Adivinanza – Zamboanga Hermosa
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Adivinanza” In English: Riddle

Riddle in Chavacano or chabacano is: Adivinanza

Adivinanza de chavacano:
  • Cosa papel si denoche, lapis si de dia. Paper at night and pencil during the day.
    • Petate – Mat
  • Alboroto si bajo, Calma si hondo. Noisy when shallow; Quiet when deep.
    • Rio – river
  • Taqui ya, taqui ya, Pero no ta mira. It’s already here, it’s already here. But you can’t see it.
    • Aire o viento – [Air or wind]
  • Cual pono na monte, tiene ramas, nuay hojas? What’s that tree in the mountain which has branches but no leaves?
    • Venao – deer
  • Cielo arriba, cielo abajo, agua na medio. Sky above, sky below, water in the middle.
    • Coco – Coconut
  • Tiene un pono, ta come de suyo mismo cuerpo. There’s a tree that eats up its own trunk.
    • Candela – Candle
  • Tiene lang un diente mi lola. Ta oi todo el gente, si ele ta grita. My grandma has but one tooth. Yet everyone hears her when she shouts.
    • Campana – Church bell
  • Alto yo cuando joven, y pandak cuando viejo. Cosa yo? I’m tall when I’m young, and I’m short when I’m old. What am I?
    • Candela – Candle

  • Chavacano is the language of Zamboanga City.
    • Chavacano, el lenguaje del ciudad de Zamboanga.
  • If you have any positive contribution to improve the Chavacano language, please post it in the comment section below. Contribute some sentences using the word that this page represents. We do not mind the associating words as long they all refer back to the word of this page. Your registration is not required. Just your name and email address is required. There are just too many spammers out there.
    • Si tiene tu positivo contribucion para mejora (queda mas bueno) el lenguaje de chavacano, por favor pone abajo na comento. Contrubui maga frace usando el palabra este pagina ta representa. Maskin maga semejante palabra basta ta referi lang con el palabra de este pagina. De tuyo registracion no necesita. El nombre y el  “email” lang de tuyo necesita. Kay mucho gayot quien quiere lang hace tonterias.

In English In Chavacano
  • Nobody can say that he has the authority or power over the chavacano language. We all have to collaborate so our language will continue to live.

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