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Islamic Banking

Islamic BankingEvery religion has the right to establish its own banking system. It is also their right to lobby any government to follow their religious laws. But it is never the right of the government to impose religious practices upon its people with diverse cultures, race and creed. The separation of church and state must be upheld.

The Philippines just recently, again, violated its constitution and the rights of its people by upholding the religion of Islam and created another republic act favoring Islam, republic ACT 11439 President Duterte signed and approved Republic Act No. 11439 on August 22, 2019. An act providing for the regulation and organization of Islamic Banks. This ACT was introduced last July 23, 2018. Click on the link and read for yourself. The ACT refers to the Quran and Sharia law as “divine” law.

The Non-Muslims of the Philippines are oblivious to the implications of all these republic acts that are being churned out specifically to favor the Muslims (Moros). This continued march forward of Islamic influence in the Philippines is documented in the “snapshot of the history of islam in the Philippines“.


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