I have done a good thing – Zamboanga Hermosa
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I have done a good thing

He gingerly tiptoed through the field of broken hearts and shattered dreams, wondering about the circumstances that would have created such a catastrophic scene.

He said to himself, I’ll clear this field of its sorrow and replace it with joy. So, with a song in his heart and a sack in his hand, he picked up the broken hearts and shattered dreams. And in this field he planted the Rose of Sharon, the Lilly of the Valley, and one flower that was the fairest of ten thousand. And suddenly the field blossomed into a spectacular display of many different flowers with colors of gold, white, green, orange, blue, purple, and other dazzling variations of color. And then angelic like music floated above the field and there was great joy!!

Shining brightly above the field was a bright morning star. The field and all that surrounded it was covered with a brilliant shimmering light, and from this light he emerged. The brilliant light was still upon him as he walked away. Then he turned, smiled and said, “I have done a good thing”.

From a distance, we watched him walk away and we knew that we had been touched by his light. With a sense of both sorrow and joy, we shouted after him — “let your light shine on”.

By: Paul E. Hughes
September 14, 1995

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