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Arabia unites Islam

The heart of Islam is in Saudi Arabia, an independent nation that holds the two most holy lands of Islam, Mecca and Medina. As long as these two holy lands of Islam reside in and are controlled by Saudi Arabia, the quest of Islam to be united under one leadership will never happen.

If Saudi Arabia takes the lead and rescinds the name Saudi and simply becomes Arabia and invites other Islamic countries to unite under the new Islamic Federation of Arabia with Mecca as the religious and government capital under one caliphate and not as it was before under three, then IFA will rise as the most powerful and richest federation on the planet earth. This may take Islam generations to accomplish but it can be done.

Muslim worshipers surround the Kaaba.

At least once in the lifetime of a Muslim, he/she must make a mandatory religious pilgrimage (when physically and financially capable) to the holiest city of Islam in Mecca. There isn’t a single religion that has this unification ingredient, only Islam does.

Humans have the intrinsic need to belong. We crave for an ideology to hold on to, we all need family guidance, we all need food to survive and we all need funding to trade and negotiate with. Islam already has these four elements: Ideology (Islam – religion), Sharia – family law, Halal – food to eat and Islamic banking -funding. Only the 5th element is missing. The unifying leadership.

Here is an article taken from the wiki section of and it is copied verbatim:

Does Islam assimilate or integrate into the culture of a country they immigrate to or move into? NO!
It’s the other way around. They assimilate the hosting country and make it their own. Religion and government then become as one. They mandate their own type of food to eat, family and social relationships, economy, banking, local and international laws, military, and even pharmaceutical products.
Islam will never stop trying to assimilate the country or community it moves into. It may take years or generations, but one thing is for sure; the Muslims will never stop trying to change the ways of the country or community into their own Islamic ways. Sharia law governs all Muslims. This will not change. So when Muslims decide to move into your community, their aim is not to be just good neighbors, their plan is to take over the neighborhood. The process is gradual. If you think that this is not so, you are either naive or in denial, and soon enough you will be proven wrong.

The assimilation process of countries by Islam is simple and history has proven it to be very successful. This is the template for the assimilation process.

  1. Move into a community or country and saturate it. They start by creating pocket communities and then expand. Always grouping.
    • As a refugee (Mohammad moved into Medina as a refugee when he was kicked out of Mecca.)
    • As an immigrant – Millions of Muslims are moving into countries as refugees and immigrants. Even countries who are against polygamy are accepting Muslim immigrants. The United States of America has an existing law against polygamy. But it allows Muslims to immigrate into the country. The U.S.A. is in denial. A perfect victim of Islam. All Muslims adhere and live by the law of sharia and Sharia law upholds polygamy. Sharia law does not adhere to the “separation of government from religion”. This is the first mistake of these countries.
  2. Be part of the government of the hosting country.
    • Join the military. Become a commanding officer in the military. (Mohammad became a military consultant for the leaders of Medina)
    • Join governance. Be an elected political leader. Be part of legislature and create laws to conform with sharia. Many non-islmaic countries now have Muslims as their political leaders.
    • Take over public school systems by having muslims elected as officials of the school board. Then start changing things from within to conform with sharia law.
  3. Build Mosques or Masjids and Madrasahs (religious muslim public schools) (Mohammad established his place of worship or prayer in Medina. Now the second holiest city of ISLAM.)
    • All over the world Mosques and Madrasas are built at a very fast pace. Even in areas where there are not many Muslims, they build mosques.
    • Create Muslim Organizations to give strength to their demands upon the government. E.G. In the USA they have CAIR- (Council on American-Islamic Relations), in Australia they have the “Australian Federation of Islamic Councils – AFIC”, In the United Kingdom there is the Muslim Council of Britain (MCB), in the Philippines they have NCMF (already financed by the Philippine government).
    • Muslim parents will petition the school systems to recognize Muslim holidays as official school holidays. (Eid al-Fitr -end of ramadan) will always be the first.
      • Then Muslim girls will be the billboard of Islam in schools by wearing their hijabs. When schools impose the rule of “no head-wear or scarf”, the Muslims will protest and proclaim bias and prejudice against their religious rights, until the school system gives in.
    • They will demand Halal foods be served in canteens and in public places.
  4. Establish Sharia law within the hosting country. (Mohammad established his law and order in Medina for his followers who left Mecca to join him.)
    • The Muslim elected officials who are part of governance will work the system to have Sharia law approved.
    • In modern times: Establish the term “Muslim” as a race. Campaign on a propaganda that the muslims are oppressed and are discriminated against by the hosting country. File discrimination lawsuits.
    • Lobby to have the immigration office of the country ignore their POLYGAMY LAW. In Australia, all of South America, U.S.A. and all of No. America, France, Spain, Germany, and most of Europe, Polygamy is illegal and its practice is criminalized. But because of lobbying, Muslims can easily immigrate into these countries. All Muslims advocate the practice of Polygamy.
  5. Cluster (live in close proximity) for community strength. (Mohammad asked all his followers to join him in Medina. There they clustered..)
    • They do not spread out. They cluster for community strength. They make it uncomfortable for outsiders (non-muslims) to visit their cluster. Business that sell “haram” products are gradually harassed, and ultimately they move out, leaving only business for “halal” products.
    • Mosques and madrasas(schools) are built within these clusters. With the help of muslim leaders who were elected into government offices, the call to prayer 5 times a day with the bull horn (loud speakers) will be approved.
    • As the cluster grows economically, they will setup Islamic banks.
  6. Create a peaceful organization such as “charities” and merge with Christian groups to work on humanitarian causes to make sure that the Christian (non-muslim) group leaders will endorse the Muslims as peaceful and loving people. Keep working their way to even get the Christians to share their places of worship. They preach TOLERANCE. But their meaning of tolerance is different from yours. They tolerate you because they know that one day they will dominate you. They keep you focused on the present and you forget the history of Islam. By the time you wake up, it is too late. You swallowed the bait, hook, line and sinker. (Mohammad collaborated with the Jews in MEDINA, befriended and worked with them..)
    • They create LOBBYING groups. The exclusive job of these lobbying groups would be to spearhead the acceptance of sharia law into governance. Since women are the walking billboards of Islam, these lobbying groups will fight to have muslim women have the right to wear hijabs, nijabs or burkas in educational institutions or anywhere where head-wears are not acceptable.
  7. Muslim men are to marry as many non-muslim women since women are by nature submissive and need control as taught by Islam. Introduce polygamy to non-muslim men. Cultivate the greed and lust of men to posses women.
  8. Continue with the above to establish roots and heritage to build critical mass then take over. (Mohammad amassed his followers in Medina until finally he overcame them (jews) and the rest is history.) Medina is now the second holiest city of the religion of Islam.
NOTE: Most religions behave the same way to expand membership. However only Islam assimilates to govern. Only Islam creates their own form of governance, their own law (sharia), food products (halal), and finance (Islamic banking). Islam takes over governments.

Last Updated on June 20, 2019

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