Carinderia – Negocio de tuyo

Start your own Carinderia business.
We can help you start your own carinderia business. We supply you with the cooked meal. All you have to do is sell them.

If you have the place and the willingness to start the business but do not have the time to cook, the skill (cooking) or the money to start the business, we can help you.

If you currently have a Sari-Sari store but not a carinderia, this will be a great opportunity for you. Make your business a Carinderia/SariSari Store.

Tell us what you want to sell and we will supply them on a daily credit basis. You only pay for what you order the following day. The food will be delivered to you in the proper containers. 

As we deliver you settle the account for the previous day’s order. It is that simple. Since this is about food, we can’t accept returns.

Our suggestion is to order only what you think you can sell. Build your business, then order more.

Contact Gina B. Gonzales at land line: 062-993 5446 or mobile: 915-158-4743

Poto Cheese, Poto Camanting

We bake our own poto cheese and poto camanting.

We also have the old standard Suman Camanting wrapped in banana leaves. And of course, Gina’s famous lumpia. Yummy!! 

So we can cook and deliver the regular menu that you require for your customers plus we can also provide these delicious pastries.

If you decide to start this type of business (Carinderia), we want to support you and help you become successful.

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