Columbato – The cross

A proposed site for the cross of Christ to be erected at the top of Mount Columbato. People from all over the world will know that Zamboanga City is a Christian city. The fort pilar protects the city from any harm coming to it from the sea and this cross on mount columbato will watch over the entire city.

Even from the Sta Cruz islands, this cross will be visible. This cross will be at least 500 feet tall.

Mount Columbato is at least 1,200 feet tall. The mountain is made out of molten volcanic rock. A great and stable foundation for the 500 foot tall cross.

The Muslims(Moros) of the Philippines has the full support of the Philippine government. They are financed by the Philippine government. They were even given a domain of their own. Five provinces have been given to them, all under the name of the religion of Islam. Zamboanga City remains as a stronghold for Christianity. Yet every election year the Muslims(Moros) politically have been trying to take this away Zamboanga City from the Christians. They want Zamboanga City to be part of the Bangsamoro Autonomous Region in Muslim Mindanao (An Islamic domain).

Zamboanga City is supposed to be a city for all. But the Muslims(Moros) want it for their own. So when push comes to shove, the Non-Muslims of Zamboanga City must make a stand.

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