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Agujero” in English: Hole

Hole” in Chavacano or chabacano is: Poso , Oyo small hole, Agujero

  • Don’t pour water in jar with a hole.
    • No vacia agua na tenaja tiene agujero.

  • Chavacano is the language of Zamboanga City.
    • Chavacano, el lenguaje del ciudad de Zamboanga.
  • If you have any positive contribution to improve the Chavacano language, please post it in the comment section below. Contribute some sentences using the word that this page represents. We do not mind the associating words as long they all refer back to the word of this page. Your registration is not required. Just your name and email address is required. There are just too many spammers out there.
    • Si tiene tu positivo contribucion para mejora (queda mas bueno) el lenguaje de chavacano, por favor pone abajo na comento. Contrubui maga frace usando el palabra este pagina ta representa. Maskin maga semejante palabra basta ta referi lang con el palabra de este pagina. De tuyo registracion no necesita. El nombre y el  “email” lang de tuyo necesita. Kay mucho gayot quien quiere lang hace tonterias.

In English In Chavacano
  1. Nobody can say that he has the authority or power over the chavacano language. We all have to collaborate so our language will continue to live.
  2. “Do NOT cheat“. One of the most difficult to accomplish.
  3. He is cross-eyed and still a peeping tom.
  4. My niece really likes to go piggyback ride.
  5. To avoid sickness, wash your hands before eating.
  6. Never ever make the mistake of identifying tolerance for respect or kindness.
  7. If a man drinks too much, he becomes a drunk.
  1. Ninguno puede habla que ele el tiene autoridad o poder na lenguaje del chavacano. Todo kita necesita colabora para continua vivi el lenguaje de aton.
  2. “No engaña“. Uno del maga bien dificil cumpli.
  3. Libat ya, tigilero pa gayot
  4. Mi sobrina quiere quiere gayot man babah.
  5. Para evita el enfermedad, lava mano antes de comer.
  6. Nunca man mali que el tolerancia iqual como el respeto o amabilidad.
  7. Si el gente ta toma mucho, ay queda le borrachon.

Last Updated on July 10, 2022

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