Assignment in Chavacano or Chabacano is: Encargo

Alternate chavacano word: Asaymen

Note: Sometimes it is best to simply use the English word (even with the wrong spelling) than to try to translate.

English Sentence using “Assignment” Chavacano Sentence using “Encargo
1. Did everyone do their assignment?
2. Do we have any assignments?
1. Ya hace ya ba el de ustedes asaymen?
2. Tiene ba kita maga asaymen?

Here are other English to Chavacano words in the database.

You can help keep the chavacano language alive by simply commenting below. Make a sentence in chavacano using the Chavacano word Encargo which is the translation of the English word in the title.. It does not have to be perfect. Our language is not perfect. If in doubt, use the search window above to look for translations. 🙂

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