Women propagate the growth of Islam

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Weak minded women help propagate the religion of Islam. They hang on to men who advocate polygamy. These women want to be controlled, used and possessed by muslim men.

Women are supposed to be strong, loving, tolerant and compassionate. Are they also truly the weaker sex? Intelligent maybe but not strong willed as depicted by most controlling men? There is the organization for "women's rights". But why does this organization embrace the support of Islam? It is common knowledge that in Islam women are the possessions of men. Yet the women's rights activists are supportive of the religion of Islam and unknowingly (maybe) embraces Sharia law. Is this because they are submissive by nature and truly need someone to rule over them?

Does Islam know the secret on how to control women? Is this the reason why Islam is the fastest growing religion? Why is it so easy for Muslim men to convert non-muslim women into Islam? Is it because women inherently want to be dominated by men?

Every day more and more women are possessed by muslim men. Majority of women are submissive by nature that is why it is easy for Muslim men to marry non-muslim women. Hence Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. Islam can't grow without women. Islam will stop growing if the majority of women will stop being submissive and stop allowing men to own and control them.

Could it be true that there are only a small minority of women who truly advocate freedom of choice? Could it be true that the majority women want to be controlled by men?

Islam preaches this to be so. Islam preaches this to be the truth. More and more men are leaning to this ideology and they are harvesting their women all over the world. Polygamy is law in Sharia. The women of Islam accept this. Inadvertently, non-muslim women also accept polygamy as soon as they become the mate (possession) of the muslim man.