Government Scholarships: must be reciprocated with service

Brain drain

Governments around the word provide free college education to the qualified scholars. It is a great program.

The scholars need to understand that it is not actually the government’s money that was spent on them. It is the people’s money collected in the form of taxes.  Yes, the scholars deserve the free education. But, they also need to understand the meaning of the word GRATITUDE.

Students who graduate from college with government scholarships or grants, must not be allowed to leave the country immediately and work in foreign countries. They must work in their homeland for at least 2 years. This will minimize “BRAIN DRAIN”.

Many brilliant scholars getting free education, even before graduation, are offered jobs in foreign countries. This causes the homeland a severe “brain drain”.

The two year moratorium is much needed. These are the intelligent people who can help develop the homeland and help make it prosperous. Their bright new ideas can be implemented in the homeland vs in the foreign county.

What prompts a graduate to leave his/her homeland? Funding of course. But if the country is prosperous, there would be no need to leave the homeland to find prosperity elsewhere.

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