Columbato – The cross

A proposed site for the cross of Christ to be erected at the top of Mount Columbato. People from all over the world will know that Zamboanga City is a Christian city. The fort pilar protects the city from any harm coming to it from the sea and this cross on mount columbato will watch over […]

Government Scholarships: must be reciprocated with service

Governments around the word provide free college education to the qualified scholars. It is a great program. The scholars need to understand that it is not actually the government’s money that was spent on them. It is the people’s money collected in the form of taxes.  Yes, the scholars deserve the free education. But, they […]

No more US foreign aid without reciprocation

America is a government of the people, by the people and for the people. The people of the United States of America. The health, welfare and security of its citizens and residents must come first and not other nations. The elderly of the USA must have assisted care from the government. It was their blood, […]