Abano in English is: Cigar
Other similar chavacano word for “Cigar” is  “
Other English word for “Abano” is “

English Sentence usingCigar
Chavacano Sentence using “Abano”
The tree being (kapre) lives in an old and huge tree and is usually big tall and strong. Loves to sit on the branches of his tree and smokes cigar. El kapre ta queda na pono del grande y viejo pono de palo y ele bien grande, gigante y mafuerza. Quiere quire le sinta na maga rama del de suyo palo y fuma abano.
Cigar – Abano

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    • No mas usa el maga palabra “Ka”, “Ikaw”, “Con ikaw, “Pangit”.
    • Usa el chavacano palabra de “Tu“, “Ebo“, “Contigo“, “Malacara“.

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Na Ta entende ya! Poreso puede habla Chabacano pero si ta escribi CHAVACANO.

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