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Farm property for sale in pamucutan zamboanga city philippines

The city is near its completion of the cross-over road from (Between Culianan and Cabaluay) to San Ramon (Talisayan). This road will cut to about 200 meters south of this property. A great potential for any development.

  • 134 meter Cemented government Road Frontage.
  • The newly built cross-over hwy (east to west) passes by the property at a distance of less than 200 meters.
  • 35,561 square meters. 3.5 hectares.
  • Has a Natural Spring – Water supply all year long even during draught or “el niño”.
  • Lots of mature trees (timber).
  • Currently operating as a farm with Mangoes, Coconuts, Papayas, Bananas, Cassava, Malunggay(Moringa), Cacao, Ginger and Monggo (Mung Beans). Land can be inspected with ease. Vehicles can drive in.
  • The farm is fully FENCED in. No squatters. We have our workers living there. Not on commission. They are salaried employees.
  • Asking 300 pesos per square meter or 10,668,300 pesos
    • Buyer pays all transfer taxes, attorney’s fees and cost to transfer title from owner to buyer. The 10,668,300 pesos is net to the seller.
      • Note to Agents: Seller will pay agent the 10% commission on sales price. Do not attempt to over price. (10,668,300 x .10 = 1,066,830.00 pesos is your commission)
      • If buyer agrees on price or wants to negotiate on the price. Buyer must present letter of “intent to buy” with the price listed. We will not entertain verbal negotiation.
  • Local Government Resolution approved for farming such as Piggery and Poultry. Barangay Resolution approved.
    • Approved by the City zoning department and the city health department.
    • The Culianan-Patalon by-pass road is about 200 hundred meters from this property.
  • email:
  • text Jerwin at: 011-63-965-374-0208
  • or text James Kwan at: 011-63-926-825-3888
  • Facebook message:

Pamucutan title sketch plan.png

Last Updated on April 10, 2022

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