will join human rights activists group and give speeches about islamophobia, bigotry, prejudice and racism. They will join non-muslim religious organization and promote peace to show “solidarity”. They won’t physically harm or talk bad about anyone but they support 100% those other Muslims who will destroy your families and kill you. If you believe in their “good cop, bad cop” routine, your country is doomed for assimilation.

The “active 10% of Islam” fall under three categories:
✔ The violent radicals (those who choose violence as their means of assimilation)
✔ The protesters-demonstrators who rally
✔ The political lobbyists, elected politicians, men in power and influence.

We call the violent radicals terrorists. They don’t really do the most damage to countries because they are targets. You can go to war with them with your military.

The most damage is done by the “political lobbyists” and politicians, they are the ones who can change the country from within. These politicians and lobbyists are fueled by the “rallyists” and protesters-demonstrators. The “political lobbyists”, “politicians”, “rallyists” don’t use guns. They use words, they use the media, they circulate lies, they use lawyers, they use politics, they use your own system of law to take you down. They infiltrate the educational system. They become teachers, professors, administrators and get voted into school boards where they can do the most damage by allowing Islam to infiltrate and be part of the school system. They are the mentors of young Muslim attorneys who infiltrate the Judicial system. Once these Muslim lawyers become judges in the non-muslim countries then the next step is to make it smooth as silk to pass Sharia law.

All around the world you will once-in-a-while see these 90% demonstrating for “PEACE” and condemning the activities of any recent terrorist activities. They will say to the media that these terrorist activities in the name of Islam is wrong and that Islam is a religion of peace and love. People who are naive will see and listen to this and think that in fact what they are saying is the “truth”. Nahhh! They got you. Hook line and sinker. Islam preaches Love to be only among themselves (the Muslims). Infidels are simply to be tolerated. Why do Muslims teach and emphasize tolerance? They teach the world to be tolerant? Why?

They teach NON-MUSLIMS to be tolerant because:
✅ They have the upper hand or the advantageous position.
✅ They are the bullies, the users, the abusers, the pushers.
✅ They impose their will or opinion upon you. They deprive.
✅ They make you accept what is unfair, unjust or wrong.
✅ They want you to be submissive and to leave it to God.
✅ They tell you to “turn the other cheek” or be “politically correct”.
✅ They allow others to take what is yours and tell you that it is OK.
They tell Muslims to be tolerant because:
✅ The infidels are more powerful.
✅ They can’t win YET. They are not getting what they want. They wait for the opportunity to DOMINATE.

They teach TOLERANCE to achieve DOMINANCE.

Sharia law is a great weapon of the Muslims. Sharia law allows men to practice polygamy and own women. Women are the possessions of men. Possessing submissive women is attractive to men. Islam is a religion invented for Men. It is a men’s club. Islam is very attractive to men.

What attracts women to Islam? What makes being the 2nd, 3rd or 4th wife attractive? What makes being a sex slave attractive? What makes being a possession and the property of men attractive? Yet there are over 800 million muslim women and all are the possessions of men. Mohammad preached that men should be dominant towards women and that women will submit. He was and still is correct to this day. Everyday more women are being converted into Islam. Submissive women (the majority of women) are the secret weapon of Islam.

Last Updated on February 16, 2021

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