Most Non-Islamic Countries in the World has a form of Islamic Lobbying group. The purpose of this group is to enhance and spread the religion of Islam by promoting Sharia law or to infiltrate the judicial system of the nation. There is nothing wrong with this. Practically every single religion does the same thing. Every religion wants to increase its membership. Every religion has this privilege. But a country that supposedly upholds the “separation of church and state” must have its guard up. If not, slowly but surely that country will be gobbled up.

All over the world Non-Islamic countries are being infiltrated and taken over.





United Kingdom:

The religion of Islam has every right to promote and propagate itself. Almost every country in the world supports the idea of freedom of religion. So basically every religion will do whatever it is in their power to have the government support it. Only Islamic countries make it mandatory to support Islam. Yet many non-islamic countries are starting to embrace Sharia law. Why? Only one main reason: pressure. Pressure from the islamic lobbying groups.

So what is this article about? Is it slamming Islam? NO!! It is trying to say this: “STOP COMPLAINING about what Islam does or is trying to do.” If you do not like what is going on around you, then support the idea of creating a “Non-special interest, non-political, and non-religious” lobbying group.

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