Twilight and Morning – Zamboanga Hermosa
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Twilight and Morning

by: Paul E. Hughes
August 31, 2009

As we enter the twilight of our lives, it is as though we are leaves floating on an autumn breeze.

We are calling out to all who have ears to hear and eyes to see. Look at me — acknowledge that I exist — I am still one of you! Listen to my truth and wisdom gained through the lessons of life. Feel my love and warmth as I reach out to you. Listen to my story so that you will remember! We are desperately reaching out to those around us knowing that, once the leaves touch the ground, much of our story will go untold.

Still, in our hearts, we know that spring will come. We can rest and be secure in the knowledge that spring will bring a new morning and rebirth. With the coming of spring, we will be born again to live in a different but better and more beautiful forest.

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