Socialism Communism Capitalism

There is no stand alone Socialistic country that is prosperous. There is no stand alone Communist country that is prosperous. Socialism and communism are embraced by governments who want to control and dictate their will on the people, leading to totalitarianism. The only countries with socialistic or communist ideals who are prosperous are the ones […]

Rules of engagement never won a war.

One of the ten commandments in the bible did not say “Do not kill.” It said “Do not Murder.” If you are on the negative side of humanity, you must be eliminated. All “good” books recommend that. Why do we go to war? To eliminate those that deprive us off of our God given human […]


Indifference: lack of interest, concern, or sympathy. When you do not act, express your opinion or you are just quiet about a cruel, unjust, ruthless, biased, prejudiced, inhumane or heinous action of an individual, of a group or of the government, what impression do you give others about your attitude? Are you simply minding your […]

independence day, The Philippines is living a lie

For having issued his 1962 proclamation, Macapagal is generally credited with having moved the celebration date of the Independence Day holiday. Years later, Macapagal told journalist Stanley Karnow the real reason for the change: “When I was in the diplomatic corps, I noticed that nobody came to our receptions on the Fourth of July, but […]


Register as a User. If already registered LOG IN. Help this community by editing pages or by UPLOADING PICTURES. Lunzuran Zamboanga City Philippines Lunzuran is located in Zamboanga City, Philippines. It has an area of 743 Hectares and is about 7.3 kilometers north of City hall. It has a population of 8,221 as of 2010 census. The barangay of Lunzuran borders Tumaga […]

hijab, nijab, or burka

Why do Muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka? The #1 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is for IDENTIFICATION. The hijab, nijab or burka identifies her as a Muslim. Walking down the street, in the park, in the mall, in a school campus, and in any private or […]

Avengers endgame messed up in their timelines

Avengers endgame would have been a great movie of all time, not just monetarily but also in story line. But they horribly messed up in the script writing of the time-travel scenes. It was ant-man’s idea because of his experience in the quantum realm to travel back in time. It took the great minds of […]

Other sites will give you a free web site. You control it. You manage it. You develop it. You have your own contributor users to help you develop your site. You appoint your own administrator and enroll your own users or collaborators.  If you need help, we are more than willing to help. List of websites: […]

Water Memory

Every thing in contact with water shares its memory and water retains it for eternity. Water has its own memory of everything around it. The motion (which is one of the languages of the universe) through vibrations creates memory, vibrations travels throughout the universe and when vibration touches water, water retains all its accumulated memory. When […]