universal stewardship

separate government from religions or organized ideologies

Take a look at any nation around the world. Every nation that embraces a religion always favors and puts the followers of that religion first.  That government can claim “religious freedom” all it wants but bias and prejudice are embedded in its governance. It would be fine to embrace everything that is good from any […]

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Indifference: lack of interest, concern, or sympathy. When you do not act, express your opinion or you are just quiet about a cruel, unjust, ruthless, biased, prejudiced, inhumane or heinous action of an individual, of a group or of the government, what impression do you give others about your attitude? Are you simply minding your

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Keep them poor and tell them that they are RICH. NO NO NO NO! Don’t be poor. Be rich. Everything that we need in this world requires FUNDING. “Rich” was never meant to to apply to our feelings or matters of the heart. That is misleading and has the negative effect of sustaining POVERTY. Telling

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