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hijab, nijab, or burka

Why do Muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka?

The #1 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is for IDENTIFICATION. The hijab, nijab or burka identifies her as a Muslim. Walking down the street, in the park, in the mall, in a school campus, and in any private or public place, she wants to tell the world and be identified as a Muslim. She is a walking advertising billboard for Islam.

The #2 reason for muslim women to wear the hijab, nijab or burka is because they were told to do so. Those who were born into Islam were taught since childhood that women must be covered up, so as not to “tempt” men. They may define this with all sorts of different terms and one of them would be modesty. Nothing wrong with that. But it still boils down to this main reason as to why men make muslim women cover up, and that is to “supposedly” prevent men from being sexually aroused. Wearing the head covering is not a choice. It is a command and if not obeyed must face severe consequences.

You will read all kinds of articles about all sorts of reasons for muslim women wearing the hijab. The favorite one is: “It is my right, my choice and it is my life”. All these explanations are touching basic truths, but they are all trying to make you forget about the #1 and #2 reasons as to why muslim women wear the hijab, nijab or burka.

There is a “STUPID” trend going on and the majority of non-muslim women are bowing to this: Non-Muslim women must wear the Hijab in Muslim countries or in institutions run by Muslims. Only a few headstrong women refuse to bend to the will of Islam. Nazí Paikidze-Barnes, 2016 U.S. women’s chess champion, boycotted the Women’s World Chess Championship of 2017 in Tehran, Iran due to its hijab dress code. She said, “I will not wear a hijab and support women’s oppression. Even if it means missing one of the most important competitions of my career.”
The conformity of non-muslims will lead to their subjugation.

In most countries “Faith Schools” or “Religious Schools” have strict dress codes. Specially for girls. Most of these schools have strict uniform policy of no “head-wear or scarfs”. Just as Muslim schools (madrasas) require girls to wear headscarves or hijabs.

Hijabs worn by non-muslim women in christchurch new zealand to show solidarity towards islam after tragic incident last March 15, 2019. This women can show their condolences and compassion without bowing down to the religion of Islam. Non-Muslim women wearing the hijab are confused and are not sure where they stand. Some of them have been brainwashed that there is such a creature as a half-muslim. Others simply follow the rules  like sheep to conform.

Now the Philippines which is a country populated by over 80% Catholics have many religious schools and all the religious schools have strict uniform or dress code. “No head-wear or scarfs”. Then starting in 2011 Muslim girls became bold and began wearing hijabs to school. They were told to remove them. They protested. Muslims leaders were angry claiming that the rule violates their religious rights. Mind you, before they enrolled, they were told about the rules and they agreed to abide by these rules. The protest went on for almost 3 years. The National Commission on Muslims Filipinos (a lobbying group for muslims only paid by the government) stepped in to protect the “rights” of the muslims. Since the ncmf is a government commission and financed by the government to only serve Muslims, the Catholic church and all other religions succumbed to the will of Islam. Now Muslim girls in the Philippines are allowed to wear the HIJAB in any school in the Philippines. However, non-muslims students who wear headgear, head-wear or headdress to school are still being reprimanded. That’s the power of Islam over the government of the Philippines. No other religion has that kind of power or influence.

Note: original article from:,_nijab,_or_burka

What is the main attraction to Islam? Islam is primarily a “men’s club”. Women are trophies, possessions, messengers, breeders, and mostly sex slaves. To attract the men, Islam promises men the booty of conquest and the bounty of POLYGAMY. Now the big question is what attracts women to Islam? Why aren’t they offended by the men who treat them only as possessions? Mohammad based his teaching on the history of women’s submissive and obedient nature. He taught his followers to bully women and that they will submit and will be obedient. Mohammad was right and the rest is history. There are a few women out there who are champions of the freedom of choice. Very few.

Last Updated on February 24, 2022

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