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separate government from religions or organized ideologies

Take a look at any nation around the world. Every nation that embraces a religion always favors and puts the followers of that religion first.  That government can claim “religious freedom” all it wants but bias and prejudice are embedded in its governance.

It would be fine to embrace everything that is good from any religion or ideology as long as that government does not embrace the private organization (religion or ideology) itself.

Governments must be separate from religions or organized ideologies. Only the principles of universal stewardship must be followed. Religions and private organizations are always good for the people but they should never be embraced or financed by government.

Once a government embraces a religion or a private organization, that government will be ruled by that religion or private organization with bias and prejudice.

Most conflicts in countries start because the people feel oppressed, biased and prejudiced in the opportunity towards prosperity. Those affiliated to the same beliefs of the ruling body get served first. When service to the people is based upon association or affiliation and not legal residence or citizenship unrest among the people will persist.

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