Warning! visiting Zamboanga is dangerous according to Duterte. Due to Islamic terrorists. – Zamboanga Hermosa
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Warning! visiting Zamboanga is dangerous according to Duterte. Due to Islamic terrorists.

President Duterte issued out a warning to all visitors to Zamboanga City.

“There’s a certain place which I would not recommend to anybody to go there, not just as yet, is Zamboanga,” Duterte told Filipino and foreign participants of the 7th Union Asia Pacific Regional Conference in Pasay City last Monday, April 23, 2019.

“Some Europeans go there for the bird watching and they are captured and eventually they are decapitated even after the payment of ransom,” he added.

He blames the Islamic terrorists. The Moro Islamic terrorist groups. Such as the Abu Sayyaf, MILF, and MNLF. Duterte continued on to say, “It’s the ISIS actually. It used to be the Abu Sayyaf. Now it’s an Abu Sayyaf territory. They do nothing but to kill and destroy.”

These threats from the Islamic groups has been going on since the early 70’s.  In 1974 the MNLF raged Jolo and again in 2013 in Zamboanga City. Hundreds were killed and thousands displaced. In 2007 the MILF beheaded 14 soldiers in Basilan and massacred 44 SAF in Mamasapano in 2015.  Then in 2017 the Islamic Maute group terrorized Marawi City in Lanao. All done under the name of Islam.

Yet the Philippine government, led  by President Duterte wants to gives these terrorists their own HOMELAND in Mindanao.

Add on:

President Durterte is such a two-faced politician. After he made this announcement last Monday, April 23, 2019, he appointed one of the worst terrorist leader, Nur Misuari, to an official government position in December 14, 2019.

Last Updated on February 4, 2020

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