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A Muslim is a follower of the religion of Islam. Muslim is not an ethnicity, it is not a race, neither is it an indigenous person. So can a person be half muslim? Your father may be Muslim (filipino) and your mother a catholic (irish) but that does not make you half and half of a religion. You are for sure a filipino-irish but not a Muslim-Catholic. If you claim yourself to be muslim-catholic, you are one confused individual.

In conclusion there is no such thing as half muslim or half christian or any half of any follower of any religions. You are either a follower of a religion or you are not. So you are either a Catholic, a Muslim, a Jew but never half of any follower of any religion.

Don’t be a confused individual. Follow one religion. If you do not like it, change.

The Muslims coined the term “half-muslim” because they wanted to convince the world that “muslim” is a race.

One country already fell victim to this idea of muslim being a race of people. This country is the Philippines. They have an organization there called NCMF. This organization (a commission) is financed by the Philippine government. It was created to serve only Muslims. That’s correct! It does not serve any other follower of any faith, only those filipinos who follow the religion of Islam will be served.

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  1. Nice article, but muslims didn’t coin the term “half-muslim” because such thing is strictly forbidden by religious law.

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