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Kalayaan, it’s leaders failed the Philippines

Kalayaan, Palawan, Philippines is a municipality farthest west of the Philippines. It is between Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam and Puerto Princesa, Palawan. A distance of only 707 kilometers from either cities.

Manila City, Iloilo City and Zamboanga City are farther away. They are over 1,000 kilometers away from Kalayaan.

Here’s a fact that most Filipinos do not know. Kalayaan is the most governed municipality of the Philippines and part of the Spratly group of islands which is in an international controversy with China. As of 2015 census Kalayaan had 184 people. Kalayaan has only one barangay (Pag-Asa). It’s population is the same as Kalayaan. Everybody lives in barangay Pag-Asa.

This may peak your interest. Even with a population of just 184 people. Kalayaan has a Mayor, vice-mayor, and 8 councilors. It’s barangay (pag-asa) has a barangay captain, 7 council members, Youth chairman and 7 members. All public servants and elected by the people. All with government salaries and sworn in to protect the Philippines.

So 10 elected officials for the municipality and at least 14 elected officials for the barangay. All together 24 elected officials to govern and protect the municipality island of Kalayaan, Palawan within the Spratly group of Islands that is in an open dispute with China.

The municipality has its own police force and government employees. It has the same amenities as most cities and municipalities in the Philippines. It has a hospital, a school system, dept of highway, etc. etc.. Heck it even has its own airport (air-strip). Yet China just walked in and took over a nearby island within the kalayaan boundary. What happened to the security system?

The entire island group (8 islets, reefs and keys) is less than a measly 80 hectares. Less than 1 square kilometer. All within a human’s swimming distance. Yet the Chinese just went there and took over? Really??!! Malacañang only found out when the Chinese already finished building the landing strips? The Mayor of Kalayaan didn’t know? I bet he did. I bet he even visited while the construction was in progress.

If somebody puts up a tent in your backyard, please don’t tell me that you will just ignore it. The majority of the adult population of Kalayaan works for the Philippine government.

We hear from the president of the Philippines, but there is no report from the government of Kalayaan. They are in a HUSHHHHHHHH MODE or possibly received hush money from China.

Last Updated on October 5, 2019

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