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Colonizers of the Philippines

The true colonizers of the Philippines were:

  1. Islam – Muslim Sultanates – 1380
  2. Spaniards – 1521
  3. Americans – 1898

There are several books out there about who the colonizers of the Philippines were.  They name the following as the colonizers:

  1. The Spaniards
  2. The British
  3. The Americans
  4. The Japanese

Out of the 4 named above only two are correct; Spaniards and Americans. The British and Japanese invaded only but never colonized. These two attempted at the takeover of the nation but failed. The British attempted while the Spaniards were in control. The Japanese attempted while the Americans were in control. Both failed.

The historians that list these four failed to understand the meaning of the word to “colonize”. These are people with master’s degrees and doctorate degrees, yet they fail to understand the simple meaning of the word to “colonize”.

These educated historians and some of them are well publicized and celebrated failed to report the correct history as to who the true colonizers of the Philippines were. They all failed to mention the first colonizer of the Philippines. So the Filipino people are being brainwashed with incorrect information. This is what the academia of the Philippines is propagating. They continue to teach in all the schools in the Philippines that the colonizers of the Philippines were the:

  • Spaniards
  • Americans

Academia of the Philippines lie. They fail to mention that the first colonizer of the Philippines was Islam when they established sultanates in the Philippines. A sultanate is a form of government. A territory (country) that is governed by a sultan is a sultanate. Islam gives the ruler of a territory or country the title of Sultan.

The year was 1380 when Islam first arrived in the Philippines. They created sultanates in Sulu, Mindanao, Visayas, and Luzon. They ruled the archipelago until the Spaniards came in 1521. So for over 140 years Islam ruled via the sultanates. They colonized the Philippines. Yet mysteriously these so called historians fail to mention Islam as a colonizer in the history books.

The historians were quick to criticize the Spaniards and Americans as the main exploiters of the Philippines. But they failed to mention Islam as the first exploiter of the Philippines and who to this date is still exploiting the Philippines. They were the first exploiting government of the Philippines, those who did not belong to Islam were pirated and sold as slaves. Slave trading was a prosperous business for the sultans of the Philippines.

Even after the Spaniards took over, the Muslims did not accept defeat. They simply backed off to the south. Later they continued raiding for slaves. When the Americans took over in 1898, the Muslims did not give in. When the Philippines was granted its independence in 1946, the Muslims saw the light at the end of the tunnel. The filipino leaders were weak. They were bamboozled with lobbying. The Muslims infiltrated the government and today, they have re-established a partial control of the country. They managed to have the weak minded Filipino leaders to change the name of Mindanao into “Muslim Mindanao” and they managed to convince the Filipino leaders to create an Islamic governed region the “Bangsamoro Autonomous in Muslim Mindanao”. They also managed to get the Filipino government to create 5 national laws upholding Islam.

The propaganda of the Muslim(Moro) is simple: “We are the oppressed.” Most non-muslim filipinos always forget that the Moros(Muslims)’s quest is not about a group of people. It is about the followers of a religion, the religion of Islam. Muslims(Morors) are not indigenous people. They are the followers of the religion of Islam.

Most non-muslims make the mistake of thinking that a Tausug is Moro(Muslim). They fail to understand that a Tausug can be a Hindu, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. Yet the Muslims continue with the propaganda that the Moros(Muslims) are indigenous people and the brainwashed non-muslim Filipino people believe in these lies.

Raiders of the Sulu Sea: Even this video did not classify Islam as the original colonizer.

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