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Province of Zamboanga del Sur - Archived News of Zamboanga del Sur

Zamboanga del sur seal.png
Seal of Zamboanga del Sur Province
Interactive Google Satellite Map of Zamboanga del Sur
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Zamboanga del Sur Map Locator
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Municipalities within Zamboanga del Sur
Zamboanga del sur provincial capitol.jpg
Provincial Capitol of Zamboanga del Sur
Provincial capitol of zamboanga del sur of santo niño pagadian city zamboanga del sur.jpg
Provincial Capitol of Zamboanga del Sur, Santo Niño, Pagadian city

Dietary supplement is a product that contains vitamins, minerals, herbs or other botanicals, amino acids, enzymes, and/or other ingredients intended to supplement the diet. The U.S. Food and Drug Administration has special labeling requirements for dietary supplements and treats them as foods, not drugs.

Manufacturers and distributors of dietary supplements and dietary ingredients are prohibited from marketing products that are adulterated or misbranded. That means that these firms are responsible for evaluating the safety and labeling of their products before marketing to ensure that they meet all the requirements of DSHEA and FDA regulations.

Lapuyan Falls: The favorite haunt of the fair Subanen maidens of Sitio Baga and all its neighboring areas, usual meeting place with many a young country swain in some secluded cavern beneath the rocky forest lane.
Zamboanga del sur lakewood.jpg
Lakewood, Zamboanga del Sur, Philippines
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Village of Pedagan

Wars of ancient history were about possessions, territory, power, control, family, betrayal, lover's quarrel, politics and sometimes religion.

But we are in the Modern era and supposedly more educated and enlightened .

Think about this. Don't just brush off these questions.

  • Why is RELIGION still involved in WARS? Isn't religion supposed to be about PEACE?
  • Ask yourself; What religion always campaign to have its religious laws be accepted as government laws, always involved in wars and consistently causing WARS, yet insists that it's a religion of peace?


There are only two kinds of people who teach tolerance:
  1. The Bullies. They want you to tolerate them so they can continue to maliciously deprive you. Do not believe these bullies teaching tolerance, saying that it’s the path to prevent hatred and prejudice.
  2. The victims who are waiting for the right moment to retaliate. They can’t win yet, so they tolerate.
Lintugop Aurora Zamboanga del Sur.jpg
Lintugop, Aurora
Pagadian city 01.jpg
Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur
Provincial human resource management office of santo niño pagadian city zamboanga del sur.jpg
Provincial human resource management office of santo niño pagadian city
Civil service commission of santo niño pagadian city zamboanga del sur.jpg
Civil Service Commision office in santo niño pagadian city

Breakthrough eco-friendly rice enhancer to benefit farms

By Edd K. Usman

Farms are expected to benefit from a breakthrough environment-friendly rice production enhancer developed from seaweeds by the Department of Science and Technology (DOST).

DOST Secretary Mario Go Montejo said the agency will expand coverage of multi-location field trials of the carrageenan fertilizer additive.

The decision to expand the field trials came after such trials conducted in Pulilan, Bulacan showed that carrageenan, which is extracted from edible seaweed, when added to fertilizers can, among other benefits, help make rice crops stronger, produce more harvest, and become more anti-disease resistant.

Montejo said an earlier study by an attached agency of the DOST, the Philippine Nuclear Research Institute (PNRI), was used in research on the use of carrageenan as fertilizer additive.

“The DOST invests in research and development in agriculture leading to ensuring food security. Not only do we find ways and means to increase farm yields and make crops pest-resistant but we also use science and technology to benefit the common ‘tao’, putting more food on their table,” Montejo said.

The study of PNRI, which is implementing the Growth Promoter Program, involves the subjecting of carrageenan to irradiation to degrade the substance’s particles so that it can be optimally absorbed by plants.

More research, to be funded by the Philippine Council for Agriculture, Aquatic and Natural Resources Research and Development (DOST-PCAARRD), is in the offing.

Montejo said the DOST will partner with the Department of Agriculture (DA) in expanding the field trials.

He said the DOST-DA partnership is targeting to further test the technology on some 4,000 hectares of farms in the next cropping season.

He also said the “PNRI is developing precision farming methods using nuclear techniques to determine the right amount and timing of fertilizer application during a crops’ different growth stages.”

The study also includes how to optimize irrigation scheduling to make farmers reduce their cost of their inputs, he added.

Meanwhile, the DOST’s PCAARRD, in citing its Pulilan research, said, “Carrageenan plant growth regulator (CPGR) has been found successful in increasing rice yield by over 65 percent in a multi-location project.”

The trial conducted in Bulacan by the team of Dr. Gil Magsino of the National Crop Protection Center-University of the Philippines-Los Baños (UPLB-NCPC) showed what could be a breakthrough in raising rice productivity and helping in food security.

PNRI Director Dr. Alumanda dela Rosa told the Manila Bulletin the program, which was started in 2012, is being conducted in multi-locations in Pulilan, Bulacan, and Nueva Ecija and three other areas, including Pagadian City, Zamboanga Peninsula.

Dela Rosa said the plant growth promoter product from seaweeds was derived through irradiation.

“We have to make the test in multi-locations to ensure its efficacy,” she said, adding that initial positive results showed consistency in areas already tested.

PCAARRD said test results showed “on grain weight, application of three and six bags of chemical fertilizer per hectare, combined with 200 ppm (or 20 mL/L) of CPGR yielded higher grain weight than farmers’ practice of applying nine bags of chemical fertilizer per hectare.”

Rape Suspect in Aurora, 6 Other Wanted Persons Arrested

By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Bernard Tan (RPIO9)

Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur - Elements of Aurora MPS conducted a manhunt operation in Purok Tuburan, Barangay Poblacion at around 1:15 PM on November 19, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Robert Macra Cadutdut, 19, resident of Purok Sonora, Barangay Bag-ong Maslog of same municpality.

Subject person was arrested by virtue of warrant for two counts of Rape docketed under Criminal Case Nos. 14-101114 and 14-1115 issued by Acting Presiding Judge Jaime B. Caberte of RTC Branch 30, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur with no bail bond recommended. Subject person is temporarily detained at Aurora MPS for proper disposition.

Zamboanga del Sur – A wanted person voluntarily surrendered to Dinas Municipal Police Station at around 7:30 AM on November 19, 2015. Suspect Moen Sindatoc Antol, 53, resident of Proper Dimaya, Dinas town,has a standing warrant of arrest for violation of Section 69 of PD1559 as amended (Illegal Occupation and Destruction of Forest and Grazing Land) with Criminal Case No. 1711-D issued by Presiding Judge Maria Terresa R. Pangilinan of 6th MCTC of Dinas-Lapuyan with a recommended bail bond amounting to Php 4,000.00.Subject person is temporarily detained at Dinas MPS for proper disposition.

Zamboanga del Norte - Elements of Dapitan City Police Station conducted a manhunt operation in Barangay Sta. Cruz, Dapitan City at around 1:00 PM on November 19, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Hermaces Ferater Bayron, 27, resident of Barangay Ilaya, this city. This is by virtue of warrant of arrest for Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Homicide docketed under Criminal Case No. 17843 issued by Judge Vittorio Dante D. Dalman, MTCC, 9th Judicial Region, Dapitan City with recommended bail bond amounting to Php 10,000.00. Subject person is temporarily detained at Dapitan City PS for proper disposition.

Zamboanga Sibugay - Joint elements of Ipil MPS, Provincial Intelligence Branch – ZSBPPO, and PPSC conducted a manhunt operation inside the Adonis Cellphone and Accessories located along De Villa St., Barangay Poblacion, Ipil at around 3:00 PM on November 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Ryan Bernales Lagad, 31, resident of Barangay Poblacion, Diplahan town. Said individual was arrested by virtue of arrest warrant for Qualified Theft docketed under Criminal Case No. IM-15-1012 issued by Judge Josefino P. Bael of RTC Branch 31, 9th Judicial Region, Imelda, this province, with bail bond set at Php 20,000.00.Subject person is temporarily detained at Ipil MPS for proper disposition.

Zamboanga City - Joint elements of Payao MPS and Zamboanga City Poilce Station 3 (Sangali) conducted a manhunt operation in Sitio Calibato, Barangay Lamisahan, this city, at around 6:00 AM on November 18, 2015. This resulted in the arrest of Efren Villanueva Delos Santos, 49, resident of said place, listed as the no. 4 Most Wanted Person of Payao, Zamboanga Sibugay. Subject person was apprehended by virtue of warrant of arrest for Murder docketed under Criminal Case No. I-843 issued by Judge Demosthenes B. Manginsay of RTC Branch 24, Ipil, Zamboanga Sibugay, with no bail bond recommended.Subject person is now temporarily detained at Payao MPS for proper disposition.

Lanao del Norte - Joint elements of Aurora MPS and Kapatagan MPS conducted a manhunt operation in Purok Madasigon, Barangay Poblacion, Kapatagan, this province at around 12:20 PM on November 19, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Jesus Venturado Borreros, 64, resident of Sitio Orang, Barangay Balas, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur. Subject person was arrested by virtue of warrant for Robbery docketed under Criminal Case No. 03-10,312 issued by Judge Loreto C. Quinto, Presiding Judge of RTC Branch 30, Aurora, Zamboanga del Sur, with recommended bail bond fixed at Php 24,000.00. Subject person is temporarily detained Aurora MPS for proper disposition.

17 hurt in Zamboanga del Sur road mishap

By Roel Pareño (

ZAMBOANGA CITY, Philippines - At least 17 people were hurt in a multiple-vehicle collision Wednesday along the highway of Dumalinao town, Zamboanga del Sur.

Police Chief Inspector Rogelio Alabata, information chief of Police Regional Office 9 (PRO), said the collision involved a hauler truck, passenger jeepney and a delivery van of the Philippine Postal Authority (Philpost).

Nation ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

Police investigation disclosed that the hauler-truck driven by a certain Lucio Abuso Renado, 57, was speeding towards Pagadian City when its brake malfunctioned about 5:20 a.m. Wednesday along the highway at Sitio Purok Talaba, Barangay Camanga, Dumalinao town. Also on board the truck were Redentor Canone Dablo and his live-in partner Renelyn Nano Sebial.

The police said the truck driver lost control of the speeding truck that bumped on the jeepney. The jeepney then rammed on the Philpost delivery van parked along the roadside before smashing on a mini-grocery store.

Alabata said the truck driver and his two passengers, including jeepney driver Rodner Benitez Villarin and his 14 passengers were injured. They were brought to the hospital for treatment.

Barangay official falls in anti-drug operation in Zamboanga del Sur


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Nov. 27 (PNA) -– Philippine Drug Enforcement Agency (PDEA) personnel backed by policemen and soldiers have arrested a barangay official in an anti-drug operation in Zamboanga del Sur, an official said.

Senior Supt. Michael Nicolas, Zamboanga del Sur police director, in his report to the Police Regional Office-9 (PRO-9) headquarters, identified the arrested suspect as Ibrahim Abas, 30.

Nicolas said Abas is a barangay councilor of Boyugan West, Kumalarang, Zamboanga del Sur.

Nicolas said the suspect was arrested in a buy-bust operation around 2 p.m. Wednesday at Purok 1, Barangay Boyugan West, Kumalarang.

Nicolas said Abas was arrested after he sold a sachet of methamphetamine hydrochloride locally known as "shabu" in exchange for PhP500 to an undercover PDEA agent.

He said the arresting team confiscated from the suspect’s possession three sachets of shabu, PhP500 “marked money,” and other prohibited drug paraphernalia.

Man Held for Carrying Unlicensed Gun in Pagadian

By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Jessica DT Sarsalejo (RPIO9)

A caliber .40 loaded with live ammunitions was recovered from Janrey Delatado Corque, 28, resident of Barangay Bulatok, Pagadian City.

According to reports, Pagadian City Police Station were having a surveillance at Django’s Gril Bar at about2:30 AM on November 14, 2015 at said place. This led to the arrest of Janrey Delatado for carrying an unlicensed firearm. Suspect was brought to Pagadian CPS for proper disposition.

Fishing Ordinance Offenders Held in Margosatubig

By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Jessica DT Sarsalejo (RPIO9)

Margosatubig, Zamboanga Del Sur - A joint operation was conducted by personnel of Margosatubig MPS, 903rd Maritime Police, and 5th IB Philippine Army for a seaborne patrol at Dumanquillas Bay.

This resulted in the interception of six fishing vessels and the apprehension of the crew members for violation of Municipal Ordinance 98-01. Confiscated unit and illegal fishermen were brought to Margosatubig MPS for proper disposition. The fishermen and units were released from PNP custody after paying the administrative fine of Php 12, 000.00 at Municipal Treasurer‘s Office.

4 Snagged for Illegal Gambling in Aurora, ZC

By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Jessica DT Sarsalejo (RPIO9)

Zamboanga del Sur - Elements of Provincial Anti-illegal Gambling Operation Task Force (PAIGSOTF) in coordination with the Aurora MPS, conducted an operation against swertres in Barangay Upper Cabilinan, Aurora at about 8:00 PM on November 12, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Markfel Parantar Arias, 21, resident of Purok Mainline, Barangay Lantungan, of said municipality. Recovered from him were bet money gambling paraphernalia, a cellphone, and a Honda XRM 125 without plate number. Suspect was brought to Aurora MPS and later to PAIGSOTF in Pagadian City for proper disposition of the case.

Zamboanga City - Personnel of ZCPS5 conducted an anti-illegal gambling operation at Ramos Drive, Brgy. Putik that resulted in the confiscation of two decks of playing cards and bet money in different denominations. However, bettors and players eluded arrest during the operation.

Zamboanga City - Personnel of ZCPS6 conducted an operation against illegal gambling at Calle Basa, Brgy. Tugbungan that resulted in the arrest of Dexter Balbin Sicad, 35, Jojo Frontozo Ituralde, 32, and Fermin Galleposo Tortal, 23, all residents of said place, who were caught engaged in illegal gambling locally known as “hantak”. Confiscated from them were bet money and hantak paraphernalia. Suspects are presently detained at ZCPS6 for proper disposition.

1FAB plants 1,500 mahogany seedlings in Tukuran town

By Gideon C. Corgue (ALT/GCC/PIA-Zamboanga del Sur)

TUKURAN, Zamboanga del Sur, Nov. 23 (PIA) – The 1st Field Artillery Battalion (1FAB), Army Artillery Regiment, Philippine Army on Saturday planted 1,500 mahogany seedlings during the tree planting activity conducted in barangay Tinotongan.

1FAB commanding officer LtCol. Hubert S. Acierto in his message said the activity was in partnership with the local government unit of Tukuran and Barangay Tinutongan which carries the theme “Kaabag sa Kalinaw ug Kalamboan ngadto sa maayong Kaugmaon.” (Partner of peace and development towards a brighter future)

Acierto said the activity was in support to the National Greening Program (NGP), a massive forest rehabilitation program of the government which seeks to grow 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares nationwide within a period of six years, from 2011 to 2016.

“With this program, we can restore our denuded forest back to its original state,”he said saying that trees are very important and valuable to our very existence.

“The trees that we have planted today will help prevent the occurrence of natural calamities such as floods, landslides, among others,” Acierto said.

On the other hand, Vice Mayor Michelle Rota said the LGU enacted and implemented ordinances that build local resilience action plans to address climate change disaster.

“We have enacted ordinances to protect our environment,” Rota said.

She encouraged everyone to participate in tree planting activity because it does not only give benefits to our environment but it also provides livelihood opportunities to residents.

“As simple as planting trees can help stop climate change,” she stressed.

Meanwhile, Acierto also thanked the active participation of the Mutual Benefits Association Incorporated, barangay officials, barangay response emergency team (BERT), and local residents for making the activity successful.

1st Cav distributes hygiene kits to school children in Upper Pulacan

By Gideon C. Corgue (ALT/GCC/PIA9/Zamboanga del Sur)

LABANGAN, Zamboanga del Sur (PIA) – The 1st Cavalry (Tagapanguna) Squadron, Mechanized Infantry Division, Philippine Army recently distributed personal hygiene kits to 100 school children in Upper Pulacan Elementary School in barangay Upper Pulacan here.

The said kit includes basic hygiene items such as toothbrush, toothpaste, face towel, bath soap and alcohol.

1st Cavalry Squadron commanding officer LtCol. Charlemagne Batayola, Jr. in his message said the project was conceived to teach school children proper hygiene habits.

“Ang 1st Cavalry Squadron ay namimigay ng hygiene kits sa ating mga kabataan para matulungan natin na ma-develop ang kanilang proper hygiene habits habang sila ay bata pa at para ma-improve ang kanilang physical health development,” Batayola explained.

Batayola said the project was launched in Upper Pulacan Elementary School to coincide with the Children’s Month celebration this November. “We involved the children in our project because they are also part of our stakeholders,” he added.

He said the hygiene kit distribution was the third activity conducted in the elementary schools adopted by the unit.

The first was in Navalan Elementary School, Tukuran and second, in San Pedro Central Elementary School, Pagadian City where a total of 409 students have availed of the project.

During the activity, the school children were taught by Rural Health Unit (RHU) staff to perform proper hand washing to avoid from getting sick.

Vincent Valdez, the school principal thanked the 1st Cavalry Squadron for choosing their school as one of the beneficiaries of their project.

Valdez said with the project, school children will learn good habits and proper hygiene so they will have a healthy future.

Retired soldier dies in gun attack

By Bong Garcia

A RETIRED soldier was killed in a gun attack perpetrated by a motorcycle-riding gunman in Pagadian City, Zamboanga del Sur, the police reported.

According to the Pagadian City Police Office, the incident happened around 6 a.m. on Sunday along Jamisola Street in Santiago village.

The police identified the victim as Antonio Arbon, 63, a retired Philippine Army and a resident of Santa Lucia village, Pagadian City.

Police investigation showed Arbon was driving his motorcycle while on his way home when he was repeatedly shot by the suspect, who was also onboard another motorcycle.

The police said Arbon was rushed to the Pagadian Medical Center, but was declared dead by the attending physician.

Investigation continues to establish the motive of the incident and to identify the gunman, the police said.

Fiber optic cable cuts disrupt voice, data services in Zambo


ZAMBOANGA CITY, Nov. 20 (PNA) – Series of fiber optic cable cuts disrupted the voice and data services the whole day Thursday in this city and other parts of the region.

The Philippine Long Distance Telephone (PLDT) Company in an advisory released through the City Information Office said the first fiber optic cable cut occurred in Dumalinao, Zamboanga del Sur.

The cable was reconnected around noontime Thursday, the advisory said.

The second fiber optic cable cut took place in Barangay Culianan, this city.

This time, a backhoe of a construction firm undertaking a drainage project hit the cable.

The third fiber optic cable cut happened in downtown Sindangan, Zamboanga del Norte. The cable was also hit by a backhoe undertaking a project.

The Ozamiz-based technicians restored the line in Sindangan late in the evening.

The Company apologizes for the inconvenience brought about by the three separate incidents.

Cervical cancer preventable, says DOH official

By Claro A. Lanipa (ALT/CAL/PIA-9 Zamboanga del Sur)

PAGADIAN CITY, 19 Nov. (PIA) – The Department of Health says cervical cancer can be prevented through human papillomavirus vaccination (HPV) which will be administered by DOH in all priority provinces nationwide to include the province of Zamboanga del Sur in Zamboanga peninsula.

Dr. Agnes E. Fernando, development management officer V, DOH Provincial Office said the vaccine will be given in two doses, specifically for 9 -10 year old girls.

“The first dose will be given this November 2015, and the second dose will be six months after, to be administered in May 2016,” Fernando said.

“HPV vaccination is most effective when given during childhood or adolescence or before sexual debut, when the risk of HPV infection is nil or at its lowest,”she explained.

Vaccination at a young age is also ideal because this is when the immune system is at its strongest and, therefore, will mount a robust response to the vaccine, according to Dr. Fernando.

HPV will be handled by health personnel at the health facilities only (city/rural health units) to ensure a comfortable room temperature and to carefully monitor the children for 15 minutes after the administration of the vaccine.

DOH officials also urged parents to have their children take their meal before the vaccination and ensure that those who received the first dose of HPV first dose this month shall be given the second dose by May next year.

PRO9 obtains good rating in PGS compliant stage

By Gideon C. Corgue (ALT/GCC/PIA9/Zamboanga del Sur)

PAGADIAN CITY, Nov. 18 (PIA) – Deputy Regional Director for Administration Sr. Supt. Randolf R. Delfin of the Police Regional Office (PRO9) on Monday, announced that PRO9 obtained a GOOD rating from the audit team in the implementation of the second stage of Performance Governance System (PGS) compliance.

The PGS is a performance management and measurement tool adopted by the Philippine National Police which ensures the continuity of change and transformation and giving the PNP a firm grip on the roadmap that is simple, strategic and long-term.

The PGS is divided into four (4) stages, namely: initiation, compliance, proficiency, and institutionalization.

Delfin made the announcement during the exit conference with the chiefs of police (COP) of Zamboanga del Sur held at the conference room, Camp Abelon, this city.

He lauded the PRO9 for obtaining an overall rating of 93.33 with an equivalent adjectival rating of 4 best practices and 2 good practices during the compliant stage.

Although they obtained satisfactory grades from the national audit team, Delfin encouraged all PNP personnel to improve their performance. For the PNP to succeed and to attain its vision of making the entire police force as highly capable, effective and credible organization, they should double their efforts and improve their ratings.

The PNP personnel should exert more effort to attain a very satisfactory, if not outstanding grades, according to the police chief.

During the conference, the PGS evaluation process was presented by the audit team to monitor progress of implementation and execution of the program towards the attainment of its vision.

“The PGS, a framework of PNP’s Integrated Transformation Program (ITP) serves as a challenge for the entire police organization on how to address the missed opportunities and improve their performance,” Delfin explained.

Earlier, Delfin conducted an interview with the members of the Provincial Advisory Council (PAC) to determine how effective the PGS is to its internal and external stakeholders.

The PAC, chaired by Vice Governor Juan Regala acts as an oversight and advisory body with members representing oversight agencies, private sector, and key stakeholders.

Two-day IP conference set in Tagum City


PAGADIAN CITY, Zamboanga del Sur, Nov. 17 (PNA) -– The Indigenous Peoples (IPs) are holding a two-day conference aimed to find possible solutions on the prevailing problems of IPs in the different parts of Mindanao.

The event, dubbed as “Mindanao Ancestral Domain Holders' Conference,” will be held Wednesday until Thursday in Tagum City, Davao del Norte.

Timuay Masala Braulio Anlimon, Subanen tribal leader of this city, told the Philippines News Agency those invited to attend the activity are representatives of IPs that are holders of Certificate of Ancestral Domain Title (CADT).

Anlimon said they are sending representatives of five recognized CADT holders from this province. The representatives will include those from the women and youth sectors.

Anlimon said they will discuss during the conference the persisting problem of illegal mining operations within the ancestral domain in Barangays Lourdes and Mate, Tigbao, despite the issuance of Cease and Desist order by the Mines and Geo-Sciences Bureau (MGB).

PCCL Mindanao Finals in Pagadian Nov. 17-19

By Lito delos Reyes (

THE Philippine Collegiate Champions League (PCCL) Mindanao Finals will be held on November 17 to 19 in Pagadian City featuring the top four basketball teams of Mindanao.

They are the St. John Paul II College of Davao City, Holy Trinity College of General Santos City, Southern College of Zamboanga City and the Saint Columban college. olumban College of Pagadian City.

The Mindanao champion will next face the Visayas winner and two other teams from Cesafi to earn the right to play in the PCCL Championships on December 14 in Manila.

Mayor Tata Pulmones will welcome the participants and guests including by PCCL Executive Joe Lipa.

The PCCL Mindanao Finals will be held for the first time thru the efforts and initivate of sportsman-businessman Rene "Dodong" Pamaran.

It is supported by the city government of Pagadian, Aquaworld Purified Drinking Water and Rocky Chan.

PAGASA sees rains during APEC week

By Ellalyn B. de Vera

The Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration expects rains in various parts of the country this week, when the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation summit will be held.

Weathermen said a rain-inducing weather system prevailing over Southern Mindanao is expected to bring light to moderate rains and isolated thunderstorms in some parts of Mindanao today, State weather forecasters said.

PAGASA said the intertropical convergence zone, a breeding ground for potential cyclones, could affect Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental, Davao Oriental, North Cotabato, Sarangani, South Cotabato, Sultan Kudarat, Lanao del Sur, Basilan, Maguindanao, Sulu, Tawi-Tawi, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay.

Meanwhile, partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated thunderstorms will prevail over Metro Manila and the rest of the country.

By Monday until Tuesday, PAGASA said cloudy skies with light to moderate rains and isolated thunderstorms are expected over Compostela Valley, Davao del Norte, Davao del Sur, Davao Occidental, Davao Oriental, Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga del Sur, and Zamboanga Sibugay.

The weather bureau said Metro Manila and the rest of the country will have partly cloudy to cloudy skies with isolated thunderstorms.

By Wednesday, Biliran, Eastern Samar, Leyte, Northern Samar, Samar, Southern Leyte, Albay, Sorsogon, Catanduanes, Masbate, Camarines Norte, and Camarines Sur may experience cloudy skies with light to moderate rains and isolated thunderstorms.

By Thursday, there will be slight improvement of the weather over these areas and is likely to have cloudy skies with light to moderate rains again by Friday, PAGASA said.

Pet shop worker hacked in Tetuan

(Eugene A. Lasprilla)

(Zamboanga City) - A worker at a pet shop was hacked and seriously wounded along Don Alfaro Street, Barangay Tetuan, this city, Monday night.

The victim was identified as Aiven Macasa y Morales, 22, single, temporarily residing at Sunrise Drive, Barangay Guiwan, this city and a native of Dumalinao Municipality, Zamboanga del Sur.

Report said that Macasa suffered a lone hack wound at the back of his body and was brought to Zamboanga Doctor’s Hospital for medical treatment.

Police identified the suspect as Roel Mendoza y Eugenio, 40, married, a vendor, and a resident of Sitio Pangulayan, Barangay Tolosa, this city.

The suspect hurriedly escaped on board a color black Skygo motorcycle without visible plate number after the incident.

Probers said the victim was at the vicinity of KOI pet shop when the suspect suddenly arrived and attacked the former.

Further investigation is being conducted to establish the motive of the incident. A manhunt operation was launched for the possible arrest of the suspect.

Sindangan No. 7 Most Wanted, 5 Others Arrested

By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Bernard Tan (RPIO9)

Zamboanga del Sur - Combined personnel of PPSC-ZSPPO, Guipos Municipal Police Station, RIU9, 2nd MC RPSB9, and Mahayag MPS conducted a manhunt operation in Purok 6, Barangay Guling, Guipos, at around 7:30 AM on November 11, 2015.

The operation resulted in the arrest of Antonio Lopez Villaganas, a resident of said place, who was arrested by virtue of warrant for homicide docketed under Criminal Case No. 2006-10-1855 issued by Judge Loreto C. Quinto, Regional Trial Court IX, Branch 23, Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur with a recommended bail bond of Php 40,000.00. Arrested person is temporarily detained in Camp Abelon for proper disposition.

Zamboanga Del Norte - Personnel of Sindangan MPS conducted a manhunt operation in Brgy. Caracol, Salug town at around 8:00 AM on November 10, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Glenn Andahan Empremiado, 24, resident of Brgy. Lower Inuman of said municipality. Arrested person is listed as the no. 7 Most Wanted Person in Sindangan municipality. Empremiado was arrested by virtue of warrants for Acts of Lasciviousness in Relation to RA 7610 and for Rape in Relation to RA 7610 with Criminal Case Nos. S-5042 (Php 12,000.00 bail bond) and S-5041 respectively (non-bailable) issued by Judge Reymar L Lacaya of Branch 11, RTC 9, Sindangan. Arrested person is now temporarily detained at Sindangan MPS for proper disposition.

Siocon, Zamboanga Del Norte - Personnel of Siocon Munipal Police Station conducted a manhunt operation in Brgy. Arabi at around 10:00 AM on November 10, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Manan Ladjim Salahuddin, 42, resident of said place. Subject person was arrested by virtue of warrant docketed under Criminal Case No. 3408-DN for violation of RA 1602 issued by Judge Vera T. Vergara of Municipal Circuit Trial Court, Siocon-Baliguian-Sirawai with a recommended bail bond of ₱4,000.00. Arrested person is temporarily detained at Siocon MPS.

Zamboanga del Norte - Siocon MPS personnel conducted a manhunt operation in Sitio Paduan, Brgy. Candiz Siocon town at around 12:00 PM on November 10, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Rolando Gumihod Antic, 32, farmer, resident of Sitio Bliss Brgy. Poblacion, and Jehan Lipan Antic, 27, resident of Sitio Otso, Brgy. Kilalaban, Baliguian. Subject persons were arrested by virtue of warrant for violation of Section 78 of PD 705 as amended by PD 1559 docketed under Criminal Case No. 3426 issued by Judge Vera T. Vergara, MCTC, Siocon with a recommended bail bond of ₱10,000.00 each. Arrested wanted persons are temporarily detained at Siocon MPS for proper disposition.

Siayan, Zamboanga Del Norte - A manhunt operation was conducted by personnel of Siayan Municipal Police Station at Sitio Limonga, Paranglumba at around 4:00 pm on November 10, 2015. This resulted in the arrest of Jovencio Jenon Lanat, 46, farmer, and resident of said place. Subject person was arrested by virtue of warrant issued by Judge Reymar L. Lacaya, Branch 11, RTC9, Sindangan Zamboanga Del Norte with a recommended bail bond of ₱18,000.00. Arrested person is temporarily detained at Siayan MPS for proper disposition.

Molave Municipal Police Station personnel conducted a manhunt operation in Blancia Street, Barangay Sudlon, Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur at around 2:00 PM on November 11, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Jerry Durano Cabusao a.k.a. Loloy, 36, resident of said barangay. Subject person was arrested by virtue of warrant of arrest issued by Judge Jaime Caberte, Regional Trial Court, Branch 23, Molave, Zamboanga Del Sur docketed under Criminal Case No. 2000-10-1032 for theft with a recommended bail bond of Php 40,000.00. Furthermore, subsequent search made on the arrested person yielded six sachets of suspected shabu. The arrested person is now temporarily detained at Molave MPS for proper disposition, while the recovered suspected shabu was forwarded to Zamboanga Del Sur Provincial Crime Laboratory Office for examination.

2 drug personalities in top priority list arrested in Pangasinan


POZORRUBIO, Pangasinan (PNA) -— The police in Pozorrubio town arrested two drug personalities included in its top priority list during the observance of All Saints’ Day on Sunday (November 1).

Chief Inspector Ryan Manongdo, chief of the Pozorrubio police, identified the two suspects as Junalyn “Joy” Artiende, a native of Ramon Magsaysay, Zamboanga del Sur who is currently residing in barangay Alipangpang, Pozorrubio; and one Mario “Arnel” De Guzman, a resident of barangay Bantugan, Pozorrubio.

The two were arrested by the police in separate drug buy-bust operation Sunday afternoon.

Manongdo said the two are members of Totsie Group, a known group of illegal drug dealers in the town.

“They are just small-time pushers and their leader Totsie was already arrested, and Artiende and De Guzman are the seventh member of the group arrested by the Pozorrubio poloce, said Manongdo.

At least seven sachets of illegal drugs were confiscated from the two suspects.

“Despite being busy in maintaining peace and order in observance of All Saints’ Day, we never lowered our guards against crime activities even against illegal drug activities,” said Manongdo.

The suspects are now detained at the local station cell while a case for violation of sections 5 and 11 of the Comprehensive Dangerous Drugs Act of 2002 (RA 9165) was filed against them.

12 Surrender in Dinas for Violation of Forestry Law

By Police Chief Inspector Rogelio D. Alabata, (C, RPIO9) with report from PO3 Jessica DT Sarsalejo (RPIO9)

Dinas, Zamboanga del Sur - Elements of Dinas MPS, together with local officials of Dinas Municipality, conducted a manhunt operation in Barangay Pisaan at about 6:00 PM on November 5, 2015.

The operation resulted in the voluntary surrender of twelve persons by virtue of warrants of arrest for violation of PD 1559 issued by Judge Maria Teresa R Pangilinan of 6th MCTC docketed under Criminal Case Nos. 1695-D,1707-D, 1684-D, 1701-D, 1698-D, 1708-D, 1704-D, 1702-D and 1696-D. The arrested persons were identified as Marian Lao, Marodinas, Asdin, Nora-in Billy, Aisa Dayondon, Randi Pascual, Naima Billy, Sitti Lawan, Jokarno Mayo, Rubin Sullayman, Olay Sullayman, Zamin Sullayman and Hadjir Lao, all of legal age, and residents of said place. Arrested persons are temporarily detained in Dinas MPS for proper disposition.

Dapitan City, Zamboanga del Norte - Elements of Dapitan CPS conducted a manhunt operation in Barangay Sta Cruz at about 9:45 AM of November 5, 2015. The operation resulted in the arrest of Edzel Macias Caylaluad, a resident of said place. The subject was apprehended by virtue of warrant of arrest for Reckless Imprudence Resulting in Homicide docketed under Criminal Case No. 17832 issued by Judge Analiza Hassiman of MTCC, 9th Judicial Region, Dapitan City. Arrested person is temporarily detained at Dapitan CPS for proper disposition.

DOLE grants Kabuhayan starter kits to farmers in Tigbao town

By Gideon C. Corgue (ALT/GCC/PIA9-Zamboanga del Sur)

TIGBAO, Zamboanga del Sur, Nov. 9 (PIA) –The Department of Labor and Employment (DOLE) thru the local government unit of Tigbao distributed 12 units of Kabuhayan starter kits (KSK) to rural farmers in barangay Nangan-Nangan during the ‘Matapat Serbisyo Caravan’ (MSC) held here recently.

The distribution ceremony was led by Anecito Ochotorena of DOLE, assisted by Mayor Danilo E. Dalid and Lt Col. Alvin Luzon, commanding officer of the 53rd Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army.

The MSC is a convergence of government agencies who pooled their resources together to be delivered to the poorest communities, as well as acquaint them of the services that they can avail from participating institutions.

Dalid sad the KSK package consisted of plow, bag pack sprayer, coat, sweat shirt and boots which were given to recipient farmers to help them sustain their livelihood and augment their income.

He said the starter kits were just part of the 30 units that he requested from the DOLE intended for the farmers. The municipality is basically an agricultural area.

Punong Barangay Ranel Redel, who is also a farmer was grateful to DOLE, the GU and 53rd Infantry Battalion, Philippine Army for spearheading the activity.

“Dako kaaayo ang among kalipay nga gihimo kini nga kalihokan sa among barangay. Bisan ug labihan kalayo kining among dapit apan gihatagan ug dakong pagtagad sa gobyerno ang among katawhan aron makapahimulos sa mga serbisyo ilabi na paghatag sa Kabuhayan starter kits sa mga mag-uuma aron among magamit sa kalihokan sa pagpanguma,” Redel said.

(We are very grateful that this activity was conducted in our barangay. Even if our place is very far, yet the government gave much attention to our people so we can avail support services especially the granting of Kabuhayan starter kits to farmers.)

A 62 year-old farmer-recipient, Juanito Gualeza thanked the government for launching the MSC saying that the farming tools he received will be used to cultivate his 2-hectare farm planted with corn.

Fernando Tumbao, a 44-year old farmer said with the starter kits, his tillage practices will be faster and easier.

Dalid urged the beneficiaries to take care of the starter kits because it will help provide sustainable livelihood and improve their standard of living.

58th Araw ng Lapuyan highlights 1st 'Kamgbegu Festival'

By Alma L. Tingcang

To brighten the festivities in celebration of the 58th Araw ng Lapuyan, the culture-rich Subanen tribe of this peaceful town in Zamboanga del Sur held the 1st “Kamgbegu Festival” (Feast of the Harvest) to thank God for a bountiful harvest.

“After a good harvest, the Subanen people express their thanksgiving by holding a feast and inviting people to share the blessings from God, which is typically a Subanen culture,” Mayor Daylinda P. Sulong said happily.

The launching of the 1st Kamgbegu Festival was replete with colorful dance presentation from JH Cerilles State College, dancers with their vibrant costumes wowed the audience and received a loud applause from guests and local spectators.

The drizzle which later turned to a heavy downpour did not dampen the spirit of the graceful dancers with the cheering crowd awed at their overwhelming performance.

Indeed, Lapuyan has been transformed from a quaint little town to a bustling agricultural center, and yet preserving the rich Subanen culture through the School of Living Tradition established by the National Commission for Culture and the Arts with the support of the local government.

Mayor Sulong also cited the support of the provincial government especially the opening of JH Cerilles State College (JHCSC) campuses throughout the province making tertiary education accessible to distant municipalities.

“It will be easier because we have JHCSC here in Lapuyan. Parents need not worry about sending their children to the city to acquire college education, it is right at our doorstep,” the lady mayor proudly announced.

She also mentioned the road network project connecting Kumalarang, Lapuyan and Margosatubig and other infrastructure projects, and the opening of Margosatubig Regional Hospital for the health needs of the marginalized sector.

Gracing the festival was Governor Antonio H. Cerilles, who is known as an adopted son of Lapuyan. He was given a shield as a token by Mayor Sulong, symbolizing that the governor will protect the Subanen and the people of Zamboanga del Sur.

In his inspirational message, Governor Antonio H. Cerilles said, “Lapuyan is considered an interior town. Not anymore. There is now a law which makes Kumalarang-Lapuyan-Margosatubig a national road project.”

He said the project has been finalized on October 20, and added that the road to Bulawan is already a national road with an allocation of P60 million.

The governor said, “We are looking at the total development of the province with the ongoing construction of the coastal road connecting Dumalinao to San Pablo, Dinas, Dimataling, Tabina, V. Sagun and Margosatubig.”

Zamboanga del Sur has been hailed as the 5th most competitive province in the Philippines and declared as peaceful and development ready by the AFP and PNP. “I want to maintain that, so investors from outside Zamboanga del Sur will come,” said the governor.

“I know we can do better. We are not an industrialized province but basically an agricultural one. But we can do better by showing our support to the government and whoever sits as president,” he added.

“In the area of athletics, we are the only province with a sports academy. I hope and pray that other provinces will copy us. I hope they come and see what we are doing, how we can turn barangay people to become national athletes,” Cerilles underscored.

“We must think as a people with one vision and mission, we need to cooperate and recognize the total effort of the people of Zamboanga del Sur for the progress and development that we all desire,” the governor concluded. (ALT-PIA9/Zamboanga Sibugay)

Bill penalizing refusal to give child support pushed

By Rosette Adel

MANILA, Philippines – A lawmaker filed a bill to make parents who refuse or fail to provide legal child support suffer legal consequences.

Manila Rep. Rosenda Ocampo, also vice chair of the House Committees on Basic Education and Culture, on Games and Amusement and on Natural Resources, authored House Bill (HB) 6079 to penalize parents who neglect their responsibility of giving child support without justifiable cause.

“Apart from the emotional trauma, the parent who has custody of the child is left with the difficult task of single-handedly raising the child or children,” Ocampo said citing that child support is one of the main issues faced by separated couples.

“Hence, the welfare of the child is compromised, especially when the custodial parent does not have the means to sustain the needs of the child,” she added.

Ocampo said the present Constitution does not penalize anyone obliged to give legal child support but intentionally remit the support.

She said with the present laws, “the custodial parent can only file a motion to cite the obliged parent for indirect contempt for refusal to comply with a valid court order mandating the support provisions.” Headlines ( Article MRec ), pagematch: 1, sectionmatch: 1

The Manila solon lamented that this makes it easier for the obliged parent to disregard the support owed to the child even if the parent is financially capable.

“Ultimately, it is the child who suffers the most from this conflict,” Ocampo said.

To address the growing number of neglected children, Ocampo authored HB 6079 proposing penalties of fines and imprisonment against the obliged parent if found guilty of refusing or failing to give legal child support without justifiable cause.

The parent who commits any of the prohibited acts enumerated in this act shall be fined P25,000 or imprisonment of not less than six months but not more than one year or both and the lump sum settlement of the total unpaid legal child support for the first offense.

For subsequent offenses, the bill raised the fine to P50,000 or imprisonment of not less than one year but not more than two years or both and the lump sum settlement of the total unpaid legal support.

Ocampo said that the approval of HB 6079 will compel parents to comply with the court order to provide the legal child support and ensure that their child or children still get the best possible care, despite their severed relationship.

HB 6079 is currently referred to the Committee on Welfare and Children chaired by Zamboanga Del Sur Rep. Aurora Enerio Cerilles.

Eight Zambo govt employees sacked


THE Office of the Ombudsman ordered the dismissal from the service a municipal accountant and seven other employees of Molave, Zamboanga del Sur after they were found involved in the anomalous purchase of expired and overpriced medicines worth P1.8 million in 2009.

Ordered dismissed in a 10-page decision signed by Ombudsman Conchita Carpio-Morales were Municipal Accountant Martin Blanco Jr., Eleuterio Galleto, Bids and Award Committee members Gasmelba Felicitas, Marcos Bahinting, Melita delos Santos, Nikki Omboy, Jerry Gene delos Santos and Lina Lou Gitalan.

All eight were found guilty of grave misconduct and conduct prejudicial to the best interest of the service, and the Ombudsman ordered Molave municipal mayor to immediately enforce the same.

According to Commission on Audit (COA) findings, the medicines were overpriced by as much as 152 to 836 percent and the process did not undergo public bidding, no eligibility check done, and no bid bonds from the bidders.

Also, the delivery, inspection and payment for the medicines were processed in one day after the opening of the bids.

Aside from their dismissal, the employees also face cancellation of eligibility, forfeiture of retirement benefits, and perpetual disqualification from reemployment in the government service.

CIDG files charges against arrested Briton for pornography, cybercrime in Pagadian City


PAGADIAN CITY, Zamboanga del Sur (PNA) -– The Criminal Investigation and Detection Group (CIDG) has filed criminal cases on Wednesday against a British national they arrested for pornographic activities in this city.

Chief Insp. Arnold Ventura, CIDG provincial chief, identified the accused as Peter William Cannel, a resident of Rosario subdivision in Barangay Dao, this city.

Ventura said among the cases filed before the City Prosecutor’s Office against Cannel included Republic Act 9775 otherwise known as the “Anti-Child Pornography Act of 2009,” R.A. 10175 or the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012,” and illegal possession of firearms and ammunition.

Ventura said Cannel was arrested in a raid Tuesday afternoon at his residence in Barangay Dao, this city. The foreigner bought the house and had been staying in the subdivision for almost five years already.

At the same time, he said they have rescued five minors, who are being victimized by the suspect in his alleged acts of pornography.

He said they confiscated from the residence of the suspect firearms and ammunition, assorted sex toys, computers, pornographic videos and photos of his minor-victims uploaded to the internet.

He said the raid was carried out based on a search warrant issued by the Regional Trial Court (RTC) Branch 19 in this city.

The raid was carried out following a week-long surveillance on the alleged illegal activities of the British national.

1FAB troopers urged to stay nonpartisan during elections

By Franklin P. Gumapon (FPG/PIA9)

LABANGAN, Zamboanga del Sur, Nov. 5 (PIA) – As the national and local elections are nearing, Brigadier General Leandro A. Loyao III, Army Artillery Regiment (AAR) commander, has reminded the troopers of the 1st Field Artillery Battalion (1FAB) to stay away from partisan politics.

Speaking in the recently held change of command ceremony at Camp Major Cesar Sang-an in Barangay Pulacan here, Loyao told the soldiers that they should not take part in any partisan political activity/event during the election period, but focus on maintaining peace and order instead.

Loyao came all the way from the AAR national headquarters at Fort Ramon Magsaysay, Nueva Ecija to preside over the change of command ceremony between outgoing IFAB commander, Lt. Col. Sonny M. Sales and incoming commander, Lt. Col. Hubert Acierto.

Sales, who served as IFAB commander from Oct. 15, 2013 to Oct. 28, 2015, has been reassigned to the national headquarters to act as inspector general.

During his stint as 1FAB commander, Sales took the lead in several civic and community activities such as tree planting, coastal cleanup, “brigade eskwela,” among others.

The outgoing commander also expressed his gratitude to the civilians, local government units as well as national government agencies for helping the unit in accomplishing its programs and activities.==

Reg 9’s science high school to rise in Zamboanga town

By A. Perez Rimando

DUMALINAO, Zamboanga del Sur—The Department of Science and Technology has chosen this progressive town as venue of the agency’s Philippine Science High School to serve beginning next school year.

Western Mindanao or the Zamboanga Peninsula is the country’s only region without a national science high school.

The school will sit on a five-hectare lot adjacent to the Rebokon National Agricultural School.

The property was donated by the mayor of Dumalinao town, Ace Cerilles.

The proposed site of the school is a 25-minute ride east from the capital city of Pagadian.

Science and Technology Undersecretary Fortunato dela Peña said the Rebokon area would be an ideal venue for the science high school. “The fast-growing coastal village is populated by peace-loving and cooperative Christian farming families,” Cerilles added.

The Philippine Science High School focuses on science and mathematics to attract deserving students who belong to the Top 10 of their class.

The scholars are entitled to free tuition, allowance, textbooks and other relevant instructional materials and are encouraged to pursue careers in science and technology.

Dela Peña said the department intends to allot P400 million for the construction of a two-story academic building, a student dormitory, a laboratory, and teachers’ salaries.

RM’s coco coir project improves quality of life of rural women

By Gideon C. Corgue (ALT/GCC/PIA9-Zamboanga del Sur)

RAMON MAGSAYSAY, Zamboanga del Sur, Nov. 3 (PIA) – To alleviate poverty and usher development in the countryside, the office of 1st district Representative Victor J. Yu, the local government unit of RM, the Philippine Coconut Authority (PCA), and the Women Empowerment–Rural Improvement Club (WEMRIC) established a coco coir processing plant in barangay Poblacion of this town.

Congressman Yu has allocated P2-M for the coco coir equipment and looming apparatus, PCA provided decorticating machine worth P450,000, while the LGU provided free trainings on the proper operation of tools, equipment and machinery.

The project is aimed at empowering women to operate a profitable Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise (MSME), developing and producing locally and globally competitive coco coir products, and improving the quality of life of rural women.

Mayor Leonilo D. Borinaga Jr. said the coco coir processing plant provides an alternative livelihood income to poor families in the 27 barangays of Ramon Magsaysay, a 4th class municipality.

Accordingly, it created an impact on women and empowered them to have more freedom to shape their own lives, encouraged them to act as role models and helped boost the family’s income.

“The attraction for women is that the earnings they generate from the project are theirs, as compared to earnings from farming which belong to the family,” Borinaga explained.

The good mayor said the wives felt that their husbands could no longer support all their dependents especially in preparing for the college education of their children, thus, they endeavored to complement their husband’s efforts to lighten the load of raising a family.

Despite their active involvement on the project, they have not relinquished their traditional role in household chores and responsibilities.

At the start of the project in 2013, Borinaga recalled that WEMRIC members have produced 10 to 15 coco coir geonets per week but now, they can produce as much as 150 to 200 geonets in a week. “With this output, the women can earn as much as P600 a day,” he added.

According to the mayor, there is no problem with the market, saying that the coco geonets they produced are delivered directly to contractors.

“The contractors and various local government units are the main buyers of coco geonets in our municipality. There is a great demand of coco geonets because the contractors will use it as more sustainable alternative to concrete and rip-rap, and for slope protection and erosion control,” Borinaga said.

“The women are no longer tempted to do homespun illegal games such as playing cards for money because they are now focused on the project,” Borinaga concluded.

“Voice of the People” tells of changed lives through government interventions

(ALT/CAL/PIA-9 Zamboanga del Sur)

PAGADIAN CITY, 2 Nov (PIA) – The Department of Social Welfare and Development IX (DSWD-9), in cooperation with the civil society organizations (CSOs) hosted a stakeholders’ forum dubbed as “Voice of the People: Listening to those who matter most” at Chandler Suites on October 29, this city.

Pantawid Regional Program Coordinator Evangeline Poquita said the activity is in keeping with the DSWD-CSO partnership framework, “Bantay, Gabay Tulay at Kaagapay.”

“Bantay is for the conduct of anti-corruption campaign and activities; Gabay is the provision of technical assistance especially during trainings of the beneficiaries; Tulay is for the implementation of feedback and monitoring mechanism; and Kaagapay is for the implementation of projects and activities on poverty reduction,”Poquita explained.

The activity focused on the message, ‘Kaya ko ang Pagbabago, sa tulong ng pamahalaan, nagbago ang buhay ko kaya kailangan kong maging aktibong mamamayan,” Poquita said.

“It also served as an avenue for DSWD’s partner-beneficiaries to share their testimonials on how the department has helped them change their lives, what these changes are, and their plans for the future given that they now have changed lives,” Poquita further explained.

Parent leaders Agnes Ronda of Vincenzo Sagun, Lolita Quimot of Aurora, Analiza Dumagal of San Miguel and Arlyna Suarez of Dumalinao whose lives were remarkably transformed through the program shared their testimonies.

Assistant Regional Director for Operations Consejo H. Usman was so thankful for the support of all stakeholders, saying that, “the DSWD alone cannot do this, we cannot say we are successful because of our efforts. But it’s because of the partnership that we have with you.We say, Padayon ang atong program implementation.” (Let’s continue with our program implementation).

“Padayon ang atong testimonials nga nag-ingon dakong pagtabang ang ilang nadawat,” (Let’s continue with our testimonials telling of the big help they received). Let us hear the change, the transformation that happened in their lives, be it a woman or a man, as well as the children of every family that has benefitted from the Pantawid Pamilya Program,” Usman said.

In attendance during the forum were some 200 parent-leaders from the municipalities of Kumalarang, Guipos, San Miguel, Tigbao, Tukuran, Sominot and Tambulig, together with partner national government agencies (NGAs), CSOs, municipal links, and regional and provincial employees of the DSWD.

DSWD-9 conducts forum on Senate Bill 2960, House Bill 154

By Claro A. Lanipa (ALT/CAL/PIA-9 Zamboanga del Sur)

PAGADIAN CITY (PIA) – The Department of Social Welfare and Development Field Office IX (DSWD FO-9) conducted a forum on Senate Bill 2960 and House Bill 154 better known as “An Act to Reduce Poverty and Promote Human Capital Development by Institutionalizing a Conditional Cash Transfer Program,” held at Four Queens Resort, this city.

Senate Bill 2960 was introduced by Senator Teofisto “TG” Guingona III, while House Bill 154 was authored by Representative Susan A. Yap of the Second District of Tarlac.

Regional Director Zenaida L. Arevalo said the forum aimed to discuss the provisions of the bill and at the same time propose and suggest significant measures for possible inclusion in the bill.

Participants include all provincial, city and municipal social welfare and development officers from the provinces of Zamboanga del Norte, Zamboanga Sibugay and Zamboanga del Sur together with representatives from the National Economic Development Authority (NEDA), Department of Health (DOH), DepEd, Commission on Higher Education (CHED) and Philippine Information Agency (PIA).

The suggested measures made by forum participants for possible inclusion in the bill are: prohibition of program beneficiaries to use the cash assistance for their vices such as; purchase of liquor or any alcoholic drinks, cigarettes, gambling and illegal drugs. Every household must also establish their own toilet in support to cleanliness and sanitation, among others.

As the department mandated to look into the social protection services and various welfare programs, DSWD has started implementing the conditional cash transfer (CCT) program since 2009 promoting education, health and values formation among families and their children.

DSWD believes that this move to institutionalize CCT is a sound step considering the substantive and significant impact of the program among the 4.4 million households nationwide as shown by various evaluations conducted by private and government organizations.