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Rules of engagement never won a war.

One of the ten commandments in the bible did not say “Do not kill.”
It said “Do not Murder.”
If you are on the negative side of humanity, you must be eliminated.
All “good” books recommend that.

Why do we go to war? To eliminate those who maliciously deprive us off of our God given human rights. 
The liberals and bleeding hearts will say, “Oh, please just restrain them. They need to be forgiven. We do not have the right to take their lives.” Really?!!

Those guys will not hesitate to eliminate you. These bleeding hearts are the minions of the people who preach tolerance“. They want you to tolerate their abuses and the deprivation of your rights.  These are the same people who embedded the idea of “rules of engagement” in wars.

War is a confrontation to win. Negotiation failed. Truce failed. So you go to war.  Soldiers do not create wars. Leaders do. Have less bloodshed. Kill the leaders. “Rules of engagement” never won a war. War is not a boxing match with rules to follow. War has only one rule: defeat your enemy.

Assassination should be acceptable in battles (internal or external), so these corrupt leaders will have second thoughts about forming tyrannical dynasties in our democracy or about declaring war. The victims of tyrannical dynasties and wars still hang on to the mentality of being “CORDIAL” to these hardened criminals. These bullies rely on the mentality of “mercy”. They play that card every time they are caught. They have already shown to the general public as to who they are beyond reasonable doubt. They flaunted their crimes as trophies. So why try to catch, prosecute and incarcerate them and waste tax money, just assassinate them.

When Should Rules of Engagement Be Upheld?

When a government seeks to maintain internal law and order, addressing disruptive actions or behaviors of its legal residents or citizens, it is imperative to adhere strictly to the rules of engagement. A nation should never perceive itself at war with its own populace. Upholding humanitarian rights in the enforcement of laws is not just a mandate but a fundamental responsibility.

Last Updated on October 12, 2023

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