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“Black lives matter” is about prejudice and bias.


Pushing the idea of “black lives matter” is biased and prejudicial.

The people supporting “black lives matter” also push the idea of “African-American” classification. A form of racial segregation.

A family who teaches their children that they are African-Americans first instead of simply Americans, teaches prejudice.

Former President Theodore Roosevelt in 1915 said:
“There is no room in this country for hyphenated Americanism. When I refer to hyphenated Americans, I do not refer to naturalized Americans. Some of the very best Americans I have ever known were naturalized Americans, Americans born abroad. But a hyphenated American is not an American at all … The one absolutely certain way of bringing this nation to ruin, of preventing all possibility of its continuing to be a nation at all, would be to permit it to become a tangle of squabbling nationalities, an intricate knot of German-Americans, Irish-Americans, English-Americans, French-Americans, Scandinavian-Americans or Italian-Americans, each preserving its separate nationality, each at heart feeling more sympathy with Europeans of that nationality, than with the other citizens of the American Republic … There is no such thing as a hyphenated American who is a good American. The only man who is a good American is the man who is an American and nothing else.”

All human lives matter. We are all children of God. We need to teach our children to be nice, respectful and grateful for what they have.

This organization “Black Lives Matter” is supported by CAIR – Council on American-Islamic Relations.
CAIR is manipulating the deep prejudice of “Black lives matter” into destroying the unity of the American people.
CAIR pushes the idea of “WHITE SUPREMACIST”. This organization wants America divided. They want Americans to fight against each other.

Those who write, talk and protest about “white supremacy” are the people with the mindset stuck in the past which make them bitter. In America only the lack of determination prevents a person from being successful. The lives of the “protesting fools” are testaments to the opportunities available. Most of these protesters are educated and prosperous. They may have been at the bottom but now they are on top. But instead of helping those who are in the position that they were in before, by teaching FORTITUDE, they want to control by preaching SOCIALISM. They stoke the idea of separatism. They invest in the apathy of people and blame their circumstances in “Racism and White supremacy”. These fools do not know the meaning of GRATITUDE.

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